THE TENANT (episode 7)

© Ajiboye Ayobami Tomilayo
Niks POV
I descended the stairs slowly holding the railings on my right because of the wedge brown sandals which matched by brown bag- I wouldn’t want to roll down the stairs on a Monday morning, as I just got a job at Barrister Ayinde’s chambers and I was expected to resume unfailingly today. I wore a red top on brown p-nt trouser, I neatly styled and packed my hair to the left side of my head, I also wore little make up on my face.
I got to the bottom of the stairs and caught my family already having break fast, my mum was a matron and my dad a retired secondary school principal. I greeted everyone as I dropped my bag on an empty seat, I pulled out another to sit beside my younger sister, Sade and Dayo was sitting opposite me- they are twin and they are in 100L at Lagos state University but are currently on strike. I started eating my already served meal.
Normally before I got this job last week, I would cook the break fast but I guess mum felt I needed enough time to prepare myself.
I finished my meal and half ran to my car- formerly my mum’s after saying the necessary goodbyes,
I drove out of the compound into the streets of Lagos. I turned on the radio and music blared out then I allowed my mind to roam about, my eyes still on the road though.
Francis! The name kept popping in my head ever since our encounter and was kinda glad when he promised to call soon- but what if he doesn’t? or what if he forgets about me? But then come to think of it, I think he is only using me to get to know Van the more. I shouldn’t accept that considering I just had a broken relationsh¡p just two weeks ago, I need to be happy! And I need to get back at Joe for jilting me, I think I love that guy already, Nike thought and suddenly slapped herself- Niks shut up, you’ve only met this guy once and that was two days ago and you’re already thinking of a relationsh¡p with him? I think I am desperate already, I found Joe in bed with his supposed cousin and guess what he walked me out of his bedroom, house, relationsh¡p and life claiming I am of no use to him because I denied him my body, but I guess I told him my principles right from the scratch why his he doing this now. He is probably not meant for me maybe Francis is
Niks continued her thoughts and soliloquy until she drove into an office premises, she got down from the car carrying her back and her appointment letter, she looked the door of the car and negotiated the steps which led to the reception area
‘Good morning madam’, the light complexioned Lady at the back of the oak table said smiling.
‘Good morning, I am Adenike Adekunle and I am to resume here this morning, here is my appointment letter,’ Niks said appearing very formal.
The young lady read the letter hastily and smiled after which she showed her into the CEO’s office.
Who welcomed her and introduced her to another member of staff, Chuks who showed her her office…she settled down to work for the very first time after her graduation.
What is wrong with Adenike? Why would she be thinking that way?
To be continued… 
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