Baby what’s the matter with you? You have been
thinking for some minutes now. Come on let’s
finish what you have started.
Her word interuptedly jerked me off my
subconscious state of mind and reviewed the kind
of rom-ntic look bestowed on her.
I moved my head closer to her and our l-ips met
and we resumed our k-ssing.
I k-ssed her from her mouth down to her toes. I
located her b-ob and k-ssed the tips and she
jerked up.
I lowered my hand down to her p*ssy and ins**t
one of my finger and she gave out a soft mo-n
an attractive mo-n so to say, my d-ckson
became hot, I started with finger bleeping, she
was mo-ning and trembling in the best way
unlike other ladies I have bleeped. I was pushing
my finger to and Fro.
Cindy began to work on my d-ckson and I was
also doing some work on her punana.
She was stroking my d-ckson so hærd and my
finger was also going in,side and coming out of
her p****y h0le at the same time.
As we are working on each other, the demon of
konji had totally possessed me and all my
thought was ( bleep bleep bleep!!!!).
Suddenly, she pulled my d-ckson out from my
boxers and drew it closer to her ass. This period
the demon of konji had possessed me 100% and
it seems like I would die if I didn’t bleep her.
Instantly I brought out a c-ndom and wore it on
my d-ckson, I pressed her bottom forward and
gently slide in my fully er-cted d-ckson into her
p****y h0le from behind as we are positioned in a
doggy style and I was pumping in and out of her
with all my reserved strength. The hotel bed was
shaking and making some sound as we were
f-cking each other. After about 3minutes, I
remove my d-ckson from her socket in a soft
mode, I turned her to face the ceiling.
I held her laps, raised her two legs up and I was
pumping in and out of Cindy with a full force and
she was mo-ning out various tunes. We bleeped
for about 10mins and I c-med in,side the c-ndom.
After the bleep, I was breathing heavily and
sweating profusely. I dropped her laps, returned
my d***k to my boxer and rushed to the toilet
and disposed the c-ndom.
Me: **** drew closer to her and cuddle her****
why did your mood change dear?
Cindy: **** silent ****
Me: baby please talk to me
Cindy: it’s about you sir
Me: me?
Cindy: yes, why did you do this to me on a first
Me: I can’t control the feelings I have for you
because I love you so much.
Cindy: now that you had gotten what you want,
your love for me now will reduce abi?
Me: ****giggled**** it has just increased, I now
love you more than ever.
Cindy: are you sure?
Me: came closer and held her hands…… Yes my
She stoop up and paced to the bathroom to have
a quick shower. My eyes trailed her huge butt to
the exit.
Indeed Cindy was a very pretty. She had a killer
body and definitely, guys can teleport themselves
from planet Pluto just to have a glimpse of her
Should I just marry this girl, I can’t live without
her. As this thought where running through my
mind, not less than 2mins, our Queen mother
appeared. Pointing her right index finger towards
me in anger.
The queen mother appeared pointing her
right index finger towards me in anger.
Present yourself before igbudu tomorrow and
she disappeared.
Queen mother: (in anger) what have you
done Emeka?
Me: (in shock) I don’t understand ma
Queen mother: why didn’t you sacrifice that
lady to igbudu?
Me: MA, I love Cindy very much and I don’t
want to lose her. My desire is to get married
to her.
Queen mother: as an old member,you
supposed to know that igbudu derived joy
and happiness in blood sacrifice and you
denied him that. You have to pay for it.
Me: (on my knees) am really sorry MA, but I
love Cindy very much. Is there no other way
to appease igbudu?
She made some incantations before she
turned toward with an alternative
Queen: igbudu have decided to show you
mercy by allowing Cindy to live.
I was filled with joy and she interrupted me
by saying
Queen: don’t be overjoyed yet cos igbudu
had demanded another sacrifice from you
Me: (mood changed) what could be the
Queen: you will have to sacrifice your sisters
heart to igbudu or you pay with your blood.
Me: what!!!!! Which of my sisters
Queen: your younger sister
Me: what, I can’t do that.
Queen: then prepare yourself to dieeeeeee
(in tears I walked out on her)
Kelvin was one of our eldest member in the
Kelvin: what brings you to my house this
Me: I cant sleep in my house again.
Kelvin: what do you mean by that?
Me: the spirit of those that I killed is hunting
Kelvin:****giggled ***is that why you are
sweating like a goat. Just go and pay your
Me: dues kwa, must I be sacrificing innocent
souls to igbudu?
Kelvin: yes, you have to doubt very quickly or
else you will die
Me: (in fear) Fred didn’t explain this thing to
me very well. Fred (erigom)
What will I do now?
Kelvin: my friend go and pay your dues.
In tears and pains of sacrifice my sister, I left
his house to my abode
What will I do now?
Why will I sacrifice my lovely sister?
All this innocent thought were flowing
through my mind. but if I don’t sacrifice
Cindy or my sister, I will end up loosing my
own life.
I have to do something before its too late.
Oh!! Yes, I have to sacrifice one of them.

To be continued

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