Jumoke walked home in the evening.Her p*ssy aches and feels hot.She had f-cked twice today and her very tight p*ssy which was so tight had become so Elastic.She got home and opened the door.Her mother was seated in the sitting room picking beans.

“Olajumoke mi..What has happened to you?”she asked looking at her with concern.

“I’m fine mother..O kan re mi die ni”She said sitting in one of the chairs.

“Aww..It’s work..Lest i forget…Malik came here thrice..You should go and check him”

“See mother..i’m tired maybe during the weekend”She stood up and stretched,picked her handbag and made for the room.

“Okay o”Her mother said continuing the beans picking”Children of nowadays”she thought and shook her head.


Malik laid on the bench outside.He was so annoyed and filled with undescriable wrath.He wasn’t annoyed much about the Dude f-cking his sister but of jumoke.It’s 6:30pm now and she refused to call.Hmm!,he breathed in and folded his arms.”Mali,mali”A voice called out.Malik looked back and saw his two colleagues from work coming towards his house.He smiled as they shook hands.

“Guy..why didn’t you come back to work?”Ade,one of the guys said and he removed a bottle of tapioca from the polythene bag he carried.

“You f-cked up..We bought your Amala but later on we ate it when we didn’t see you”Sunday added.

“Drink tapioca now”

“No..i’m not”Malik snapped back.

“Why?”Sunday inquired.

“You guys might have mixed it”Malik said deepening his eyebrows.

“Ahba..No..taste it”Ade passed it to him.

Malik hesitated for few seconds and colledted it.He opened it and sipped it.It was sweet and he took more gulps in.He drank half of the bottle and smiled at his friends.The guys stood up and waved goodbye at him.He was surprised they were leaving so fast but he shrugged his shoulders and bid them goodbyes.He shook his head and rest on the bench.A movement beside him,he looked and it was his youngest sister,Habeebat.He looked away.The girl knelt beside him begging for forgiveness.He simply nodded and dismissed her with a wave of his fist.He noticed his d*ck had grown real hærd to the extent that it was about to tear his boxer shorts.He looked at it in horror.What the hell is happening,he thought.He was a V-rgin and not a s€× freak like most of his colleagues,definitely Ade and Sunday had mixed a substance with the tapioca drink they brought for him.He rushed in,side his room p-nting heavily,he locked the door behind him and removed his clothes.He looked in horror at his d*ck.It was 3 times longer and bigger than it always was.It was showing all it muscles in it glory.He was gro-ning lowly and knew he must find something to do lest he dies of muscle spasm.He dressed up and crawled out of the room to the verandah.Habeebat was looking at him,mouth agaped.She was amused but couldn’t sense the reason behind her brother’s action.On getting outside the house,he called Jumoke’s mobile phone but she kept on disengaging it.Malik looked puzzled.He used another number to call her but on hearing Malik’s voice she hissed and disengaged the call.It was there Malik knew he was in trouble.He thought for a while and decided to go to a brothel.He waved the thought of his parents disappointment especially His Father Alhaji Azeez in him.He braced up,flagged down a bike to the place.He walked towards the brothel and there were already standby ladies enticing him with their assets asking him to patronise them.They weren’t his taste.He entered the brothel,it was all rowdy as music blared out loudly from the speakers.He looked around and saw a dark-skinned beautiful girl seated and looking at the dancers.He moved towards her and spoke to her.The girl was around 18-20 years in age.She’s short and posesses a s€×y,tiny and neat wa-ist with her bum which shooted out heavily.She wore a mini black skirt and a skimpy top.Malik looked at her,she shouldn’t have been a pr-stitute he thought.Anyway,they must seal their deal.They walked hand in hand to one of the upper rooms.

“I hope you aren’t a loud c-mmer o”Gladys as the girl came to be known said.

“Loud c-mmer as how?”Malik inquired as he unbuttoned his shirt.

“Those that shout when they want to c-m”Gladys replied.

“Ehm..No..yes..i.”Malik stuttered.

Gladys moved towards him and unbuttoned his trouser.The d*ck sprung out.”Wow..very meaty!!”Gladys exclaimed.Malik smiled,he was beginning to enjoy it.

“I’m coming let me lock the door”Gladys said and got up.

Malik smiled as he looked at her ass wiggle as she walked.He patted his hærd d*ck and adjusted himself on the bed waiting for action to begin.

