Tale of a Ritualist

TALE OF A RITUALIST – Episode (finale)


QUEEN MOTHER: have you come to pay your
Me: yes my Queen
Queen mother: who did you want to sacrifice to
Me: I will sacrifice Cindy MA
Queen: give me her picture
I handed her picture over to Queen mother and
she made some incantations over it and she said:
Queen mother: igbudu had rejected her
Me: what!!!! (what else did you want me to do?)
Queen: you have to sacrifice your sister
Me: you are not serious MA. I won’t sacrifice her
cos she is the reason why I made this money.
Killing her is killing myself.
Queen: then prepare to die
Me: I rather die than to sacrifice her to blood
s-cking (igbudu) .
I mentioned that and walk away from the temple.
I came back home depressed and so many
thought where running through my mind.
This doesn’t make sense, why will igbudu reject
Cindy but chose my beloved sister?
Igbudu really want to wreck my life.
I prefer to sacrifice my mother than my sister.
The knock on my door brought me back from my
subconscious state of mind into reality.
When I flung the door open, behold Kelvin and one
young guy I didn’t know.
I ushered them in,side and present a bottle of
champagne to them. While we are sipping it,
Kelvin: Emeka, have you paid your dues?
Me: not yet
Kelvin: then what is holding you back from paying
your dues when you know the consequences that
befall anyone who didn’t sacrifice on time.
Me: I rather die than sacrificing my beloved sis
Kelvin: *****giggled**** you must be out of your
senses. Did you know how many of my siblings
and relations that I had sacrificed?
Me: I may not know. I have decided to die than
to sacrifice her.
Kelvin: OK, I have solution to your problem
Me: what could be the solution?
Kelvin: do you know this guy that is here with me.
That’s when I realized that he came in with
somebody that I don’t know yet I didn’t bother to
ask who he was
Me: no
Kelvin: he is a member of a great cult and he will
help you by initiating you into their cartel.
I nuzzled my hand for an handshake and he
accepted it.
Me: what’s your name sir?
Guy: Am Murphy and you?
Me: Am emeka. So how can you be of help the
problem am facing now
Murphy: you have to visit our grandmaster
Me: what did you mean by our?
Murphy: ****giggle*** Kelvin is our member now.
My eyes come open more w¡der
Kelvin: oh yes, I belong to their cartel so that
their God’s will protect me from igbudus wrath
Murphy: prepare yourself, we are going to visit
our grandmaster to know what he will say
concerning your prob.
(in,side IYI TEMPLE)
Grandmaster: what bring you people here?
Murphy: (bowing) I brought this young man to
you cos he is seeking for protection
Grandmaster: young man, what brings you to my
(Observing the protocols so I bow)
I explained everything to him and also how
igbudu is demanding for my life.
Grandmaster: so what did you want me to do?
Me: (see this man ooo) I came to take refuge in
Grandmaster: can you pay the price required for
these your request.
Me: what could be the sacrifice?
He made some incantations before he said
Grandmaster: you will make a sacrifice of human
Me: hmmmmm, that is not a problem. But who
could it be?
you will sacrifice your mother to IYI
Mw: what!!!!
Grandmaster: you will sacrifice your mother to IYI
and He will save you from Igbudu.
Me: what!!!!***** won’t there be any other
alternative sir?
Grandmaster: there is no alternative my son and
there is no turning back.
I went outside in tears.
How will I sacrifice my mom?
What should I do?
Murphy: guy what is the matter with you?
Me: why will I sacrifice my mom? Why won’t (IYI)
demand for young ladies and I will gladly sacrifice
Why my mother Murphy? What will I do now?
Murphy: you have to sacrifice her or you will die
Emeka. Better heed to my advice.
After much serious consideration, I decided to
sacrifice her to IYI and then save my life and that
of my sister.
Grandmaster: you will call your mothers name
three times and she will appear on a mirror then
stab her with this knife, (she handed the knife to
me) and she will die.
I did according to her direction.
I was shocked as she appeared on the mirror as
He said. But she appeared in a different way cos I
saw her praying in the language I don’t
understand (strange tongues) having the knife, I
raised my right hand and stab her but it didn’t
penetrate. I tried and tried but to no avail.
(To be prayerful is good cos you don’t know what
the enemy is planing against you in the secret).
Our grand master made some incantations again
and then ask me to stab her.
I tried stabbing her but to no avail.
I tried it for some minute before He said”
Grandmaster: we have to try another alternative
now. Since we can’t kill her through this medium,
you will have to kill her with gift.
You must travel to the village unfailingly
tomorrow on your way buy bread touch this coffin
on it (he handed the coffin to me). Give it to her
to eat. If she ate it, then our mission will be
accomplished. If not, then you will run mad.
I did exactly as I was commanded
I gave the bread to my mom in the anticipation
that she will have a bite of it that night but she
I tried forcing her but she refused.
In the midnight, our Grand master appeared and
he said” Emeka, you have failed to sacrifice your
mother to IYI. Now it’s time to pay……….
I knelt down and started begging for my life in
He stretched forth his staff and hit it on my head.
Instantly I started talking what I don’t
understand. That’s how I became mad.
But all thanks to Almighty God who delivered me
through his servant after 5yrs of madness.
I gave my life to Christ and become a pastor.
Don’t ask me about those I killed.

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