The Invincible Hunters


(Unimaginable Seed)

Doedo began to walk around the house after asking for the seed. He behaved as if he was on a mission, so he suddenly turned to Hannah asking again, “Where is Vena?”
“She’s dead” Hannah replied still
thinking how Doedo knew about the seed.
“Dead? How?”
“The buffulers killed her”
“It’s a pity they finally got her”
“Though it was all my fault”
“How was it your fault?”
Hannah kept quiet minding her words coz any further explanations might lead to the seed. Therefore she changed the topic back to the initial question, “Why were you asking about the seed?”
“Forget it. I was only joking” Doedo stood before her. “We heard about it and the bearer, Remina”
“Why are u asking as if u don’t know who u are? You are of Yelash, and the witches and wizards of Yelash are the ‘We’”
“So u have been in Yelash all this while. I’m not of Yelash but of Zumga now” Hannah tried to walk away but Doedo held her back.
“Stop deceiving yourself and come home”
“I’m going nowhere!” Hannah provoked. “My grandmother, my parents and i came here after the so called people of Yelash threatened to kill my parents. Though they finally did, and i swear, i must get the killers one by one. You of all people should know this, but what happened, you suddenly disappeared after my parents died” she looked at Doedo suspiciously.
“Alright, let’s leave the past behind. I’m back for good” Doedo held her cheek trying to k-ss her but Hannah withdrew her face.
“Why are you here?”
“I came back for you my love”
“You still love me?”
“Why not? I have always loved you”
“Then why did you leave?”
“Coz i had to save my parents from buffulers. My love for you have not diminished. You are still the little beautiful witch i love” Doedo finally captured Hannah’s heart and began to k-ss her which she reciprocated. Just then, Frank walked in and saw them k-ssing. Doedo was the first to see him and quit the k-ss before Hannah turned.
“Frank?” she called.
“Who are you?” Doedo asked him.
“Sorry.. aahh.. hum.. the door was
opened so i just walked in. I came to check on Ann, but now that i know she’s okay, i gonna take my leave” Frank walked out heartbroken while Hannah kept staring at the door. She knew she had broken his heart coz she was aware that Frank had an interest in her.
“Who was that guy?” Doedo asked.
“A friend” Hannah replied and
stepped away from him. “I want to see someone” she added.
“Can i join you?”
They walked out.
Karina and Blessing were in Milky Crab’s doing their jobs. Blessing never stopped narrating how she escaped death the previous day the hunters invaded the city.
“I was nearly caught by a hunter if not my parents who saved me and put me indoors. By the way, why didn’t you come to work yesterday and didn’t pick my calls?” Blessing asked.
“I was down emotionally” Karina replied. “Jack broke up with me”
“You mean the one u slapped?”
“Oh, poor, girl. Sorry” Blessing embraced her.
“I’m fine” Karina smiled then they
became quiet for a while.
“I can’t believe that your friend is
Remina” Blessing broke the silence.
“You mean Jennifer?”
“I knew before now”
“But u never told me. Well, thank God the seed is destroyed”
Just then, Karina’s cell phone rang. She saw the caller to be Jennifer then glanced at Blessing before picking it.
“Hi, Karina” Jennifer said on the phone. “Please, can i see u at my place now?”
“I’m kinda busy” Karina replied.
“Please, it’s very important”
“Okay” the line went dead.
Everybody was there including Randy and Jack except Frank. All were standing in the living room waiting for Jennifer to explain why she called them but she wasn’t saying anything as she occasionally glanced at Doedo who stood beside Hannah.
“Jane, why did u call us?” Jack broke the silence.
“Ann, can u tell your friend to excuse us?” Jennifer requested then all looked at Doedo. Hannah also looked at him and said, “Doedo, please..”
“I got it” Doedo interrupted and went outside.
“Where is Frank?” Jennifer asked.
“He’s in a bad mood” Randy replied.
“I don’t know”
Hannah understood why but kept quiet. Just then, Jennifer brought out the seed and kept it on the centre table then all became surprise looking at one another.
“I thought the seed..”
“Yes, it was destroyed” Jennifer interrupted Jack. “But unfortunately it’s indestructible”
“But i saw it being crushed into pieces” Randy said.
“I saw it too” Jennifer began. “After i came back home, i saw the seed on my bed. That means we shall forever be attacked by the hunters if we don’t terminate their lives permanently”
“We?” Karina asked.
“Yes, especially u and Ann”
“Why us?”
“Coz both of u are witches” Jennifer replied then all stared at Karina.
“Are you insane?!” Karina provoked. “How can u call me a witch?”
“Coz that’s who u are” Jennifer replied then Karina attacked her..

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