THE INVINCIBLE HUNTERS – Episode 44 (Finale)

(Unimaginable Seed )

Hannah’s p-nt slowly went down from her wa-ist when the k-ss got so intense. One could see fairy hair around her uterus and small other ones that lined up towards her abdomen. They voluntarily fell from the large couch to the floor in a way Hannah was on top of Frank. She pulled his belt, trouser and finally boxers. One could see his er-cted fair d*ck longing for ejaculation. Around it was few hair which was more than the ones on his belly and chest. Hannah stroke it with her hand and ins**ted it into her vag-na feeling the sadomasochism part of s€× which made her mo-n but as time went on, it became more enjoyable-Frank was on top..
Jennifer waited for the woman to respond to her question which she didn’t but began to walk away.
“I have completed my quest, so what next?!” Jennifer followed her
immediately, yet she never responded. When they got to a s₱0t the woman said, “That’s next” She pointed a finger towards a corner where Jennifer’s eyes followed. She saw herself in a wedding gown then began to smile. “You know about this, right?”
“Of course i know am gonna get married” Jennifer replied.
“You know?”
“Then why did you ask what the next is?”
“I.. i.. i wasn’t.. you know… i just wasn’t thinking towards this direction. All i meant was if there is any other thing that has to do with the hunters and the seed” Jennifer stammered.
“Remina” the woman placed a hand on her shoulder. “You have accomplished the prophecy. Always know the next thing to do coz i won’t be here telling and showing you the next for today is the last day you will see me. As you have accomplished your mission, so am i. Also remember that you are a descendant of Theodor and in as much as the seed remains in your possession, you must protect it forever. You are like a god of your city now coz you will see generations upon generations without growing old or dying a natural death protecting the citizens from external forces. That was the wish of Geodo, the producer and worsh¡per of the seed”
“What it i eventually die by weapons who else will be the seed bearer?” Jennifer asked.
“A descendant of Lana”
“Lana? My little sister?”
“Yes, that’s why she was the only person who took the see in her hand without it producing a fire. Do you remember that?”
“Oh my God!” Jennifer exclaimed. “Yes, yes i do!” she added surprisingly then the woman smiled.
“I guess one day you will be like me answering the question, ‘What next?’” the woman released her hand from her shoulder and disappeared. Instantly, Jennifer didn’t only find herself in her room again but also saw her cell phone ringing. She picked it.
“Hello, Jane”
“Hi, Jack”
“Can you be in your best cloth tomorrow by six post-meridian at Unna?”
Jennifer smiled coz she knew where he was heading to but asked. “Why should i?”
“Coz i wonna talk to you there”
“Like a date?”
“Okay, i shall be there”
“Thank you” the line went off then Jennifer collapsed on her bed smiling uncontrollably.
Jennifer wore a red gown and shoes making-up in her room. She could be seen before a mirror trying to put on her ear-ring when her mother walked in smiling at her which she noticed from the mirror.
“Mum, what’s funny?”
“I can’t believe my daughter gonna have her first date”
“Mum, I’m 19. I should”
“Of course i know you’ve come of age”
Jennifer turned after getting set. She admired herself and asked, “Mum, how do i look?”
“Just like your mum”
“Yes” they laughed.
Lana walked in. “Where are u going, Jane?”
“Baby, I’m going on a date”
“Can i follow you?”
“No. Guess what?” Jennifer reached the seed and hung it on Lana’s neck. “It’s yours until i come back” she k-ssed her forehead and hugged her mother who said, “I’m proud of you my child. I love you”
“I love you too, mum” Jennifer hurried out.
Unna was like an Inn but openly
decorated. Jennifer walked in there to see everywhere dack except a s₱0t where Jack was standing with his two hands behind. He was on black suit.
“Jack?” Jennifer approached closer.
“Jane” Jack smiled and gave her a flower. “You look beautiful”
“Thank you” Jennifer smiled too staring at him.
“I have waited for this day when i will tell you how much i love you. You’re like the blood in me that any shortage of it can diminish my life. I love you so much, Jane. Please, be part of my life and heart. Please, be my girlfriend”
Jennifer couldn’t stop smiling. She
wrapped her hands around his neck saying, “Yes, i will coz i love u too.” They k-ssed each other then a bright light shone everybody and people began to clap-those were Hannah, Karina, Mrs Lissy, Randy, Frank and Blessing.
“Wooh” Jennifer startled smiling as she looked at their faces. “What a surprise?!” she k-ssed Jack again.
LIGHT FADE ON THEM k-ssING.  (Hope you really enjoyed the story? Pls leave a comment below)

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