The Invincible Hunters


( Unimaginable_Seed )
Episode 41

How would you feel when you think you are the only one left in your family but later realise that you still have a sibling or someone to call a mother? That was the sate Hannah found herself. She had always liked Karina from the very hour she noticed that she was a witch. Therefore, she looked at her in tears as the ‘like’ mertamophosed to ‘love.’ Just as she was feeling the love, Karina was also feeling it, so both hugged each other crying in each otheres’ shoulder. One could see Jennifer also shedding tears at the door while the expression of surprise filled the faces of Frank, Randy and Jack.
“This is wow!” Frank broke the silence. “But am not gonna cry” he added.
Karina and Hannah disengaged from each other and embraced Mrs Lissy, their mother.
Just as everybody expected the arrival of Remina in the city, she arrived with others except Mrs Lissy who had flew back to Texas as a bird promising to visit the girls later. There was an uproar among the people when they saw
them, so many Journalists with their microphones, Video and camera clustered them immediately.
“Remina, what do you have to say about your journey to the past and the invincible hunters?”
“Successful” Jennifer began. There were flashes of light from different cameras taking their pictures. “Today is the end of the invincible hunters for the prophecy has been fulfilled to the fullness. Thanks to my friends who made the journey successful especially Frank who casted the seed and eventually terminated the lives of the hunters” she touched Frank on the shoulder then cameras were directed to him.
“Wow, i feel like I’m on top of the
world!” Frank began by adjusting his shirt. “The journey wasn’t an easy one. No, like seriously, I’m not kidding. Though i fought bravely but don’t mistake me to Remina coz she has no duplicate” he added in front of the camera smiling while others smiled to.
They began to disperse; Randy and Frank walked out at the same time while Hannah and Karina followed another route but Hannah suddenly turned and shouted Frank’s name who stopped to see her running to him. She finally approached closer then said, “I’m sorry”
“For what?” Frank asked.
Hannah didn’t replied but k-ssed him passionately. It was the last thing he expected but it came unexpectedly. Hannah looked into his eyes with a smile after the k-ss then left rom-ntically. However, Frank’s mouth was still open in surprise, so he looked at Randy.
“Did you see that?! She.. she.. she k-ssed me! She wasn’t kidding, was she?”
“I don’t think so” Randy smiled then continued walking.
“I guess i know what that means”
“Sure, you do”
Jack went home while Jennifer went to the hospital to see her mother and little sister awake. But there were still bandages on their hands and legs. Jennifer stood in between their beds smiling at them.
“Jane?” Lana called then she squat
beside her.
“How are you my dear?”
“I’m sorry for not protecting mum and dad from the.. the..”
“Is okay, darling” Jennifer smiled.
“I guess is because i don’t have powers like you”
“You do! Moreover, you tried your best. I’m so proud of you” Jennifer k-ssed her forehead then turned to her mother. “It’s over now, mum”
“What do u mean?” Mrs Fenado asked then looked around. “Where is your father? Where is my husband?”
Jennifer didn’t say anything but began to shed tears…
That was the funeral of Mr Fenado. Everybody was present wearing black clothes. The wife, Jennifer and Lana were at the front while others converged around them. Hannah and Karina wore black pair of eyeglasses with black hats to match the black clothes. Of course, Jack was seen beside Jennifer while Frank and Randy stood alone. Blessing and Mrs Lissy were also there to watch the casket of Mr Fenado gradually lowered in,side the grave.
At Hannah’s residence, Jennifer knocked at the door but Mrs Lissy opened it.
“Welcome, Jane, come in”
Jennifer went in to see the house changed-there were no more broken glasses and chairs but decorated chairs and glasses.
“Please, i want to see Karina” she requested. Just then, Karina began to walk down the staircase wearing an elastic tight brown gown.
“Oh, here she is” Mrs Lissy said and
excused them by going upstairs to meet Hannah who was dressing up like a normal person. Guess what? She was preparing for a dinner date with Frank!
Karina smiled at Jennifer then gave her a seat.
“Hi, Jane. Or should i say Remina?”
“Anyone” Jennifer replied and they laughed.
“I hope no problem” Karina crossed her legs.
“Oh, no, i just want to talk to you about.. hum..”
“Yeah, Jack. I’m sorry that…”
“I know where you are going, Jane” Karina interrupted her. “Is okay. What must be must be and what must not be, must not be”
“I guess i still remain your friend”
“Of course!”
Both stood up simultaneously and hugged each other..

To be continued

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