AMAKA – THE L-SBIAN (episode 2)

I was shocked beyond words as she put her mouth on my n—–s and began to s-ck it. I gathered strength and pushed her away, then covered my b—–s with my hands, “Aunty what are you doing? How can you be touching me this way and s-ck my b—–s too? You are a woman and my dad’s younger sister.
I don’t understand this o. Please, I want to go back to my room” I said to her and made to walk past her, but she blocked my path and pushed me to the wall, there was no space for me to escape from, then she spoke, “Amaka Nne, this is not a new thing, people do it. I started mine when I was 14 years old and it’s not bad. See, let me tell you, I am in love with you and I feel you so much, you give me sleepless nights, I want you to be mine. My baby, I will give you anything you want, just don’t push me away, or don’t you love me?”
I kept quiet for a while, trying to understand her point, but it was so hærd for me. “For God’s sake you are my Aunty. We are same blood, loving me is normal just like I love you too. But we can’t do this evil things, the Bible frowns at it, please, aunty”
She turned and locked the bathroom door and threw her neck back, laughing heavily, “Osino Bible frowns at it. Funny. Amaka don’t be ungrateful, I gave you everything and ready to give you more. I put you in a school which cost N150,000 per term, you wear expensive clothes at your age and you want to deprive me of this one thing I need from you. I could take away everything and make you miserable in this house.
Life would be a living hell for you. Is that what you want?” I was speechless; I didn’t know what to say. “Answer me, Amaka, is that what you want?” She repeated. “No Aunty” I replied.
She put down the toilet lid and sat on it, then told me to sit on her laps, I did. She held me so tight, like she was drawing strength from me. We sat like that for almost an hour, her breathing was heavy, then she turned my face towards hers and began to k-ss me hungrily, after a while, she started m-ssaging my b—–s, and put her mouth on it again, this time, she took time to s-ck both of them. She made me sit on the wc and knelt down in front of me and did the unthinkable to my b—–s.
I just kept staring at her, wishing it was all a dream. The next thing I heard was, “baby, you are so sweet. I fell in love with you two years ago when I got back from camp and since then, I prayed silently for you to be mine and here we are” she said and went back to s-cking my b—–s. I felt so irritated and wished I could stand up to her but I was completely helpless. When she started mo-ning, I couldn’t bear looking at her again, I closed my eyes and thought about my mum and dad, if they were still alive, I wouldn’t be in this mess.
How could my Aunty, my dad’s youngest sister be this evil? What if her husband finds out? In that moment, my younger sister came to my mind, the thought of her going through same thing, drove me crazy. So I made up my mind to find out, but didn’t know how yet. I opened my eyes and looked at my Aunty, still s-cking her eyes were closed and my n—–s were already very sore that i had to speak out, “Aunty its paining and am also very hungry” I said , as i tried to pull away from her…
To be continued…
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