(Unimaginable Seed)

The day was already getting dack when the dinner date of Hannah and Frank went on. One could see light of different colours shining around them. Young children with their young parents were seen playing around at a distant while other young spouses like Hannah and Frank carried on with their dinner date. They had already ordered for meal, so Frank said, “I guess this day should be recorded in your dairy”
“Why should it?” Hannah asked.
“Coz it might have been so long you had a dinner date.. That reminds me; do you have a boyfriend?”
“Yes” Hannah began to giggle.
“Are you kidding me?” Frank became surprise.
“So who is he?”
“His name is Frank the one sitting before me”
“Oh, i should have known!” they
laughed. “Don’t make a caricature with me next time”
“Though on a serious note, i once had a boyfriend, Doedo, years back. The guy you saw me k-ssing with in my house. He was the first man i knew but it turns out to be that he used the opportunity for a selfish interest by setting my parents up and eventually killed them. Ever since then, i knew no man” Hannah started eating.
“I’m sorry about that” Frank began. “I may not possess the qualities you want in a guy but just point out those qualities i don’t have and i promise you, i will possess them for you”
Hannah giggled. “You are funny”
“I’m serious coz i wouldn’t want to offend or lose a beautiful witch like you”
“You are okay for me, just the way you are” Hannah concluded then both remained quiet for a while. She drank water, gaze at Frank then broke the silence saying, “I wonna know your parents”
“My parents aren’t in town. They are in U.S” Frank replied.
“Their names?”
“My Dad is Geza while my mum is Ellen” Frank stopped eating then stared at her. Obviously, something was bothering her. He could see how she rotated a glass of water in her hand spacing outside in thought. “Ann? What’s the problem?”
“I’m worried” she replied.
“About what?”
“About us” Hannah exhaled, dropped the glass of water and looked at Frank. “You see, there is always a conflict when two people of different personalities come together. I’m a witch and you aren’t. My belief is totally different from yours and moreover, many people don’t like associating with us. I love you so much Frank, but my point here is that; how will your parents react when they notice that their son’s girlfriend is a witch?”
Frank suddenly became speechless after listening to her. That was something he had never thought of, so he leaned forward and grabbed Hannah’s hands.
“No individuals have the same personality, even a set of twins. That’s why there is love. Love brings this two individuals with different personalities together irrespective who they are, how they behave or how ugly they are. If my parents won’t like you as a witch, then i will become a wizard. For that reason, they would have no other choice but to accept a wizard and a witch as a son and as a son’s girlfriend respectively”
“You talk with so much wisdom as if you have experienced life to the fullness”
Frank smiled, “Some people are gifted on that”
“I love you” Hannah said smiling.
“I love you too” Frank stood up. “Come let me show you our house” he helped Hannah up then they began to walk out.
Jennifer had spoken to the mayor who asked several questions if the hunters had been defeated completely never to return because the seed was still in existence, and the answer was ‘yes.’
Nevertheless, Jennifer picked up the seed from her bed in,side her room and said, “Who am i?” She thought she would find herself in the future again with the woman in white but nothing happened. “Take me to the future” she said again yet, nothing happened then she became worried. “What’s going on? I thought she said the seed has an answer to my questions. Oh…” She looked at the seed again and asked, “What next?” Immediately, she found herself with the woman in white again.
“Good question, Remina” The woman smiled. “I can’t believe you first asked who you are when you already know”
“I’m sorry about that” Jennifer replied. “So what next?” she added…
Hannah found herself in Frank’s residence. They were in the furnished sittingroom watching pictures on the wall. A large television could be seen opposite a voluminous couch. Just as they watched the pictures, they looked at each other rom-ntically then began to k-ss. They suddenly landed on the couch with Frank on top k-ssing her while she unbuttoned his shirt and eventually pulled it off. Frank on the other hand, had zipped down her gown in a way her voluptuous br-asts became visible. When he finally pulled it, they stared at each other breathing hastily and smiling.
“It has been long i did this” Hannah said.
“With dildo, right?” Frank asked.
“Excuse me?”
“Sorry, i mean Doedo”
“You’re so funny, come here!” Hannah dragged him closer and began to k-ss him again.

To be continued

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