Please mama, I don’t mean to hurt you. I didn’t
kill you on
purpose, they forced me to do it. Fred has killed
me I said while
weeping. she stabbed me with the knife in her
hands and I fell down in
pool of blood.
I waked up immediately and was sweating
profusely, chai so this was a
dream I said. I stood up still shivering and sat at
the edge of the
bed reflecting over what happened in my dream.
Did I just kill my mother? why is she tormenting
me with a knife? I
keep on asking myself in regard to my dream.
my name is Emeka,I was born in the family of 3,
comprising of 2 girls
and a boy. I was the only male child of my
my father was a farmer while my mother was a
petty trader. we are
extremely poor. I managed to finish secondary
school because of lack of money. One painful
Monday morning, as I sat near a mango tree
located in
my compound. I was in bitterness and many
questions are running
through my head.
why are my parent extremely poor?
Why is my life so miserable?
Why didn’t God allow Dangote or Billgate to be
my father?
Why will I be a son to a lazy farmer?
All this question were running through my head
and there is no
answer to it, at my age no job. I had tried to
apply for jobs
but couldn’t get any. my friends that were born
with a silver spoon has job waiting for them at
home. Which kind wahala be this? As I was
still reflecting over my life on how I’ll make it in
life, my mom interrupted me by her harsh words.
Mom: so you are still in this house by this time of
the day, when your mates are busy making their
life count and all you could do is to stay one
place and gazing at the sky. Do you think that
money falls
from the sky? Days of manner has gone. Better
go out there and find for yourself something
Me: it’s never my fault that am jobless
Mom: if it’s not your fault, then it’s my fault.
Emeka go and work,stop lazying around. very
soon your mates will start getting married.
I have harboured you enough in this house, am
look at Fred, he is in Lagos making huge amount
of money. last Xmas he came home with a car,
bought land which he is building on it now. What
you? Just eating free food. in fact I won’t be
feeding you again in this house.
Tears flowed down my cheek, I looked up to
heaven and said God why
is my case different. why did you allow this kind
of calamity befall me.
I decide to call Fred to know if he will help me. I
picked my phone and dialled his number and his
number went through….
Fred : my guy how far naaa
NE: am not fine Fred, i
Fred : What’s the matter? did you need money?
ME: None of the above. the world is about to
collapse on my head.
Fred : why are you speaking in parables Emeka?
Just open up to me.
ME: you are a millionaire now, but looks at your
guy lavishing in the villa,help me to make it in
Fred was my child hood friend, We attended the
community school. he is indeed a good friend of
mine. after Waec he travelled to Lagos to learn
trade with his uncle. But I stay behind because I
have nobody to serve. I lost his contact then till
one faithful Christmas he came back home with
one exotic car and was throwing money on the
air. I came to
his house, I bowed and great him. we exchange
pleasantries, he
presented a bottle of Ompa(hero beer) for me and
we continue chatting while sipping my bear. At a
point I begin to ask him to help me that I want
to be rich like him. but whenever I raise the topic
of him showing me
the way he will ignore it and raise another topic.
back to the present *********
Fred : what did you want me to do now?
ME : just show me the ocean and I’ll get many
fishes as I want.
Fred : are you sure you have what it takes to fish
in the same ocean with me..
ME: though I don’t understand what he meant,
but I replied him yes….
Fred : if you are mentally prepared, then come
ME: thank you fred
Fred : don’t thank me yet. and he hung up.
I went in,side my room to pack some things that I
will need.
was still arranging my things when Mom walked
in,side my room with a rising eyes.
mom: Pls forgive me son, I don’t mean to hurt
you but seeing you without job is my greatest
pain. some of your mates are now getting married
but you are yet to secure a job before talking of
ME: Mom, it’s OK now. am also sorry for causing
you pain. don’t worry much, I will be leaving here
to Lagos tomorrow morning.
mom: is their any job for you there
ME: no ma, you remember that my child hood
friend called Fred.
mom: yes
ME: he said that he will help me.
mom: what of accommodation?
ME: he promised to accommodate me.
she left after giving me some piece of quality
I called Fred to inform him that I will be coming
early tomorrow morning.
**** I laid back to sleep immediately after the call
and wishing to
wake up early. I woke up around 4:00am the
following morning, I
prayed for 10mins before I started preparation
proper. I arrange my
credentials and arrange them in a file before
putting it in,side my bag
in case the need of it arise. I was set to dress up.
I was dressed in red shirt and black ripped
trouser on a(i don tire)
black shoe. if you see me and my attire, you don’t
need a prophet to tell that am a poor man..
The journey was not eventful
when I reach Lagos, I called Fred to inform him of
my arrival……
ME: (dialing) hello bro
Fred : where are you?
me: Am already in peace park Lagos.
Fred : I will be there in less than an hour….
not quite long, Fred drove in with new model
Range Rover sport evoc.
I sighted him as he alighted from the car. so I rushed down to meet him
while struggling with my luggage.
seeing me he was very happy, We hugged
ourselves very warmly.
me: Fred is this machine also your car?
Fred : Hahahahah, yes Emmy
Jesus!!! I exclaimed, Fred (ipiakago) meaning
excess money..
Fred : don’t mention.
I entered the car and he drove off. he drove me to
the nearest
restaurant and ask me to order for anything I
I order for fried rice and chicken with sauce, after
that we drove to his house.
