Dark Night

DARK NIGHT (episode 10)


How would I know the man. I never knew you elsewhere, oh! Would it have been the woman called beauty? Who is the person? 
I heard you mentioned a name, Gbosky.
have I? Yes, Gbosky. You mean Gbosky is the man.
That is his name. But you said you would bring Gbosky to finish me. He once told me not to talk about him or come closer to him ever again. He said whenever anything brings us together, he will take my life too…
Forget about that, I never mentioned any name, I was referring to the man that brought this bag ( he pointed to the weapon on the ground). So, Gbosky is his name… I see the reason when the elder said mouth sees beyond eyes. Now, where can I find this your Gbosky? 

I told you he said I must not see him. How then would I know his bearing. 

I will ensure your safety, my boys will always be at your guide. Trust me, ok?
He brought out his I.D card and showed her. It was this time she knew she has been dealing with law itself. She began to shiver. They assured her nothing would occur to her once she cooperate with them. More so, they also let her know if she tried to becut them they would expose her… 

With the condition on ground now, I would have loved to help. The last place I saw him was two days after the incident, he came to give me the balance.

If I may ask, did you collect the money by cash and what of his phone number. I mean he called you. So you must have his contact. I want you to remember he who fails to repay a loan of one thousand cowries makes it hærd for him to borrow a further loan of one thousand hundred. That is the word of the elders, so we have done you favor by not taking you to the station and not exposed you. We also have promised to protect you. But, if you insist of helping us. Hmm… 

I have changed my phone. Even the then account I have abandoned. But… Once you have promised to protect me, I will search the phone, I remember I kept it somewhere. And the account too is still active. 

No problem, now that we have reached agreement. We will let you leave. But do see you never tell anyone what happened. Once he knows, hmm, my dear sister, consider your life gone. 

He called the other two policemen to release her and give her everything they collected from her. One of them drove her back to her hotel while shadow and the other police spied. Rebecca despite being told to compose herself, she nearly went mad, she wasn’t herself. She quickly closed for the day and went home. She locked herself up even the entrance door. It was evening between 8-9pm, a number called her. we just dropped a folder in your bedroom. Pls go and check. That was the voice she heard on phone before the call dropped. She truly found the folder in her bedroom and got surprised how it got there at that late hour when she has never left any door opened. Then she knew her life was not safe. She turned the folder opened, In it was a letter, a video tape and knife. She read the letter: “we are reminding you our agreement, the number you promised us, and the details of the account that transfered your balance. You see this tape, it was the video we took when you told us everything, so we are giving you so that you can trust us and know that we are not holding anything crime against you because you are now one of us. You can reach us through this number – 0703331644. Pls keep this as secret. Thanks for helping us.”
Rebecca was relieved that they never held anything against her because the only evidence was the tape which was now in her custody but at the same time she knew so well that, if these people could access her locked room like this, even her life was not absolutely secured from them..
Early in the next morning, Rebecca woke up and saw a
reflection of a man walking out of her room. She rushed out of the bed nearly skyclad, took the knife beside her and followed the shadow. She walked round for like 30 minutes but saw nothing. She searched every nook and cranny. Every entrance door was locked. Could it have been that I was dreaming or the person has escaped? But how, I saw the reflection now…. She got her abandoned phone and called the number in the letter to meet her at the bank so that she could get the details and handed it over to them. She was still on phone when she heard a sound like something walking closer to her..

To be continued… (this is a weekly story) what do you think about this scene? is Rebecca not alone in the house? Which advice will you give to Rebecca in this situation? 

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