Crime and Adventure – Episode 6

Crime and Adventure Episode 6
© Mazi Omenuko

The social gathering we went to was so
boring I twice caught myself sleeping.
An event org-nized by some ‘entertainer’
and his team of ‘talented’ comedians;
the Ph invasion. What an invasion
indeed! The only thing they invaded was
the pockets of the many that bought a
ticket to the show. It was as if the
comedians were competing for who
would give the driest joke of the century
and they were good, very good at the dry
jokes. It was more distasteful watching
them laugh at their own jokes; like we
payed money to watch people crack
themselves up and laugh hysterically.
In a roundtable of friends of the lady, I
looked a bit odd. Seemed I was under-
dressed for the occasion; and for good
reason, it was a comedy show. The guys
and ladies in my table were so
gorgeously dressed and annoyingly
laughed at the dry jokes. The lady
‘cougars’ on the table must have taken
the show for a competition of wealth as
shown by their expensive wears and
gadgets in display, coupled with the
exotic drinks they were ordering. I was a
bit uneasy but managed to keep my eyes
Earlier before the show started, the lady
had introduced me to one of her friends
at whose request she had come to ph.
Seems she was the one inviting her to all
the party and hosting her at ph city. The
Ph-city lady was seated close to me at
the round-table, with ‘her man’ at her
left. I couldn’t help but notice she was
checking me out. When I fell asleep the
second time, she was the one that
nudged my palms and got me awake
once more. I excused myself and headed
to the rest room to ease myself and
splash some water on my face.
The stench that hit my nose upon
opening the restroom was terrible. I had
to close the d–n place and head
outside the venue to walk around a bit.
“Hey, you!” I heard behind me and turned
around to meet the ph-city lady smiling
at me.
“Seems you don’t like this event.” She
asked as she approached me.
My initial thought was to pretend
everything was okk and I was just taking
a walk but she had caught me sleeping
“That program is boring!” I had to cave.
She laughed at that. I wonder what was
making her laugh, even at the dry jokes
they were throwing there about fat
“My bad, I invited her to this place.
There was no where else to go and I
promised her I would make her stay in
Ph fun.” She said and I presumed by her,
she meant the lady I came with.
“Are you guys childhood friends or
what?” I asked.
“University roommates.” She answered.
“Been friends right from then.”
Well, a fruit doesn’t fall afar-off from its
tree and since birds of the same feather
flock together, I can as well summarize
that she was into the same kind of
things her ‘roomy’ was.
But her own case was a bit weird as I
noticed her wedding ring intact in her
“She told me you don’t stay in ph.” She
said, staring at my eyes, maybe seeking
“No, I don’t.” I answered.
“Well, if you’re staying longer than she,
you can call on me and I take you
around the city.” She said as she gave
me her business card.
I didn’t border reading it, just slid the
thing into my pocket. If her idea of
showing people around the city was to
bring them to a boring comedian show,
then she needs to have a rethink.
Together, we headed back to our table.
She stopped by to greet some friends
and I joined up with the others at the
After few more hours of dry jokes and
poor rendition of songs, we were finally
freed from the most boring show I’d ever
witnessed. The ph-city lady drove us
with her pajero jeep. We got to the
Presidential and the lady handed the
keys to the room to me, informing me
she will join me in a minute. I guess she
had some stuffs to discuss with her
friend so I left them and walked towards
the receptionist.
Enroute the receptionist, I saw Eve
walking away from the hotel. She was
not dressed in the usual hotel robes. She
wore a light blue jean with a red top, a
face and seem to be heading home, away
from the hotel.
“Hey, you!” I called on her. She stopped
and waited as I approached her.
“Eve?” I called.
“Goodevening sir!” She greeted with the
same s€×y-husky voice.
“No need for the sir.” I said and
introduced myself. She looked more
beautiful in her casual wear. I wouldn’t
have recognized her but for her dark face
and lovely features.
“Seems you’re headed home.” I asked.
“Yes, I’m done for the day.” She
answered with a smile, like she was
relieved to be off duty.
“Seems you’re happy going home.” I
wanted to start up a conversation.
“Yes of course.” She said with same
I asked when she will be back for duty
but she informed me she is not permitted
to discuss her work schedule with
customers at the hotel.
“Why do you ask?”
“Just hoped I will see you again. You
can give me your number.” I requested.
“Its not allowed also.” She said.
“I can give you mine.”
“Not allowed too.” She replied and I
“I need to go now.” She announced, told
me goodevening once more and headed
out towards the hotel gate.
I thought about following her outside,
maybe she will grant me audience if we
spoke outside her work environment but
the lady was walking towards me from
the other end so I abandoned the quest.
On arrival into the hotel room, the lady
as usual went to freshen up. When she
was done, I went into the bathroom and
reached for the cabinet. I checked the
box in,side the cabinet and it was still
there. I stayed in,side the bathroom and
contemplated on how best tom move the
money without being noticed.
There was no way I was going to move it
out without being noticed. I thought
about moving it at night when the lady
was asleep but that would be a very
risky move. The securities scan every
incoming and outgoing car, and trying to
walk out of the hotel gate with a carton
known to contain hotel toiletries may
raise some eyebrows. They may think I
was stealing hotel toiletries and stop me
for a search. I may not even make it to
the gate as their were security guards
posted at different intervals.
Then a thought came to my mind;
She can help  me move it! Its a long shot
but one that is worth giving a trial.
But how I was going to achieve this was
what I didn’t know.
What is adventure without risk?

To be continued

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