Tale of a Ritualist



I met the shock of my life immediately I
entered my bedroom. Behold I saw 100 bags
of money both in pounds and dollars.
I was dumb founded with my mouth wide
open, I was like running mad because I have
never for once seen such money.
So you are the cause of my pain and
bitterness I said while pointing at that
money bags. I picked a stick and started
hitting it on one of the bag till the wh0le
money in it scattered into pieces..
On Tuesday morning, I went to the market
with Fred and bought one venza and Lexus
350 sports car.. I throw party round the
One faithful Monday Morning, I was relaxing
on a sofa located in my sitting room and my
62 inches Samsung smart TV was on and
sound system was at its peak. Movie
watching mode was activated. I resumed
with one movie title A MAN CALLED GOD
episode 2.
Half way into the movie, my phone started
ringing. I looked at it, and the number was
unknown to me so I ignored it.
The number called again and I ignored it,
and on the third time I decided to pick it.
Hello?, came a sweet and a rom-ntic
feminine voice. Immediately I heard the
voice, my head ran a voice recognition
search. Match was not found.
Me: good day MA
Lady: Good day, how are you doing sir?
Me: am fine, so who are my talking with?
Lady : I’m Amanda and she was about to
say something before I cut her off with
another question.
ME : so Amanda have we met before or is
something wrong?
Amanda : yes we ran into each other
somewhere and you drop your
complimentary card.
Immediately she mentioned of me dropping
my complimentary card to her, I laughed.
Me :but I don’t remember giving any lady
my complimentary card, because I don’t
have one.
Amanda : Please, are you calling me a liar?
Me : only you knows the answer.
Amanda : let’s have a date, I don’t mind
sleeping over
Me : hahahahaha…
Guys can you see something here. Am not
the one initiating talk or begging her for us
to see in a hotel room rather she is begging
for us to see. Reason, is because I have
made it big. The sweetest revenge is
Me : so where are you now?
Am in unilag campus, you can pick me up
there in the evening.
Me : OK.
When it’s 10:30pm, I went to her lodge with
the help of her address which she sent to
She was very beautiful a girl of 20yrs, she is
a student of bio-chem 200level. She
introduced me to her friends and thereafter
she entered my car and I drove off. When
we get to the hotel, I went to the
receptionist there and booked an executive
room. We entered the room and she was
like this is heaven on earth. I have never
been to this kind of hotel before she said.
I sat down on a sofa there and she came
closer to in a rom-ntic manner and our l-ips
met we begin to k-ss and my hand is doing
some great job on her big bb and she was
mo-ning, Her n—–s was awesome as I was
k-ssing at the same time and she was
playing with my d-ckson ……didn’t take me
long before I located her k—y catt and
started finger bleeping as there was no p-nt
in the first place but I make sure our l-ips
were together to forestall any loud ring
tone………..i was bleeping real hærd seriously
as she was rocking my d-ckson so hærd as if
to remove it from my body……….After like 10
mins she whispered to my ear “I need you
in,side me.
I pulled down my boxers and was full unclad.
I was about to wear a c-ndom when the
Queen Mother appeared on the roof top…
What is it again?
I pulled down my boxers, and was fully
unclad. I reached out my hand and brought
out a c-ndom, I was about to wear it on my
d-ckson when the Queen Mother appeared on
the roof top.
Queen mother: I came to warn you, don’t
dare to f–k any girl with c-ndom. You must
make sure to release in,side her system and
also don’t forget to report to our chamber
with a used white handkerchief. You must
sacrifice her to igbudu.
Am the only one seeing her. After her
warning, she disappeared into the air.
For the first Time to feel pity for my victim.
So i have to kill this innocent girl I
questioned myself. But anyway, she called
for it.
I was lost in thought on what to do when
she tapped me saying, baby common let’s
enjoy ourselves.
She came closer to me and started k-ssing
me passionately and at same time stroking
my d-ckson with her hand. I pushed her
down and was about to slide my d–k, please
stop she voiced out.
ME: what is the matter dear?
Amanda: please, you need put on a c-ndom.
ME: but I love it Raw
Amanda: and i don’t like it Raw.
Chai, what will I do now? Try to use
rom-ntic and smoothing words on her but no
I reason for some time within me. Little
while, something in me told me to engage
Fred in a chat to know if he will have
solution to my problem.
I quickly logging to facebook and he was
ME: hello my guy
Fred: Am fine my boy and you
ME: omo, I dey on a hot seat now. Things
are not going wella for me ooooo
Fred: what could that mean?
ME: I carried one beautiful girl to that hotel
we normally handle our victims.
Fred: yes and what happened?
ME: she refused my advance to have s€×
with her flesh to flesh. She harshly kick
against it and you know the consequences
Fred: yes off course, falling to do so you will
lost 5% of your life. Igbudu doesn’t joke with
his sacrifice.
ME: fear gripped me, in a shivering voice,
what will I do now Fred?
Fred: Emeka you have to cool down first.
Have your forgotten so quick?
ME: what?
Fred: the Bible passage that said money
answereth all things.
I know that some of my readers now, Will be
asking how we know that particular
scripture.. O yes we do read them so that no
man can convert us. We can even preach it
to in away that you will hate reading Bible.
ME: yes I know about that scripture.
Fred: then try giving something tangible to
her, and you will see her going against her
ME: wow.. Thanks for your wisdom.
Fred: you’re welcome
After I have ended the chat, I turned to her
and she is almost finished dressing up.
Babe cool down okay, don’t worry I will give
you a check of 3million if you accept my
proposal. Immediately I mentioned 3million,
her eyes come open more w¡der with her
mouth wide open.
Why not make it 5million she said.
Compare to your life, the money is nothing I
said within.
No problem, I will give you 5m I replied.
I believe she has done a proper calculations
on how she will use the money. Girls and
material things.
I later had a Raw and hot s€× with her. I
release maggot instead of sp**m in,side her
system as I was commanded by the Queen
Mother. Once the maggot entered her
system, it will be feeding on the girls blood
and she will be dying slowly. No lab can
detect the cause. They will only be seeing
I brought out my cheque book and wrote 5m
and handed it over to her as I promised her.
She thanked me and thereafter I drove down
On getting to my house, I saw Fred lying flat
at the floor in my sitting room weeping.
What is the matter with you Fred I asked.
Fred : After our chat last night, the Queen
Mother appeared to me.
ME: and what could be her message this
time?… Did she demand another sacrifice ?
Fred: if she demanded a sacrifice, I could
have be happy
ME: then what on earth could be her
message that weaken a strong man like you?
Fred : she came to remind me that my time
to die has come.
What!!!!! I shouted while shivering….
What did you mean by that your time has
To be continued

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