EMPIRE – THE RULER (Episode 13)


A day to the wedding, the queen called her faithful servant (a guard) into her inner chamber making plan for the wedding coz if her plan A could not work. She forced the guard to swear before she began her speech. She told the guard immediately after the wedding if the king failed to announce her as the economic leader of the wh0le kingdom he (the guard) should terminate Banke so that the king would loose too and came back to her.

You might want to let mistake happen, just consider your wife and children gone. And, if eventually you are exposed I never knew you neither have I sent you to do me any favour.

She gave him a dagger very tiny and short. She told him to pretend like being charmed or mad if he was caught to ensure he would not implicate her. They were still discussing when they suddenly heard a gun shot. The wh0le palace was scattered, people were running in and out, it was intruder from another village. they came to rescue Dayo. Gun shot disrupted the atmosphere, the king hid himself behind his throne. Two able men entered the palace lobby, they searched and one of them saw the king in his hiding and dragged him out. They questioned him to call out Dayo or considered himself dead. He was shivering, his voice was breaking, “he is… is… is… “

Where is the boy?

I don’t… He… Kill…

Kill the useless man and let’s search the inner palace

The king pleaded for his life but they never listened, as the man c*cked the gun to shoot the king, some of the Asipa soldiers coming in through the inner entrance shot the two hooligans. They came in to rescue the King and guarded him to his inner chamber for safety. The soldiers together with the guards confronted the hooligans and defeated the them, they restored back the palace’s peaceful atmosphere. it was until now the queen and the rest of the palace maids came out of their hidden. The king appreciated Asipa and his soldiers. He asked them to demand anything he wished the king could do in return. Asipa replied he only want the King to fulfill his promise; betroth him his only daughter, Ronke. The king ordered everyone to begin a feast to celebrate their victory. Wines and meats were served, they all ate and drank.

It is noisy, the people were no longer themselves: the alcohol in them made them discuss as if the palace was market. Guard 3 staggered to the king.

My friend! Sorry, it is you my lord. Are you not happy? You did not drink

What brought you here, go back to your friends, NOW!

Your Highness, something I need to tell me. (he belched) excuse me!

The king waved to blow off the odoriferous that came out from his mouth.

There is a man in the village, though I know is name, but don’t have money to buy it. He cut your leg and heal you…

Do you mean the person that kills is also a savior?

You’re indeed genius my lord.

Who then is the person?

Asipa my lord, it’s Asipa.

How do you know? And in what way?

The intruder that came to the palace, he hired them and also defeated them from taking your life.

Why must he do such?

To gain your trust.

Are you… are you (he stammered) are you sure?

I’m not too sure, I heard people over there talking not quite long. I think they have intoxicated.
 (He pointed to the direction of some Asipa’s soldiers who were talking).

The king was somehow confused, this guard was no more himself, the alcohol is controlling him. He looked the group of soldiers (of Asipa)
If truly they said so, should their words be taken serious, people who vomited as they were talking because of the drink. But in other way, the story might be factual. He looked round from his throne he wished he could see someone tell him which to believe… He then quickly made a plan that after he has succeeded crown Asipa in his (Asipa) village with the help of his (Adedapo’s) daughter, he would assassinate him and take over their kingdom.

Asipa saw the body movement of the king and came closer to him.

Your Highness, I believe all is well?

Yes I think. can a man gain another man’s trust illegally?

It is no more trust my king, in fact, such a trust will never last. What do you see your Highness?

I don’t know, just my heart is occupied with several thoughts.

Too many things are bothering your mind, you must rest. Come, Come my lord, let me lead you to your room. Tomorrow is your wedding, you will need your strength with the new wife by this time of tomorrow.

To be continued

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