Crime and Adventure

Crime and Adventure – Episode 5

Crime and Adventure Episode 5
© Mazi Omenuko

We spent the next day indoors, eating,
drinking and fvcking; the only
interruptions were from the cleaners and
room service. By night, while she slept, I
crept out as usual with all the tools and
gadgets needed. I made the full daily
maximum withdrawals on both cards,
cleared my tracks and returned to the
room. She was still sound asleep so I
crept into the bed.
It was obvious that handling the money
was going to be a big challenge. With
over 350k in 500 naira notes, the volume
of cash will easily be noticed. I couldn’t
find a convenient place to hide them
in,side the hotel room. I managed to stuff
them in,side one of the empty cabinets in
the bathroom. I knew I had to move
them quickly before she finds them, the
more it stayed there, the bigger the odds
of discovery.
The best way was to stuff them in my
pocket, inform her I needed to change
clothes and head home.
My plans failed outrightly!
When I announced to her I’ll be heading
home to change clothes, she said it was
ridiculous since there was a boutique
right in,side the hotel. She didn’t see any
sense in moving about just to get wears.
“Moreover, I need you to come with me
as I hang out with my friends today. We
will spend tomorrow indoors like
yesterday and after that, I’ll catch my
morning flight back to Abuja.” She
announced to me. It was obvious there
was no way out of it: she had everything
worked out already.
“Or you can come with my to Abuja.” She
said smiling.
“No, thanks.” I said calmly.
“Why? What are you doing in Ph
Funny question! I should hop into a
plane and join you to Abuja! My taste for
adventure never reach like that abeg!
I thought to myself.
I still needed to get home, spend some of
break there and head back to Lagos to
prepare for work.
“Work!” I answered her.
“But you don’t work in Ph.” She insisted.
“I still need to get back to work after few
days around.” I answered, hoping she
will drop it but the look in her face
suggested she was going to press on.
Her kind doesn’t take no for an answer;
they always believe money solves all
problems and since they have it, all their
quest must be met.
“I will come to Abuja but not now.” I
I guess my reply worked as she relaxed. I
still had to worry about how to move the
wards of cash loaded in the cabinet
in,side the bathroom. Just like she read
my thoughts, she moved into the
bathroom at that moment. I sat at the
edge of the bed, hoping for the worst.
Will she find the cash?
My heart kept beating fast! That was the
thrilling thing about adventures; never a
dull moment.
I heard the knock on the hotel door. I
didn’t respond at first. I imagined some
hotel security will be at the door waiting
to pounce on me.
The second knock made me to peep
through the lens on the door. It was the
room cleaner. I opened the door with a
relief smile on my face. She looked with
a confused stare, maybe she felt I was
smiling at her. She happened to be the
same girl that cleaned the room
yesterday. I stepped aside for her as she
moved her trolley in,side the room. She
turned and glanced at me again. She
was elegant, neatly dressed in black and
white robes, a crossbelt, white stockings
and black shoes. I didn’t know why I
took interest in the girl but she noticed I
was staring at her. She had a name tag
on her, ‘Eve’.
She moved her trolley towards the
bathroom but stopped midway as she
noticed someone was in,side. She decided
to do the room first while she waits for
the bathroom to be free.
I was still expecting a shocker from the
Eve drew the drapes and the room light
“Excuse me, I need to change the
bedsheets.” She said to me with much
professional courtesy. She had a s€×y-
husky voice that was unique.
I’m sure they had high standard staff-
training process implemented at the
Hotel. She avoided any direct stares and
went about doing her job like she was
the only person in the room.
I moved and she removed the sheets,
replacing it with the one on the trolley. I
noticed the black carton on her trolley. It
was not more than 50cm lenght and
breath; just the size of a medium
kerosene stove carton.
“What’s your name?” I asked her. She
stood upright, hands akimbo and
mumbled ‘Eve’. I couldn’t help but notice
she was pretty. in,side those school-
uniform-like cloth was a dark full-
br-asted girl with straight legs
supporting one of the finest h¡ps I had
seen lately. She returned to doing the
bed after her reply.
“What’s in,side the black box?” I asked.
“Toiletries.” She answered. I was still
staring at the box so she reached for it
and opened it for me, like she wanted to
satisfy my curiosity. It contained two
small-sized tissue papers, a medium
sized towel, a face-wipe, soaps, creams,
shower cap, tooth-paste brush and
others. She still held them until I nodded
my head and she closed it and went
back to her duty.
Just then, the lady scre-med for me
from the bathroom.
This was it! The moment I prayed never
happened. I can still make it out of the
hotel on time. I imagined her storming
out of the bathroom, half Unclad with
soap foams all over her and I hand full
of 500naira notes demanding for
explanation. Was I going to pull a
‘Shaggy’ on her and say ‘it wasn’t me?’
She called again and all my confused
self could do was stare at the bathroom
door. Eve stood, staring at me, maybe
wondering why I wasn’t answering.
“Yea!” I finally answered.
“Help me call the restaurant and ask
them to bring their menu, I’m starving.”
She voiced from the bathroom.
I was relieved at that. Hasn’t happened
doesn’t still mean it wouldn’t happen. I
picked the intercom and paused, I didn’t
know the code for the restaurant.
“What’s the code for your restaurant?” I
asked Eve.
Once again, she stood upright, hands
akimbo and answered.
I dialed and asked for the menu to be
forwarded to the room.
Looking at the black carton again, I
realized I could use it to stash the cash.
“Don’t dispose the carton when you’re
done.” I told her.
She looked at me confused. I knew she
wanted to question what I needed it for
but I was sure her job training wouldn’t
allow her to. She has been programmed
to behave, talk and act a certain way
with customers.
“Yes sir.” She answered.
Just then, the lady came out of the
bathroom. She was done bathing. Eve
moved into the bathroom. I didn’t care
much if she was or was not going to see
the cash. She wouldn’t say a word if she
happens on it.
She left some minutes later and I went
into the bathroom. The cash was still
intact. I moved them into the carton Eve
left for me on top of the cabinet. Moved
the carton in,side the cabinet. The cash
wasn’t entirely hidden and safe there but
seeing a carton of toiletries in,side a
bathroom cabinet wouldn’t raise much
Now I could afford to relax a bit.

To be continued

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