The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 14)

(A new world)
Episode 14

The tears in Vera’s eyes got Lucky wondering if actually she has been told that she would die in the next fifty five hours, but that’s impossible. Michael can’t reveal that to her, so he thought otherwise walking closer to her.
However, Dera sat on a cushion watching them while Michael remained in his room. Of course he noticed Lucky’s presence in the house but decided to keep mute. He also knew that Lucky must not reveal Vera’s time of death to anybody especially to Vera herself, so he never bothered to know about what he does with her.
Nevertheless, Lucky met the pretty twin at a close range, glanced at her sister then turned to her again.
“Why the tears, Vera?”
“It’s your friend, Mike, he has made me his enemy ever since I accused him of.. ” her l-ips quivered.
“I understand” he interrupted.
“Seriously, Lucky, I never meant to do it. It was out of anger. Help me beg him. He’s the only brother I have” she rested her head on his chest crying bitterly.
Lucky felt the pains, if Vera is just crying because his so called brother didn’t want to forgive her, what would she do when she discovers that same brother has written her name on the death note and will die in the next few hours? That was inhumane!!
He slid her hair backwards in consolidation. “Is okay, I’ll talk to Mike. But I want us to go somewhere now? Somewhere that will make you feel less sad” he glanced at the sister who smiled at him in a way to say: BRAVO!
As Vera went in,side to change, so as Lucky met Mike in the room with the door closed. Both stared at each other while Shakiti made the refrigerator his friend. Nobody said a word until Mike stood up to the bathroom. His friend watched as he brought out the death note from the walls of the bathroom then placed it on a table before him. That was the first time Lucky behold the book-cover and its size. The caption on the cover drew his attention but he remained calmed.
“I searched for the life note but couldn’t find it” Lucky broke the silence.
“I know” Mike tore out a page of the note as usual while his friend watched attentively.
“How do you know?”
“Because the red moon will never disappear unless the note is picked by someone”
“Clever!” Shakiti exclaimed. “I thought him that” he added heroically.
Quietness took over as Lucky watched Mike stuffed the page in,side his shoe and zipped it up.
“Your sister is sorry for her actions” he broke the silence again watching Mike return the note back to the bathroom.
He came out. “There’s no need for the apology because she gonna die very soon” he opened his refrigerator, brought a drink and a glass cup then began to feel his head with it.
Lucky became speechless on how he talks about the death of his own sister as if it was nothing. He walked out of the room without saying any other thing, fortunately, Vera came out at that time and both went out.
Michael drank a cup of the wine then hit the cup on the table in a way it made noise. Meanwhile, Shakiti was still by the refrigerator. He had eaten three bananas.
“Follow him” Mike said.
“You mean Lucky?” Shakiti wanted to be sure.
“Yes, I don’t trust him anymore”
Shakiti came closer by his side exposing his forever smiling teeth. Mike looked at him to know why he had to be that close to him.
Meanwhile, Dera, who heard his voice came closer to his door listening and wondering who he was speaking with.
“You know what, Mike” Shakiti began. “The death note came to you, it was never a coincidence when you found it. Any person could have walked out from the door and saw it, but nobody did but you”
“So what are you saying?”
“What I’m saying is that the note found you not Lucky, your friend. For that reason, I must always follow him whom the note found not Lucky” Shakiti giggled.
“But you followed him earlier today” Mike took his wine to the edge of the bed and sat down.
“I know why I did, and I also know what it has caused in the world I come from – the land of death”
“What has it caused there?”
“I Must not tell you coz the living must not know anything about the dead”
Michael suddenly became quiet thinking critically. He gently shook the remaining wine in the glass cup then drank all completely at once. He stood up.
“If what you’re telling me is true, that means I have nothing to do with Lucky again” he said.
“Huu.. do you want to kill him too?” Shakiti quiried.
“You should know he’s of no use to me again” Michael concluded.
Instantly, Dera left his door. That was an invasion of privacy and Mike wouldn’t take it likely with her if he finds out. Though, she couldn’t wait to tell her father what she heard.
At the vertex of late Gizifa, Mr Nelson and Laman watched the atmosphere of the various part of the city through a television screen connected with satellite. They saw nothing but red colour. Suddenly, Laman glanced at his colleague.
“Sir, I feel like my death is drawing near” he began while Mr Nelson stared at his l-ips. “After my death, I want you to bring your son, Michael, to my funeral”
“And why should I do that?”
“Coz he will be responsible for my death. I want you to know that even at death, I will still tell you boldly that your son is Kira”
Those words got Mr Nelson wondering and speechless. How possible it is for his son to be the one killing both the guilt and innocent. He wondered wondered silently.
“But vivid prove gas shown that he is not kira” he said.
“And don’t you think he must have been working with someone?” they stared at each other.
However, Lucky took Vera to the top of a building where they saw the red moon clearly. They sat side by side in a way Vera placed her head on one of his shoulders. Lucky glanced at her. He saw nothing but someone who would die very soon and he’s helpless to help. That broke his heart.
“Vera, I must tell you again how much I love you” Lucky began. “I also want you to trust me that nothing will ever happen to you because I won’t bear it. If your brother rejects you, I’ll accept you”
Vera raised her head from his shoulder staring into his eyes. “You sound as if something gonna happen to me” she said.
“No” Lucky shook his head. He couldn’t control the pains thereby letting out a mino tears which he wh¡pped off immediately. “Nothing gonna happen to you” he repeated.
“Are you hiding something from me?”
“No dear, just that I remembered I promised my grandmother that I’ll show her my girlfriend. But unfortunately she’s dead”
Vera embrassed him warmly. “I love you too, Lucky” she said from his shoulder. They disengaged and began to k-ss until Vera quit.
“I wanna ask you something?” she glanced at the red moon. “Why did you and my brother behave strange in our house on the day of the news broadcast about Gizifa’s death? You were so mean that you never noticed my presence. The weird thing was that you claimed to come all the way from your house to mine just to watch the broadcast with my brother. What really happened that day?”
Lucky didn’t know how to go about the question. He first of all looked  around to know if Shakiti was with them…

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