The Invincible Hunters


( Unimaginable_Seed )
 Episode 34

“Yelash is the dweller of witches and wizards” Mrs Lissy, Karina’s mother continued. “That was where i met Hecza, your father. Though he was already married to Jesse whom..”
“Wait” Karina interrupted. “You mean u were his mistress?”
“I had no choice coz i loved him too, so one thing led to another, i got pregnant for him and decided to stay way from Yelash. Meanwhile, Jesse, his wife, had a female child. Later on, i began to hear that they left Yelash to Zumga city because they were threatened to be killed. Unfortunately, they were finally killed”
“You mean all his family?”
“No, just your father and Jesse the wife”
“Then what happened to their child?”
“I guess the grandmother is taking care of her” the mother went back to her seat.
Karina stared at her after she sat down. “So u mean i have a step-sister who might be in Zumga city?” she asked.
“Yes” the mother replied. “Sorry, i kept it from u all this while”
“What else are u keeping from me?” Karina glared.
“You being a witch” the mother replied then bother stared at each other…
Back to Zumga city, in,side Hannah’s living room, Doedo dropped back Hecza’s picture on the table then turned to Hannah who stood firmly with the staff. He was surprise to see the staff in her hand because it’s power is unimaginable.
“I guess Vena gave u the staff”
“Yes” Hannah replied.
“Then your powers must have been doubled”
Without answering the question, Doedo gradually took the staff from her still looking at it. Hannah sensed something fishy about his reaction but couldn’t put a finger on it.
“Vena’s powers are in this staff” Doedo began turning around with the staff. “That’s to tell you that you can do what she did”
“You mean i can fly as a bat?” Hannah queried.
“The powers need to be transferred from the staff into your body”
“Please, do it”
“It’s already late, Ann” Doedo glared at her, he used the staff and struck her to the ground. Instantly rushed her again and tied her down, then many bats flew in,side the house. All changed into witches and wizards-they were the Yelash..
Karina became mad at her mother when she heard her say she was a witch. The picture of her father fell from her hand, after which she walked closer to her mother who sat on the couch.
“Mum, you’re kidding me, right?”
“I’m not kidding, Karina”
“Oh, my God!”
“Karina it’s Kesha not God” the mother stood up.
“What do u mean by that?”
“Kesha is the god of the witches and wizards. So u should be using Kesha instead of God coz u are a witch”
“God knows I’m not a witch” Karina defended.
“But Kesha knows u are a witch”
“Then why don’t i have powers of
Mrs Lissy smiled and went in,side her room again. She came back with a staff similar to that of Vena. When Karina saw it, her mind flashed back on the night Mr. Fenado was killed by the hunters. She could remember seeing Hannah with the staff there. Therefore, she drew closer to her mother amazingly. The mother noticed the uncharacteristic behavior then asked, “Have you seen this before?”
“Yes, i saw it with a girl called Hannah. She’s a witch too” Karina replied.
“Hannah?” the mother repeated thoughtfully. “How old is she?”
“Almost my age”
The mother noticed it must be Hecza’s daughter which is Karina’s step-sister, then she said, “Do you know where we can find her?”
“No, but Jennifer knows her house” Karina replied.
“C’mon, we have to go to Zumga now” Mrs Lissy drew closer to Karina and placed the staff before her saying, “Your powers as a witch is in this staff where i kept them coz i didn’t want u to know. I guess it’s time you get them back” she murmured incantations then a blue smoke came out from the staff into Karina’s eyes and eventually assimilated into various parts of her body. She fell down. The mother watched her stood up after some seconds. Her eyes and body chemistry changed.
“Now you have your powers” the
mother concluded.
Back to Hannah’s residence, Jufu was the leader of the Yelash. One could see him standing with others with a staff in his hand too. However, Hannah was still tied down on the floor.
“You gonna pay for this, Doedo. I should have known u are working with them”
“Oh, shut up, Ann!” Jufu began. “You should have also known that he planned for your parents death too while we finished them. Hecza, your father took Jesse from me, as if that wasn’t enough, he had a mistress. I guess u aren’t aware that you might have a sibling”
“Sibling?” Hannah murmured. “You’re a lair!” she shouted.
“Well, we don’t have time for this. We came for the seed” Jufu concluded and all turned into bats and flew away even Doedo who left with the staff.
As the Yelash were heading to Jennifer’s residence, so as Karina and her mother were going there too from Texas. At the same time, the invasion of the giant hunters drew closer.

To be continued

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