Choices and Chances

Choices And Chances – Episode 9

Choices And Chances – Episode 9
A Story by Lydia Jonathan

“I love you too” he pulled away for us to catch our breaths “I’m sorry I’ve been pushing you away, I just don’t want you to be affected when something happens to me. I want what’s best for you and even though I messed up by getting you into my life when I knew what was going on, and at first I regretted it but now, not so much. I just can’t bear to lose you even though I was trying so hærd to do so” he looked so vulnerable as he said the words and it broke my heart. He is sick and all he cares about is how it’ll affect me

“You’re not going to lose me” I cupped his face as our eyes locked. “We’re going to fight this, okay?”

I saw his eyes fell and he pulled my hands away from his face. “Regina, I know you think we can, but we can’t. This is beyond us. It’s bad Regina, and it’s only going to get worse. And Dr Jeremiah already said….

“I don’t care what Dr Jeremiah said” I cut him off. “I don’t care. You have me here, and I believe we’ll fight this, together.

He smiled briefly and nodded. We both knew we probably didn’t stand a chance at winning this, but we needed the hope. Our gazes locked and it felt intense at the moment and before I could register what was happening, he lifted me up and k-ssed me, not minding my w-t clothes and alcohol breath. And instinctly my legs went round his torso and my hands sunclad his neck as I deepened the k-ss. He bit on my lower lip drawing a mo-n from me and I felt him smile on my l-ips, as I fought the urge not to roll my eyes but was too consumed with our make out. He guided us to his room not breaking the k-ss, as we continued our lovely bliss


I woke up and felt a body pressed to me, and a hand draped over my wa-ist. I blinked confused before events of last night came pouring in. I smiled and looked up to his sleeping figure. Light snores escaped his nostrils and he looked so peaceful. I placed a gentle k-ss on his forehead before carefully removing his hands of my wa-ist as not to wake him. I gently got off the bed and made my way across the room and opened the door to leave, but not before glancing briefly at him before closing the door after me

I got into the shower and had a well deserved shower as soon as I got into my room. The water cascaded down my body relinquishing my tense nerves. The events felt too unreal, but infact was real, and I could feel it on my l-ips, the tingle from the k-sses. My hand instinctly went to trace my lower lip as my mind trailed off to how he traced gentle k-sses down my neck, to my belly and down my thighs and….. I shook away the thoughts, turned off the shower and got off after I fished soaping. I dried up and threw in a short and one of Daniel’s old T-shirt before making my way to the kitchen to make breakfast

An hour later, I was done, and was making the table when he walked in, clad in a suit and briefcase in hand, and he looked dashing.

“Morning” I greeted “Sleep well?” I made to walk over to his side

“Well, I woke up and you weren’t by my side” he feigned a frown, causing me to smile

“Sorry, I had to shower and make breakfast” I placed a k-ss on his l-ips and sunclad my hands round his wa-ist.“How are you feeling?”

“Feeling better already” he smirked and I resisted to urge to k-ss him again, but I guess I didn’t need to cause he tipped down and took my l-ips in his before pulling away

“I made breakfast, come eat” I pulled away from him but didn’t miss how his face fell and he suddenly seemed gloomy. But he sat and took a spoonful, his eyes w¡dening in a questioning manner

“Dr Jeremiah told me you’re losing your sense of taste, so I made it a lot tastier so you could feel the taste a bit”

“Thank you, and I love you” he smiled

“I love you too”

We sat and ate, and soon after he got up and straightened his suit. He has to go to work, and I was beginning to miss him already. I guess he could sense it when he pulled me close and hugged me as I got up too

“You need to go to work too” he whispered and I nodded over his shoulders even if he can’t see me, because I couldn’t talk at the moment. He pulled away and I let him go. “Be careful” I yelled after him when he opened the front door to leave.

“You too” he yelled back and closed the door. I cleared up and and went ahead to have a quick change of clothes as I was already running late. I finished and went down, waving at John as I drove out the compound to work

The days were everything I’ve always wanted and more. Daniel became more loving and decided not to push me away anymore and accepted that I was here to stay. We laughed and fought for the silliest of reasons and make up almost immediately. We tried not to dwell on his sickness and looked ahead of us, and just enjoyed each other’s company

“We should go on a vacation” I smiled over the phone as I made my way out of the office

“We should, When should we?”

