The Invincible Hunters


(  Unimaginable_Seed )

Jennifer wanted to run in,side the burning building to rescue Vena but Jack held her back saying, “You can’t go there, the fire is too much”
Jennifer looked at him and the burning building then relaxed coz truly she wouldn’t have done anything. Hannah also wanted to run in,side but Frank held her back saying, “I’m not gonna let you go there too. She’s an old witch, you know. And you are still young. Think about it”
“Get your hands off me!” Hannah flung her hand off trying to continue but the intensity of the fire increased the more thereby making her to stop on the way.
in,side the building, the witches and wizards Vena caged with her power became old again because the seed had returned back to the rightful bearer. They were two alive while others died by Randy’s bullets. Though the building was on fire but was yet to come around the area where Vena and the buffulers were. The roof of the building began to burn down even pictures and furniture. Vena needed to run out so she transformed into a bat to fly out but the two buffulers closed all the exit with their magic thereby making Vena fall into a burning fire. She changed back to a human being running away from the fire.
“You are going nowhere, Vena of Yelash. If we gonna die, you’ll die with us”
“You couldn’t defeat me back then, and you will not, even now” Vena replied.
“Then let’s see” the two buffulers struck her with sparkling fire but she dogged it and released her own fire which caught them and drove them into another burning fire.
“Die!” Vena shouted and commanded a chair to hit them and eventually killed them with her power. She looked around to see an exit but all were locked and covered with high intensity of fire. Luckily for her, the roof burnt opened, so she transformed into a bat again to fly out through the opening but a wood hit her back to the ground. She broke her wings and the fire circulated her.
There was no hope left for Hannah and others that Vena would made it alive from the building, then tears ran down from Hannah’s eyes as the reflection of the fire could be seen in her eyes. Randy and Jack walked to her and placed hands on her shoulder for consolations.
“It’s over” Randy said.
“We have to go home now” Jack added.
They all turned to go but the sound of a bird made them turn around-that was Vena as a bat who flew out of the building and fell on the floor before changing back to a human being.
“Granny!” Hannah ran to her. She found her very weak and broken. “Granny, talk to me. Are you okay?”
“Take this” Vena said under her breath and handed her staff to Hannah. “Protect yourself my child for the war of the invincible hunters has begun” she added and took her last breathe.
Already, others had converged around them seeing how Hannah shed tears holding the staff and kneeling before her grandmother.
“Please, forgive me granny, it’s all my fault” she cried.
Just then, the bushes around began to shake. Jennifer looked at the seed and saw it’s bright light increasing, then she said, “They are here?”
“Who?” Jack asked.
“The hunters” Jennifer replied. To their amazement, a crowd of skeletons troop out of the bush and circulated them. They could also hear the sound of gunshot from afar which indicated that there was already a war going on in the main city. Jennifer held the seed tightly while Hannah stood up holding the staff firmly. All became quiet and ready to fight.
“Somebody should give me a gun for goodness sake!” Frank broke the silence.
“You won’t be needing that” Jennifer assured.
“Because we are running”
“Excuse me?”
“Run!!” Jennifer shouted and all took on their heels while the hunters pursued them. Frank was the last person, so a hunter caught him. “Help me!” he shouted.
Hannah stopped, turned and ran back to save him. She used the staff to kill every hunter on her way until she got to Frank who kept dodging a hunter’s punch. Hannah stretched her hand on the hunter then it broke into pieces. “I guess I’m your gun now” she dragged Frank up. “Run!!” she added and they began to run.
However, Jennifer, Randy and Jack had stopped as they kept killing and shooting hunters until Hannah and Frank arrived.
“You guys should run, Jane and i will take care of the hunters” Hannah said then looked at Jennifer who stared at her maliciously. They fought the hunters together while others ran towards the main road yet, battling with hunters. All made it into the car and began to drive home.
Though it was night but the electricity which generated light in the city made it look like day time. People were running helter and skelter as the hunters invaded the city with much population. The policemen were seen at every angle shooting and killing the hunters too.
On the other hand, Karina ran out of her apartment when she saw a hunter but unfortunately, she was surrounded by other hunters.

To be continued

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