12 Christmas Days With Arrogant Asher

12 Christmas Days With Arrogant Asher episode 7

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(He’s mean but I love him..)💞

🦋Christmas story by Authoress Rhema, Authoress princess, Three Stars Library’s , Authoress Gabby, Authoress Toyin, Ariel’s library, Authoress plank, Authoress Cisca, Authoress Isabella, Authoress charity and Authoress likeness🦋


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Asher’s POV

I stopped my car just before a shopping mall. how am I even supposed to ask for a sanitary pad?!

if I do not get it for her, what if she stains my couch with her menstrual blood.
oh no! that is going to be too disgusting for me to take.

I walked into the shopping mall and picked up three different types of sanitary pad. I have no idea which one is her favorite brand.

my eyes caught a particular brand and I felt a surge of emotions flow through me.

I picked up the brand, stared at it for a while and decided to buy it too.

I paid for the sanitary pads and walked out of the shopping mall. I looked at the snow pile just beside the mall and my face creased into a huge frown.

I ignored the snow pile and got into the car. I drove home, hoping that Tricia of a girl is asleep already.

“where is Tricia?” I asked her personal maid.

“she must be in her room” she replied, with her head bowed.

” she must be? ” I scoffed and walked away, off to my room.

I dipped my hands into my pocket to bring out my keys and that was when I remembered that I didn’t even lock the door.

I turned the knob and walked in but I was shocked at the sight in front of me.

my room was utterly disorganized, my clothes laying around on the floor and there was Tricia too, on my own very bed!! sleeping on my bed!!!

“what the fvck is this?!!” I thundered angrily and she jolted awake.

” what the hell are you doing in my room?!!” I yelled at her.

“I… I… ” she stuttered sleepily, standing up from my bed.

my eyes caught sight of the white bed spread that had bow been stained with red blood and I rubbed my forehead.

“really?! I think I did the wrong thing by inviting you into my home!! you are just a careless and disorderly girl!! ” I yelled at her, totally pissed off.

” do not call me that! I think I did the wrong thing by accepting your invite too!!” she yelled at me.

” do you realize who you are talking to?” I asked and she walked to me.

“yes, Asher Jones, a man who wants everyone to fear him but deep inside he knows that he is just a coward who is scared of the past, a coward who is still held back with the past, a coward who will never let go, a coward who can do nothing but remember the past and scream at himself each time!! ” she yelled into my face.

” I was going to apologise to you for disorganizing your room and staining your bed spread but now I know fully well that you do not deserve my apologies, certainly! ” she spat, huffed and stormed out of my room.

I could do nothing but stare at her as she moved out of the room and banged the door after her.

deep down, I knew she was right about me, she was right about me being a coward, what word would have been better to describe me?

I sighed and my eyes darted towards the bed spread but still yet, did she have to ruin my room?

I walked out of my room to sleep in another room. I passed by her room and knocked on the door.


is it?” she asked but I just kept mute, knocked one more time, dropped the sanitary pad in front of her room and left for the room besides her.

Tricia’s POV

I opened the door to find some sanitary pads right in front of my door.

who could have dropped them there?
that was when I remembered that Asher had actually been holding these sanitary pads in his hands.

he behaves so much like a jerk, didn’t think there would be a soft spot in his heart.

“not bad” I shrugged with a small smile and grabbed the sanitary pads and walked into my room.

after I dressed up properly, I laid on my bed, unable to sleep due to the cramps I was having.

I had to something about the growing cramps. I decided to watch something interesting to distract me away from the pains.

I turned on the television set in my room and turned up the volume totally. I loved loud things a lot.

I channeled the TV to a rom-com drama and it was so hilarious that I laughed out loud at each funny scene, my cramps still set in hardly at times but I was definitely better.

Asher POV

What the hell is this noise?! I turned on my bed unable to sleep due to the loud noise.

I regretted not fixing every room with sound proof systems, I had only fixed one in my own room.

I tried hard to sleep but I couldn’t. this Tricia! I contemplated going to knock on her door but knowing the type of lady she is, I decided not to.


brought out my laptop to do some business research but I couldn’t concentrate with the noise and loud laughter that followed.

how can she be so ungirly?! I groaned and stormed out of my room.

I knocked hard on her door.

“Tricia!!” I yelled.

“ugh? who is that?” her voice came.

“you dare ask me who is it in my home?” I scoffed, annoyed.

“oh is it Mr Asher Jones, the coward?” she asked with sarcasm dripping in her tone.

“open this door!” I groaned and few seconds later, the door was flung open.

” what do you want from me Mr Asher Jones, are you here to talk business?” she asked.

” talk business? in the middle of the night?” I asked because it sounded pretty unreasonable to me.

“well, people like you do anything, right?” she asked.

“people like me? I am like every other person!” I replied.

” really? you think so? you are a scolding and nagging robot Mr. Asher” she replied.

” I?” I asked pointing towards myself.

” yes you!” she replied.

” I am not a robot!” I argued.

” yes you are” she insisted.

” I said I am not one” I argued on.

“which day did you watch a movie last?” she asked and I pressed my lips into a thin line.

” I can’t… I can’t remember” I replied.

“you see, only robots like you totally forget about entertainment” she replied.

” how do I show you I am not a robot? just watching movies, right? bring it on” I said with creased brows and pouted lips.

” then come in, Mr. Asher” she said, opening the door to the room wide.

I stepped in slowly and her scent hit my nose, how many days had she spent here? her scent seems to fill up each inch of the room already.

“have your seat” she said and I looked at her bed.

there was a pile of all sort of snacks.

“you are a singer! a model to so many people and you eat all that! what if you get fat?!”

” you will always be a scolding and nagging robot” she shook her head and I gulped in.

” okay, no nagging” I replied and sat on the couch.

I sat upright and crossed my legs, she threw me some snacks and laid on her bed.

I diverted my gaze to the television set.

“can you stop behaving like a robot?” she asked and I stared at her quite frustrated.

” how am I like a robot again?” I asked and she walked up to me.

do not sit like you are here for some official business, be free. feel the freedom and sit very comfortably” she said to me and I slowly placed my legs on the couch.

that had been my favorite position back then. it’s been really long.

“great!” she remarked and went back to her bed.

Tricia’s POV

few minutes later, I glanced at him. he seemed mesmerized by the movie already but he didn’t laugh at the funny scenes, not even once.

I looked back at the show and there was another funny moment, I burst into laughter and when I stopped laughing, I took a look at Asher.

and for the very first time, I saw his lips spread into a whole hearted smile.

he just…. Asher Jones just freaking smiled?!!


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