“So,you’re jummy uhn?”Chief Sodom asked as he turned around on his chair in the air-conditioned office.

“Yes sir”Jumoke said smiling.

“Hmm…I have a prize for you”Chief sodom said and smiled devilishly.

“Prize?…”Jumoke asked rolling her eyeballs.

“If only…Chief sodom got up and walked towards her”S-ck my d*ck”.He concluded.

“d-ck..d*ck…”Jumoke said and knelt before him unbelting his large trouser which fell like heap on the floor.His boxer shorts could be mistaken for a woman’s underskirt.Jumoke stifled a laughter but she continued and brought the d*ck.It was a large rooster very thick and long about 15 inches.Jumoke had never seen such in her life.

“S-ck it!”The man ordered in his coarse voice.

Jumoke slowly licked the shaft and cupped the balls in her hands.She deep throated the d*ck and slowly licked it up with her tongue again.The black rooster was shining with the muscles standing out in all it glory.She looked at it sed-ctively.She wanted it badly in her but didn’t know she could voice it out.Chief sodom couldn’t hold himself anylonger,he motioned to jummy to lay on the rug.He hurriedly knelt between her laps and positioned his man-meat in her p*ssy.He entered with full force and she scre-med hærd.It felt like vice in her almost splitting her in,sides.She rolled her head side to side as the man started jerking to and fro.The d*ck was really doing justice to that p*ssy.The door opened and a guy came in.He was dressed in suit and had a clean shave.He opened his teeth smiling as he saw the chief f-cking jumoke on the rug.Jumoke felt as if a firewood had been ins**ted in her privates nevertheless she still enjoyed the length at which the big rooster reached and f-cked her.The man called sodom was going at a quick pace you can ever imagine,wining his wa-ist and scrubbing the tight p*ssy walls with his rooster.He couldn’t hold his orgasm anylonger just in time as jumoke’s.They both gro-ned loudly and went stiff for few seconds.Chief sodom got up and staggered into the restroom leaving jumoke on the rug lying strewned.



Malik with gladys corpse in hand found refuge in an old shed in the area.He was tired to run anywhere again.He was angry at himself,jumoke,his family and his colleagues.He thought for sometime and decided that he was going to drop the corpse in the Lagoon.With that in mind,he knew not when he dozed off.

It must have been around 01:00am when he woke up suddenly only to see the gladys corpse seated.He jumped up in horror and looked around.The moon shone brightly revealing to him that he was in a graveyard.He saw himself face to face with three tough looking deads.He recited the tirah in times of tribulation like this in his mind and wore a talisman in his wrist.He remembered this old graveyard and the story his grandmother told him about it that it’s only outlaws e.g robbers,kidnappers,picket pockets,treasonists,liars,dogs,infidels etc that are buried there.It’s cursed.A land of no living man’s return but Malik was determined to make it out of the place alive.He bent to carry gladys but a deep,angry voice roared at him.

“Drop herrrr!!!”The voice barked.

“Why should i?!”Malik shouted back.

“She’s mine!”The voice roared again.

“She’s just a little innocent girl looking for survival!!!”Malik shouted though his in,sides was melting with fear.

“Little girl!!!..I will take your kid sister then!!”The voice barked.

“You’re nothing but a cursed dead!!”Malik shouted back and looked at gladys corpse.She was already on the ground again.

“No.boy!!”The voice scre-med.Wind blew furiously and loud bangs could be heard.

“You’re nothing but a Malefice!!!”Malik shouted again.An angry hiss filled the air and he picked up gladys just in time as the dead rushed him.He threw down the rosary he took from gladys neck and threw it at them.They shouted angrily and chased him but Malik proved to them that living humans are unique in one way or the other.

Chief Sodom came out of the toilet shaking his d*ck violently.He smiled devilishly at Jumoke who eyed him back.She hated the man seriously but we go chop now,she thought.Chief Sodom opened his suitcase and brought out two fat rolls of money.Jumoke smiled and relaxed.

“Jummy”Chief sodom said.

“Sir”She replied smiling.

“Take this token to buy airtime”He said and passed her the two money bales.

“ouu..Chief..thanks”She collected the money and catwalked out of the office.Women and Money.

The guy who entered the other time shook his head and looked at chief sodom’s eyes.They both laughed.

Jumoke counted the money and to her surprise it was a two hundred thousand Nigerian Nairas.She danced in joy for the good fortune.


The Assembly was just over in St Paul high School.The S.S.3 students sat in silent.It was unusual of them.The reason behind the silence was that Habeebat Azeez was pregnant for Nelson Mbakwe,the vice principal son who was a 1st year student of the Computer science student in Lagos state University.

Mariam,Boluwatife and Deborah Habeebat’s tight friends looked at her shamely.

“Why on earth would you date him?”Mariam shouted at Her.

“Don’t blame her now..The guy is really cute”Debby retorted and chewed her gum more noisily.

“We’ve been dating since i was in S.s2 and i didn’t even know i was already pregnant when i allowed him to f-ck me again two days ago.”Habeebat said and tears spilled out of her eyes.

“Sorry dear..You won’t suffer”Bolu said hugging her.

Habeebat’s heart bled within her as she knew knew what would be lying in store for her at home from Alhaji.Though her mother already followed her to school this morning but her father hadn’t said anything yet as he was anxious about his son,Malik’s whereabout.Deep down Habeebat’s heart she knew she had disappointed her family most especially the breadwinner,Malik.He simply gave up his Education just for her elder sister and she herself’s sake.He was the one paying Halimat Sadiat’s school fees in the University of Ilorin she was,He procured a Jamb form for her in bid that she could also study the nursing she dreamt of in University of Ibadan.Habeebat stood up and threw herself on the ground before fainting.The classroom disrupted.

Jumoke couldn’t stand up on the bed.She felt heavy and had the urge to throw up.It was past 11am already and she couldn’t go to work.Her mother had travel to Abeokuta to see one of their relative who was sick seriously and was ignorant that jumoke was feeling sick.Jumoke stood up from the bed and rushed weakly into the bathroom.She opened her mouth to throw up food debris but instead of that Blood came out of her mouth.She looked in horror as she continued to vomit blood.Using the wall as support she managed to wash her mouth and staggered back to the bed and sat down heavily,deep in thought.She thought about Malik and how she had treated him wrongly in few days.Her heart longed to see him and to beg for forgiveness.She really loved him.She felt a strange s-nsation sweep through her body,she parted her laps and she looked in horror and blood oozed out of her private part soiling the bed!.



Malik hid in an uncompleted building with the corpse.It had been 36hours since brain death happened and the corpse was starting to release foul odour.Malik knew he was done for if the corpse should disembowered without being embalmed or buried.He thought for a while and decided to walk away.Tears came out of his eyes as he wore his kaftan.He looked at the young,beautiful girl gladys who laid lifeless on the ground.It shouldn’t have been her,she is more than good and seems nice through the short period he met her.Well,see you on judgement day,gladys,He thought and walked away.He could have gone few yards when gladys’s spirit appeared to him.He scre-med and fell on the floor.

“Sorry.Malik…i don’t mean to scare you”Gladys said sadly.

“Emm..ì didn’t kill you”Malik said fearfully.

“I knew..But i’m not dead completely like you think i am”She said.

“Not dead?..Then please come back”Malik said.

“I can if only you’re ready to help in my reviving”She said and held her arms akinbo.

“Yeah..i’m ready..what am i to do?..How do i go?”He replied eagerly.

“You will go to…..”She began.
To be continued…..

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