“I don’t know, maybe I’ll take an excuse from my boss, he’s really fond of me” I felt Daniel go silent on the other line as I opened my car, got in and sat down

“Daniel?” I called out, worried he hung up

“Should I be worried?”

I laughed about how he was being worried about nothing

“He just likes that I take my work serious, and having done anything to ruin his trust yet that’s all, no need to get jealous” I teased and heard him breath out in relieve. Men…. I shook my head smiling

“When will you get home?”

“Soon, I’m leaving the office now”

“Okay. I love you”

“I love you too”

I hung up and started the car and headed home smiling. I drove in as John opened the gate. He greeted me and I replied before walking in,side

“Honey I’m home” I yelled as I opened the door and placed my bag on the table. But there was silence. My brows furrowed, confused if he didn’t hear me and went in,side calling out for him, bus still got no reply. I was getting a bit worried now, as I made my way to our room. We started sharing a room and he got my things into his room, smiling to myself when he brought up the idea. I shook the thoughts away as I focused on finding him. I opened the door, ready to call his name again when a gasp escaped my mouth

“Daniel” I whimpered and rushed over to his side. He was lying motionless on the ground, and his pulse was barely there.

“Daniel!” I shook him to wake him up but got no response. He felt cold and his breathing was getting more shallow. I got up, pulled my heels from my legs and threw them aside as I ran out scre-ming for John. He got up immediately he saw me, worry laced his features as he took in my panicked state

“Please Come come and help” was all I could say as I pulled him in,side the house, and I was thankful he didn’t ask questions and just followed me in. He saw Daniel lying down and immediately got the idea as he tried carrying him with a little bit of help from my side, but he was doing all the heavy lifting

We got him to the back seat of the car and lay him in a resting position and I immediately jumped in the car putting it in ignition and was already backing out. John saw through my weary eyes and I could tell he was contemplating if I could drive. I gave him a tired smile and assured him i’ll be fine

I drove to the hospital, and immediately, a roller bed was out and helping John on it as they rolled him in,side, with me following close by.

They got him to the ward and immediately Dr Jeremiah received him and started put him an oxygen mask, and went ahead to work on him. The nurse came and esc-rted me out much to my dismay, but I complied, too tired to fight it

It’s been over an hour and I’ve been pacing the corridors but stopped when I saw Dr Jeremiah approaching and went to meet him

“How is he? Is he okay? I asked worriedly

“Calm down Regina, he’s stable now. I breathed out in relieve but didn’t miss the worried look on his face. “Can I see him?”

“Sure” he nodded and let me in. We got in and Daniel was asleep. I moved closer to Him, taking his palm into mine

“He was in a lot of pain” Dr Jeremiah said from behind me, and I turned to look at him, the tears brimming in my eyes

“Regina” he came closer to hold me. “He’s strong, he’s being fighting it a while now, but….. he looked away and sighed and the tears flowed freely from my eyes. I knew what was to come, he had already briefed me

“Its going to get worse” he turned back to me “But he’s a fighter” I nodded, that being the only thing I could do, cause I didn’t think any word would come out if I tried to say something. He patted my back and left, leaving me alone with Daniel. I sniffled and dried my tears with the back of my palm before turning to look back at Daniel’s sleeping frame. I sat on the bed and watched as his chest rose and fell from the steady beating of his heart


I steered awake and caught Daniel staring down at me. I must have slept of whilst watching him sleep

“Hi” he smiled tiredly at me and I smiled right back

“How are you feeling?”

“Better” he muttered and I nodded

“How long was I out for?”

“Four hours” I replied and he nodded. We remained quiet and silence filled the room as we both didn’t have any words to say. His face fell when he saw my bare legs and I noticed his brow creased worriedly


“I’m fine Daniel” I smiled reassuredly at him. Later on, he was discharged and we left for home, after the doctor warned he stay away from strenuous activities as could make his condition worse

I drove as John opened the gate. I got down as I parked and ran over to help Daniel down, and guided him in and helped him as he lay down. I sat close to him on the bed, and watch his eyes get heavy with sleep. He tried to to say something, but I brushed my l-ips on his, shutting him up

“Good night” I whispered and his eyes closed in sleep. I lay beside him too tired to have a change of clothes and soon drifted off too.

…To be continued

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