Until I Met You

UNTIL I MET YOU (Episode 11)

Episode 11
Writer: NICKY

I got to the gate and it was opened after the security confirmed who I am and I drove down towards the garage. I packed and got down closing the door.
I rushed towards the building hoping my dad would be ok. I might resent him, I might hate him for neglecting me but I don’t want any bad to happen to him because he’s the only family I have left in this world.
Soon, I was in his room. He was lying on the bed while his PA, Mr Raymond was sitting beside him. I walked on slowly looking at him. “You’re welcome miss anna”Mr Raymond greeted when he saw me. Immediately he called my name, dad looked at my direction and was trying to get up when he saw me. I quickly went to him and supported him. “You really came?”he asked looking at me. The look on his face were sad. I wonder how much he missed me. “Yes. I have to check on you”I said not looking at him.
“I’ll take my leave now. Goodnight sir”Mr Raymond said and bowed before going out. Dad managed to get up and sat on the bed and I was sitting on the couch beside his bed. “I’m really sorry about everything. I missed you a lot. Please come back home”he said. “I’m not happy when I heard you’re sick. You know I don’t like to see you sick am always scared. How are you feeling? Are you ok?”I asked looking at him.
“It’s not severe. Just the heart pain again. My doctor just left a while ago. I’ll be fine soon don’t worry about that.”he said. “Will you come back home?”he asked. “I can’t.”I replied. “Why Annabel? Everything is fine now. I already talked to your mother and Regina. I promise they won’t give you hærd time anymore. They’ve changed. It’s ok. You can come home now”he said feeling sad.
“No dad. Don’t worry about me living all by myself. I’m not a kid anymore. I’ll be 23 soon, I’m all grown to do that. I can’t continue living with you forever. Ok I’ve forgiven everyone for what had happened in the past but I can’t live here anymore.”I said.
He took a deep breath then nodded his head. “Fine if that’s what you want but promise you would start picking my calls and visit often. If you can do that at least, I’ll be ok”he said. I thought about it for a while before giving him reply. “Ok dad.”I said looking at him. “Thank you. I’m sorry for everything”he said and I smiled. “It ok. I’m good”I said. We talked about some other things before I finally decided leave.
“It’s late. You can’t leave tonight. Why not wait till morning before leaving?”dad said looking concern.
“Ok. I’ll do that”I said smiling.
“I’m going to sleep in my room then. Goodnight”I said and stood up. I gave him a big hug before leaving for the door.
When I got outside, I met Regina on my way. She folded her arms staring at me badly. I stopped, staring back at her. “Any problem?”I asked. “Did you come back?”she asked twisting the tip of her hair. “And if I do?”I asked her. She laughed mockingly then eyed me badly. “That’s good because I’ve missed you sis”she said faking a smile. “Oh really?”I asked. “Yeah. Because another slave is here again. That’s a bonus for me I think”she said laughing. I clenched my teeth tightening my fist.
She moved closer to me folding her arms. “You’re welcome the loyal dog”she said and laughed.
That’s how she and her mother treat me when I still live with them. They use me like a slave and the worst part of it is they don’t even call me by my name. That’s the name they call me “loyal Dog” but they act normal when dad is around. I dare not tell him because my step mother is a very wicked woman. She’ll beat hell out of me later if I do. The day I finally gained freedom from them was the happiest day of my life. Although I’ve been asking and begging my dad to let me live separately but he always go against it telling me he can’t live far from me until a night that I threatening to stab myself with a knife if he doesn’t approve to it. He was scared and finally let me go. That was 2years ago after my graduation from college. Regina and I attend same school right from highschool. Life was like hell for me in school because she’s always picking on me with some other mean girls.
Now I think those days are gone. I’ve suffered for good 8years living with them. I have fought for my freedom now, it’s time to fight for my right too.
Regina looks at me and had the disgusting evil smile on as usual. “Oh. Have you forgotten the name given to you already?”she asked and wanted to touch my face. I held her hand and dropped it down. Giving her a killer look with an evil smile. “Be careful. I do bite now”I said smiling. She was shocked but was at the same time angry.
“You guys don’t know. When you treat a weak dog badly too much, at first, it might be scared and run away from you anytime you’re around but a day is coming when it’ll turn back at you and fight back by biting you angrily for the bad treatments. You’ll then end up been in pain an regret treating it badly all this while because you don’t expect such dog might be dangerous too.”I said staring at her. She was quiet not saying anything but staring at me in surprise.
I walked closer and moved my mouth to her ear. “So, be careful”I said and walked pass her.
I got to my room and closed the door taking a deep breath. “Oh my God! Did I say all that?”I said feeling my heart. That was hærd tho but I think I did a great job. I smiled to myself in satisfaction and laid on the bed.
A message came into my phone and I quickly checked it. “Anna is dad ok?”Rachael asked. “Yeah he’s fine. I won’t come home tonight ok”I messaged her.
“Ok. Take care of him and be careful on your way back”she said. Another message came in from Dave and I checked.
Dave: Hy Anna. Where are you? I remembered something.
I quickly jumped up from bed and dialed his number feeling impatient to hear about it.

To be continued…

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