The Invincible Hunters


( Unimaginable_Seed )

The woman took Jennifer to a place they saw burning fire at a far distance. Immediately Jennifer saw it, she remembered the time she had a flash about the fire at Jack’s apartment and fell down. The fire was burning out of a volcano but wasn’t liquidfied. Beside it, were giants of hunters multiplying every minutes from the base of the volcano. The more Jennifer looked at them, the more they multiplied.
“I believe you have seen that before” the woman said.
“Yes, but just the fire. I had it as a flash” Jennifer replied.
“That should have told you your quest”
“Quest?” Jennifer repeated looking at the woman. “I think my mission is to protect the seed alone”
“Yes, it is, but also to end the existence of the invincible hunters. That’s why you had the flash. You should have known better if you concentrated and believe in who you are” the woman said then took two steps forward glaring at the consistent burning fire. Jennifer drew closer to her too.
“So, how am i gonna end the life of the hunters?”
“Listen, Remina” the woman began. “Many decades ago, there was a war between two villages. A man called Giedo, the leader of their warriors, was worsh¡ping the seed thereby increasing it’s power of immortality, but he never knew about it. He took the seed to the battle ground believing that it would make them win the war. Though they won the war but Giedo died in the process. His troop of army gathered the dead body of their enemies and set them on fire. Unknowingly to them, they even set the seed on fire which perfected it’s power of immortality and at the same time gave the burnt enemies life again as skeletons and made them invincible and invisible. After a while, a boy from Giedo’s hometown found the seed and happens to be the bearer. Before then, the spirits of the hunters had been attached to the seed, that’s why they keep on tormenting the bearer and killing the citizens of the very village. Unfortunately, the name of Giedo’s village is Zumga city” the woman pointed at the burning fire and continued, “The hunters died by fire and
by fire and the seed they were made as skeletons multiplying every minutes. So only by that same fire and the seed their lives can be terminated” she concluded.
Jennifer became amazed at the woman’s story and said, “So I’m expected to go to that place, i mean to that fire and cast the seed back into it” she said.
“Yes” the woman replied and began to walk away.
“How can i get there? I mean, where is the place?” Jennifer followed her.
“The place is nowhere”
“What do you mean is nowhere? If it’s nowhere, then how can i get there?”
The woman stopped and looked at her. “Have you seen and fought with the hunters before?” she asked.
“Yes” Jennifer replied thoughtfully.
“Do you know where they normally out come from?”
“No, they normally come out from
“Good, so the place is nowhere” the woman smiled while Jennifer became confuse thinking critically.
“Wait!” she began. “The place is in the past and i have to travel back to the past to do what the former bearer couldn’t do. That is, terminating the life the hunters Permanently”
“Exactly!” the woman exclaimed happily. “Now you’re beginning to know who you are, Remina. And you have to travel back to the past as soon as possible coz the giant hunters you’ve just seen will be the next to invade your city, and trust me, nobody gonna survive it”
“Then i have to hurry!”
“Yes, pick your friends along with you especially the witches”
“Witches?” Jennifer repeated. “I only have one friend as a witch, and that’s Hannah”
“What of Karina?” the woman asked.
“Karina isn’t a witch”
“She is. Her mother had been keeping it away from her. She doesn’t want her to know. Now go!” the woman concluded, then Jennifer found herself back into her room with the seed still in her hand. She quickly took her cell phone and placed it on her ear..
At Hannah’s residence, Hannah was still upstairs in her room. A picture of a boy was in her hand as she watched the picture sadly. “Where are you, Doedo?” she murmured.
Doedo was a wizard and Hannah’s long time boyfriend who just disappeared few years ago. As Hannah thought about him, her cell phone rang. She was surprise to see Jennifer as the caller, therefore she picked it instantly.
“Hey, Jane”
“Come to my house. We need to talk right now!” Jennifer said on the phone and cut the call.
Hannah rushed downstairs, open the door but couldn’t believe who she saw-Doedo. Doedo had a fair complexion, golden hair which some fell around his cheek. He wasn’t fat neither was he slim.
“Doedo?” Hannah stepped backward.
“Hi, Ann. It has been a while” Doedo stepped in,side.
“Is this really you?”
“It’s me my love” Doedo replied then Hannah hugged him tightly.
“Thank Kesha you are alive. Where have you been?” she asked.
“I think the question is; where is the seed?” Doedo asked..

To be continued

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