(Unimaginable Seed)
Episode 36

Frank and Randy succeeded in calming Jennifer down but with Jack’s help. Tension, fear, amazement and suspicion filled the room. Frank couldn’t take his
eyes off the dead bats on the floor even the broken walls and windows.
“What happened here?” he asked but nobody answered him. Hannah understood what happened but couldn’t talk due to how angry she was for Jennifer to accuse her of working with Doedo.
“Jack, what happened here?” Randy stepped forward looking at Jack.
“Doedo and some other witches and wizards have taking the seed” Jack replied calmly.
“Oh, shit!”
“Are you kidding me?!” Frank added.
“It is Hannah’s fault!” Jennifer began aggressively glaring at Hannah. “She planned it all, and i swear she must get the seed!”
“Jane, you’re getting into my nerves” Hannah defended unabashedly. “What made you think that after all i did and my grandmother died, i will still have interest in the seed? I accept the fact that Doedo is.. was my friend but now i know better that he set my parents up and got them killed. When he came to my place and asked for the seed, i never told him anything or the way about of the seed. Moreover, i thought the seed had been destroyed not knowing that it’s indescribable. That’s why i allowed Doedo follow me to this place @first, otherwise i wouldn’t have allowed him. Now what happened? He collided with the Yelash, attacked me in my house and tied me down before coming here. All you could do is to accuse me…”
“Wait!” Frank interrupted. “I want to understand something here. Who is Dildo or Doedo whatever his name is? And who are the Yelash?”
“They are witches and wizards” Mrs Lissy replied from the door then everybody turned. They saw her covered in black robe with a staff in her hand and Karina standing beside her. When they entered, Mrs Lissy stared at the dead bats on the floor. She recognised them to be the Yelash, therefore she asked, “What happened here?”
“Who are you?!” Jennifer asked harshly.
“She’s my mother” Karina replied.
“My name is Lissy” the mother added then Hannah stepped forward looking at her.
“Are you sure you aren’t a buffuler?” she asked.
“I’m not”
“How do you know the Yelash?”
“Coz I’m a witch from there” Mrs Lissy took a good look at Hannah. She saw the image of Hecza in her then asked, “Are you a witch?”
“Mum, she’s the Hannah i told you
about” Karina interfered.
“Ann?” Mrs Lissy moved closer and
touched her check “Where is your
grandmother, Vena?” she asked.
“What’s going here?” Hannah began. “How come u know my grandmother?”
Immediately Mrs Lissy heard that, she understood that Hannah was the daughter of Hecza. Therefore she withdrew back pretending not to know her coz that wasn’t the right time to explain herself. “You
resemble your grandmother” she turned instantly. “I guess the Yelash were here”
“Yes, and they made away with the seed” Hannah replied.
“The seed of life?” Mrs Lissy became surprise. “Who is Remina?”
“I am” Jennifer replied and had a flash of the giant hunters coming. Therefore she scre-med silently and held her forehead trying to fall but Jack held her wa-ist.
“Jane, are u okay?”
“The city is in trouble” Jennifer said under her breathe and straighten up. “The hunters are coming. We need to get the seed now. Who knows the way to the Yelash?”
“Ann gonna take u there while i meet them myself” Mrs Lissy replied. She turned into a bat immediately and flew out.
“Holy shit!” Frank exclaimed.
Karina stepped forward looking at
Jennifer. “You were right, I’m a witch, and I’m sorry for attacking you” she said.
“You are?” Hannah became surprise and at the same time happy for seeing her kind.
“Yes, i am.” Karina smiled at her.
Immediately, Hannah embraced her smiling too. That was another time after a long time Jennifer saw Hannah smile again. Therefore she smiled too.
“I’m lost here. Somebody should find me for christ sake!” Frank shrieked.
“We have no time for that. Let’s move!” Jennifer commanded.
“Follow us” Hannah held Karina’s hand and they rushed out instantly followed by others.
At Yelash, Mrs Lissy flew down in the mist of Jufu, Doedo and other witches and wizards who were trying to invoke the power of immortality from the seed.
“Hand over the seed!”
“Who do we have here?” Jufu stood up likewise others. “Lissy, i can recognise you. I guess u wonna die like Hecza and Jesse”
“I know u killed them”
“Yes, and u are the next to die”
Jufu and Mrs Lissy stretched their staffs at each other and at the same time, so fire from the staffs clashed in the air thereby generating an explosion. Before they knew it, Karina and Hannah arrived with others then everybody began to run. Jack and Randy shot some to death while Doedo ran away with the seed but
Karina chased him and froze him by just blowing him a breeze from her mouth- that was one of her powers. She looked at Hannah happily and said, “Did you see that?”

To be continued

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