On our arrival, he stopped at one giant gate and
bowed a horn which
one aboki man rushed to the gate and opened it
without hesitation.
He drove to the car park and we both alighted
from the car. I was so
amazed seeing this magnificent house.
Recomending it to be a duplex is
a downgrad to the house. if I must recommend,I
will just call it a
Me: Is this your house? mouth still open
Fred : hahahahaha, this is one of my buildings in
the state.
he walked in,side and I followed him. the interior
of the building is
intimidating, the floor alone is like a mirror. he
mounted 65 inches
Smart Samsung television. with a standing Air
he later showed me my room and drove off.
One faithful Sunday morning, as we are chatting
and sipping a glass
of champagne, I issued a conversation
me: Guy I have been in your house for good two
months now doing nothing .
Fred : yes, and am not complaining.
Me: that’s not the reason why am here which
both of us knows,please
show me the way forward so that I will be
independent and also be
enjoying what you are enjoying.
Fred : bros, don’t worry about that. if you need
money just let me know regardless of the amount,
I will give it to you.
Well Fred had been good to me, he was
bombarding me with cash since I set my fit in his
house. sometimes he will just give me 100k
but how the money will finish I myself can’t tell.
Me: I don’t want to depend on you for survival.
show me the way.
Fred : Emy, this is not a child’s play. to be a
millionaire required
a lot of sacrifices.
Me: am mentally prepared for anything.
Fred : are you sure you’ll do anything?
Me: as long as it has to do with money, I can do
Fred : are you really sure you are ready for this?
Me: yes am 100% ready…..
though I don’t really know why he kept on asking
me if am ready. but
thats not the issue. my main aim now is money
The next day evening being Monday, Fred called
me in,side his bedroom
Fred : emeka, do you really want to join
millionaires in town.
Me: yes and that’s why am here.
Fred : tonight will determine whether you will join
the league of the millionaires or not.
Me, : hmmmm, what did you mean by that ?
Fred : I hope you are prepared for this?
Me: yes
Fred :ok, prepare yourself tonight. when it’s 12am
dot we will be
leaving this compound.
Me: To where Fred?
Fred : you will know, when we reach.
my life as an occult member is about to begin


Fred : OK, prepare yourself tonight. When it’s 12
dot, we will be leaving this house.
Me: to where Fred ?
Fred : you will know when we get there.
Me: OK boss
I am in my room pressing phone when Fred
barged in,side. What are you still doing now?
Wouldn’t you prepare yourself. I checked time and
it was 12am. Let’s be going he shouted.
Fred was wearing red gown and a black hat cap
bearing red ribbon round it. We ride on his Lexus
jeep. We arrived at the scene not less than an
hour. When he alighted from the car, I am about
to join him when he interrupted by saying that I
should wait first till he notify me, when am
needed in,side.
When it’s time for the new member to join them
in,side, Fred signaled me to come in,side which I
did without hesitation.
Am not the only one to be initiated to the cartel.
We are five in number. We are attended to one
after the other.
When my time fully came. Fred carried me in,side
and presented me to their Queen Mother saying,
this is the person am talking about..
The Queen Mother though she was old but still
looking good.
I was shivering in fear when I saw human head,
gasket and also human bones. What should all
this things means. Common be strong boy I said
to myself.
I was carried away by my thoughts, when Fred
whispered into my hearing to greet the Queen
Mother which I did instantly. She responded me
with this question
Queen Mother : what are you here for?
Me: I want to be a billionaire.
Queen Mother : do you have what it takes to be a
Me: yes ma’am, I can do anything for money.
Queen mother: you will sacrifice three ladies to
igbudu…. If he accepts your sacrifice, then you
will see money right there in your bedroom.
Me: but how will I achieve that mother?
Queen Mother : Fred will help you with that.
She requested for a gasket which they brought
out. She ordered me to lie on it and confessed to
igbudu what I want Igbudu to do for me.
Igbudu I need money I confessed, excess money,
money in all denominations, money -money-
money. I want to be billionaire by dollars. After
my petition to igbudu. An oath was made and
they gave me a cup containing blood and I drank
from it.
Your assignment on sacrificing three ladies should
not exceed this coming weekend or you become
mad the Queen Mother added.
Fear gripped me because I don’t want to be mad,
not when I haven’t enjoy wealth. What will I do
How will I get three girls that will allow me to f–
k and clean there private parts with white
handkerchief. What will I do now I asked Fred.
Fred : he laughed, it’s very simple. Just drive
down to unilag and you will get as many girls as
you want.
I thought he was joking until I see it to my self. I
drove down to unilag and behold it happened as
Fred has predicted.
I came back home with three pretty young girls.
Don’t forget to use handkerchief Fred said,. OK
boss I replied.
I took them in,side my bedroom and I do exactly
as I was instructed by Queen Mother.
I was instructed to clean their private parts with
handkerchief after I might have finished f—–g
I gave those girls #100,000 each. they thanked
me, little knowing that their life is at stake.
I took those white handkerchief to her. She made
some incantations and those girls appeared and
she sacrificed their souls to igbudu.
Igbudu have accepted your sacrifice my son, go
and enjoy riches she said. I was overwhelmed
with joy.
I met the shock of my life when I entered my
What is this?
To be continued

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