Cozy (episode 2)

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© Oby Chinyere
An hour later I was still there waiting for the strange girl to come out, night was approaching, all I needed to do was to turn back and go back home, but I don’t just know the reason why I was still waiting for a total stranger, somebody that don’t even know that I exist, from where I sat, on a broken block, which I used to form a seat I can see a shop opposite the house that she entered with the guy, light shown from the shop into the street, I was tired already so I decided to cross over to the other side of the road, I went straight to the shop maybe I can get a better sit from the shop owner to seat and wait for the girl to come out.
Immediately I got close to the shop, before I could even open my mouth to tell her to please give me a small seat so that I can seat and wait for somebody, the woman spoke out with her loud voice
“What do you want to buy…what do you want…?
I stood thinking of what to reply, I touched my two pocket but I already know I didn’t come out with cash and I can’t buy anything without money, so I stood thinking of what to do
“I said what do you want to buy, can’t you talk, or are you dumb then describe with your hand or come, point at the thing you want so that you can pay and collect it…be fast don’t delay me..
“i…i…don’t want to buy anything…I’m actually waiting for…for…somebody…a friend, she went in,side that gate to visit somebody…so I came to beg you to kindly give me a seat to sit down and wait for her, I will just sit at one corner of your shop, I won’t disturb your customers…
“Is it a he or a she, because is only boys that live in that house…which one or are you confuse…
“…is a he..…sorry I said she, is actually a guy…so can I get a seat and wait for him…
“you mean I should just give you a chair for you to sit and wait for your friend…and you are not buying anything…please go and wait for the person somewhere else, except if you are ready to buy something then I can give you the seat…maybe I should give you a drink and fried pieces of meat, so that you can use it and wait for the person, even if you are not having money now you can ask your friend to pay up for you….
It was still a good time for me to turn and go home but I thought of her offer, despite I don’t have a friend that will come and pay up but I can find away to escape from her, maybe I will just run away, I’m a young man, she’s older and won’t run fast enough to catch me, so I decided to accept the offer.
She offered me a seat and brought two bottle of drink and garnished friend meat with gizzard in a plate, attached in each piece was a tooth pick that I can use to pick up the meat into my mouth, so inviting.
I was drinking and eating, enjoying myself, I told her I needed water too and another bottle and she should bring one more plate of meat for me
“Hope you know that the price is going high, another extra plate will make your money high…
“My friend is capable, he will pay, he has money, don’t worry madam, just bring anything I ask you to bring, money is not a problem…
I was already laughing at her in my mind because at the end I will just escape without looking back, maybe this is the way God planned for me to enjoy this evening, from following a strange girl because of a skimpy dressing and big buttocks to enjoying myself. I breathed and smile to myself.

“okay o, because I must collect all my money today, if not…hmmm…just know that sorry will be your second name today, you better start calling your friend to come out because an hour from now I will lock up and go home, and my husband is coming to pick me so call your friend oo, but wait o… why didn’t you go in,side there and meet your friend, what are you afraid of…anyway all I’m more concern is my money…
“Madam, I said you should relax, there’s no problem, don’t worry, I will even tell my friend to give you some tips for the seat you offered me…you know I’m new in this area and I called my friend he gave me the address of this place to come, when I got here and called again he asked me to wait for him at your shop that he will soon be out…so I wanted to ask what kind of boys live there, I was hoping to ask my friend when he comes out but since we are already talking and I’m your good customer, let me ask you…do you have an idea, you must have being seeing them…

“I don’t know what most of those young boys do, but they are like three living there and they drive fine cars and brings in different women almost everyday, they patronize me very well, whatever they do is not my business, the women that come visiting them, that look like pr-stitute is not my business, my business is my money, my husband wanted to investigate them sometime ago but I told him to leave them alone, since they are not stealing or killing anyone, they should let them be, I don’t want anybody to come and spoil my market…why not ask your friends what they do in there..
“is your husband a police man, how will he investigate them, anyway I will ask my friend what they really do in there, but madam, those girls they take in there, do they come out the same day or the following day…

“haa, see question, what kind of question is all this, you did not hear me when I said that those girls are mostly runs girls, they render there service and leave that day or the following morning, do you want them to live there with those boys…don’t ask me any stupid question again, and yes, my husband is a soldier, he works with the army but not right here, he was transferred far away from here, but comes home ones in a while to see me and the children, like now he is home but went out with his friends, they will soon be here do and call your friend because am packing up already
Immediately I hærd that her husband is a soldier I quickly drop the last piece of meat in my hand, if I have to escape it must be now before her husband comes back with his friends, I stood up and straighten looking around for away of escape, I used my eyes to study the environment I was still doing this when a car drove and stopped right in front of her shop and three hefty men in their army uniform came out, laughing as they walk down to the shop, I took a back step and bump right into the woman that was standing behind me,
“where do you think you are going to, pay me my money, night has come, my husband is here to take me home, or you call your friend to come out and pay, don’t even think of acting smart, if you don’t pay, my husband will chain you right there, and that’s where you wi
ll sleep till day break until you pay me all the money, you were busy eating and drinking and ordering for more, you told me that money is not a problem now is time to prove that…give me my money fast..

I opened my mouth and close it again, the men were already at the shop, they asked the woman what is going on and she told them what happened, that I ate two plate of meat and gizzard, three bottles of drink and drank a bottle water without paying with the excuse that my friend who was at the opposite gate will come out and pay, she said she wasn’t leaving here without collecting her money.
She held unto my trouser and pulled it up tight, two sound slap landed on my cheek, I scre-med in terror at the hotness of the slap
“my friend, pay your money or do you think this is a joke, is something wrong with you, pay your money or call the person that will come and pay for you, don’t be so unfortunate this night…because you will vomit everything you have eaten if you don’t pay up at the count of ten…

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And he started counting, I was already crying, not from the sound of the slap that was still ringing like bell in my ears but from the fear of what may happen to me.
What brought me here in the first place, how did I get here, the girl I was trailing is still in there and has not come out, a girl who doesn’t even know me, why didn’t I go back when I still have the chance, why did I accept her offer to sit, eat and drink when I have no money with me, my house is very far from here, what do I do now.
What kind of trouble is this, devil has already prepare this day for my doom, it was the size of the girl’s back side, and the way her buttocks moved so uncontrollable that got me into this dangerous journey,
now what am I suppose to do?
To be continued… 
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