Crime and Adventure

Crime and Adventure episode 7

Crime and Adventure episode 7
©Mazi Omenuko

To have the perfect s€×, you will need a
relaxed mind. That is why is seems like
rich and comfortable people have the
best s€× their body can take.
Having seem to find a solution on
moving the cash, I had a more relaxed
mind for the night’s romp; and boy! It
was hot!
From the moment the lady and I were
both Unclad in the bath-tub in,side the
bathroom, I felt the jolts of pleasure as
our Unclad bodies car-ssed each others.
The hot steamy water was refreshing and
soothing. The tub wasn’t too big to
contain we both but we managed, with
her body resting partially on top of mine,
I got my hands busy, tracing the curves
of her b—m, h¡ps and stomach. I
car-ssed her b—m slowly, teasing the
hærd Tips and car-ssing her laps.
Soon, my hands found its way into her
inner laps as I teased her c–t and played
with her hairs at the pub-c. The sounds
of her mo-ns were a welcome
aphrodisiac as my dckk pushed against
her buttocks. I leaned forward as I
rubbed her c–t, gently ins**ted my
middle finger into her w-t veegee. She
adjusted her h¡ps to accommodate my
finger as I pushed through the rich warm
walls of her veegee. Slowly and steadily,
I fin.ger’ed her as a worked my fingers
across all the bends and folds of her
cvnt. I let my thumb rub her c–t as my
finger explored her in,sides deeply. I
increased the finge’rin.g pace and
worked her center of gravity real good in
the process. She mo-ned loudly and
convulsed in my arms as she had her
c—-x. I car-ssed her slowly, giving her
time to recover.
She turned around and faced me with a
mischievous smile in her face. She
reached for my hærd dckk and held it in
her hands. She car-ssed it slowly at first,
then cupped it in her hands and worked
on it real hærd and real good. I closed
my eyes, dropped my head backwards
and allowed the euphoria to overwhelm
me. I jerked my h¡ps involuntarily in
response to the pleasure building in,side
of me. She was good at it, giving me the
light squeezes as she worked her hand
down and up my s—t.
She car-ssed my chest and niple as she
did the hand-job; then moved her hands
to squeeze the balls lightly, sending a
mixture of pain and pleasure down my
spine. I jerked again as she increased
the pace, wetting her hands with the
soap-leather on the tub. Then again and
again, she worked it faster as I jerked my
h¡ps forward and sideways in response.
She noticed the moment when I was
about to come and increased the pace. I
gro-ned as I spilled the come
everywhere. She continued her
mischievous smiles while I kept my eyes
shut, trying to recover from the ordeal.
Moments later, we car-ssed each other
until I was ready again. She squatted a
bit while I positioned myself behind her
in,side the tub.
“Wait!” She whispered before I could
“c-ndom?” I asked knowing it was the
reason she asked to wait and she
“Yes, open the cabinet there.” She said,
pointing at the cabinet where I stashed
the cash.
My heart skipped. I moved towards the
cabinet before she sees the look of
despair in my face. The short distance
from the tub to the cabinet seemed like
the longest walk I had taken. It would
have been easier crossing the red sea by
foot. A lot of thoughts crossed through
my mind but before I could process it, I
was close to the cabinet, facing it
already. I moved to open the one below
it but she voiced from behind.
“No, the one above!”
Now it was obvious I was going to have
a long night!

To be continued

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