“Ouu..hmmm…yahhh..isshh”Gladys mo-ned as she bounced on Malik’s d*ck.She felt pains greatly but she endured it just for money.Malik was enjoying every rhythm of the hærd f-ck.He never knew s€× was so relishing this way.He turned gladys on her back,lifted her legs up and started ramming forcefully into her.”Argghhhh!!!”Gladys mo-ned as her head rolled here and there.The d*ck was hitting her cervix forcefully.A violent s-nsation ran through her and she mo-ned hærd as she had her orgasm.Malik kept on f-cking her deeply,he was still hærd as ever and he was nowhere close to c-mming.Gladys eyes rolled in her head and she hurriedly banged malik’s chest to stop.

“what’s it?”Malik asked he pulled out.

“I’m tired..I feel pain in there”Gladys said as she pulled the bedcover over herself.

“I’m still hærd now”Malik said in a pleading tone.

“No baby…Let’s rest okay”Gladys said.

“Okay”Malik replied.He wasn’t happy but he obeyed.He laid beside the girl and soon drifted into deep sleep.


He must have slept for three hours or more when he woke up.He looked beside him and saw that the girl was still sleeping but there was something skeptical about her sleeping posture.

“Gladys..wake up..time to go”He said and pulled his kaftan dress towards him.No reply from the girl.

He nudged her again but got no response.He looked in awe and moved closer to her.He felt her pulse.She was cold,stiff and dead!.

“Where are you going around 15 minutes to 9,jummy?”Her mother quizzed.She said nothing as she buckled her sandals.

“I hope..i’m referring to a human”Her mother said harshly.

“Màámi…Don’t worry over nothing..i’m going for a conference at the office”She said and stood up.

“Conference?..At this hour?”Her mother asked and gave her a bad look.

“Hmm..Take care of yourself màámi…I love you”Jumoke said and k-ssed her mother’s forehead

She stepped unto the street where an official car was already waiting to give her a lift to the office.After about 45 minutes,they got to the office.She was surprised to see a lot of people,those she recently met and those she hasn’t.The truth is that there was no conference,it was a welcome party for the CEO/Owner of the Company,Chief Matthias Sodom.It was a groovy night for all and everyone ate to their fill.If one listens carefully,you could be pick up little mo-ns emanating from different angles.Jumoke was enjoying herself when kenneth came to call her if she was in for a orgy.

She obliged,danced as she followed him.

They entered the room and saw others already smooching and k-ssing.Baba Fatodu rushed in,side unannounced.He drives one of the company’s truck and should be in his sixties.

“Baba..wetin appen na?”George asked angrily as he spanked Lara’s butt.

“ me beg Mrs Adeniran say i wan f-ck her”Baba pleaded.

“Ehhhhhhhhh!!!”The people in the room shouted.

“You better,go and die…Which d*ck did this one want to have?”Mrs Adeniran replied and continued to Facebook on her ipad.Baba Fatodu pulled down his trouser and out came a very big,black and muscular d*ck.The girls gasped in surprise.

Mrs Adeniran was amused.She was fascinated and scared at the same time.She beckoned to Baba and soon her mo-n could be heard as the d*ck destroyed her p*ssy.She lifted her legs up and placed it on Baba’s shoulder.Baba’s d*ck really w¡dened her p*ssy and it caught the attentio of kenneth,larry and other guys as they recorded it on the mobile phones.Chief Sodom walked in unexpectedly and every shook with fear.He was a very tall man with pot belly and black ugly face.He looked at them with rage but he soon broke to a smile and urged them to keep on enjoying.He looked around the room,he noticed jumoke and he whispered words into the guys behind him ears.Soon,Jumoke was on her way to his office.

Nepa did as usual,snapped of their electricity.This gave malik a chance,he wrapped gladys’s corpse with the bedcover and waited.He looked at the western window and saw that there were bushes at the back.He flunged the corpse out of the window shattering the louvre blades.The generator had been switched on so no one seem to hear the shattering.He jumped out too,lifted the corpse and started running.Thanks to his muscular arms and legs he felt no strain as he jumped over the gutter.He took a left turn and a right bend again,he got familiar with the street under the darkness and he remembered Jisbo street isn’t far from Lawanson the area where he works.He kept running and at one time,his ears picked up whistles of the Vigilantee Officers.He wasn’t wrong,there was it the unmistakable whistle sounds.”Stop there”!!!…or i shoot!!!”A man stepped to his front.Malik looked here and there,he ran into the man heavily,knocking him down.The others shot at him but he zigzagged as he ran with the corpse and he was unhurt.Where to now?..Almighty God,He thought as he ran on.
To be continued..

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