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Born and bred alone by her mother, Jillian was an 18 year old teenager, a high scholar who was always intimidated and picked on..she was addressed as clumsy and a dummy.
She wasn’t beautiful..she knew that or maybe that was how others make her feel with the desperate stare and incessant mockery..she wasn’t too rich nor classy in fact she had only one friend in her school and life, the only girl whom she thought truly loved her as she was..
truly cared for her.
she had low self esteem and has tried severally to take her life because of frustration but it turned out bad..
no matter how much her mother loved and cared for her Jillian still couldn’t accept the fact that it was sincere because according to her peers someone as bad looking as her can never love or be loved ..she was the perfect description of ugliness..
or so she thought..
she had too white and fragile skin, big oval eyes, flared nose, thin neck, short pigtails hair, chubby body, big circular head and a gap tooth coupled with her baggy uniforms which did a great deal in adding to her looks..
she was the only child of her mother who loved her immeasurably after they got abandoned by the father her mother struggled to make sure she provided most of her wants but Jillian was just too blind to see the love..maybe because the hatred overcame it..maybe because those who hated her were more than those who loved her..she felt unloved.
she was literally mocked, insulted, scorned, detested and utterly ignored by her so called mates..she cried whenever she felt the pain becoming too much in her heart..she looked lonely even tho she wasn’t, what was life without love from your peers, what was life without friends, what was life without people to call your own..
She felt like a plague..a curse..a dangerous wild beast..a forsaken being without a God…
Her life were in shatters and no matter how much she tries to be happy when the chance came..tears were always quick to wipe it from her face..
she felt like she wasn’t human even though she had a mother whom she thought regretted having her, even tho she had a friend, even tho she had a room all to herself and attended a classical school, even tho she had an identity and her name..Jillian still felt that emptiness until she met betrayal, disloyalty and the NAttys..who took her on a dangerous and mind blowing adventure that changed her thoughts about herself and gave her a reason to live..
But Jillian found something else that was more better than life.
what do you think about the prologue..
This is a pure love story and it’s very can’t afford miss it.
it’s a tragedy and a fiction..
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