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“Yee..E ku’le o..Jummy…I’m back”Jumoke’s mother said and sat down heavily on the chair.She drew the sack a kid brought in for her nearer,rummaged through it and gave the little boy biscuits.The boy thanked her and went away smiling.She yawned and thanked God for journey mercies.

“Jumoke!!”She shouted again but there was no response.She picked her phone and dialled her number.It rang but wasn’t picked.”That’s how one would be calling and she won’t pick..Spoilt brat..mtcheeww”She said hissing and adjusting her glasses.She got up and walked towards her room to change her clothes.A foul odour was emanating from jumoke’s room.She covered her nose and squeezed her face.Jumoke’s room never stank and in fact she’s very neat and tidy.She hated dirt and so her mother.She walked towards jummy’s room and pressed the door knob.The sight that greeted her eyes scared her out of wits.She scre-med.Jumoke was lying in a pool of blood,cold stiff and dead.She looked closer and saw that maggots were coming out of her privates.



Malik had been walking around Bournville estate for almost an hour.It was a big estate for the rich and he wondered why a girl like gladys could live here and still stay up on the street to do runs.He was looking for the house whose description gladys gave him.It was her parents house.He at last found the house though he wasn’t sure but he moved towards the giant gate and knocked.A fat gateman opened up and looked at him from head to toe.

“Whom do you ask of?”The man asked harshly.

“Afternoon sir..i seek of Retired Colonel Edem and his wife”He said nervously.

“Ehh..Do you have an appointment with him?”The man inquired and brightened his eyes.

“Ehm..N..No sir..I have something important to tell them about their missing daughter,Gladys”He said.

“Ahh…Sister Gladys!!…I dey come make i tell them ooo!!The man said and ran back in leaving malik at the gate.

After few minutes,he came back and ushered him in.Malik opened his mouth on getting in,side the large compound.He saw fleet of cars and a large olympic size swimming pool.Gladys parents must be well to do,he thought as the gateman took him in.He removed his palm slippers by the door so as not to stain the untainted tiled floor.He entered and saw two grown up men with a fair-skinned woman.They were galdys’s elder brothers,Wlison and Wilcox.They look much like gladys only that gladys was chocolate complexioned.They frowned on seeing him.At that moment the Retired colonel Edem came out of his room with newspaper in hand.

“Yes..Youngman what do you have to say concerning my daughter”He said in a deep voice.

“Your daughter is dead sir”He said shakily.

“Whaaatt!!!!”Gladys mum said and jumped up.

“You must have killed her,you sc-m!”Wilcox glady’s second born elder brother said angrily.

“No..Ma..,sir..It’s not what you think!!”He said in fear.

“Chineke moo!!!!…Ehhhh”Gladys mum kept on shouting and locked Malik’s shirt.

“Get me my phone…Will you please?”Retired colonel Edem barked angrily.

“Sir..She asked me to…,”Malik continued but was cut short by a punch from Wilson gladys’s eldest brother.Wilson flipped him off his feet and threw him on the ground.Malik winced in pain.Soon,Legion of Soldiers arrived and Malik was bundled into their van.

He looked around painfully as future seem gloomy.He looked around the van as Gladys appeared to him waving sorry at him pityingly.Tears welled out of his eyes but he kept a strong heart.They soon get to Army barracks and he was taken to the guardroom to await interrogation.He was tied upside down from the ceiling and kicked few times before being left alone.All was quiet and somehow dark in the guardroom.Gladys appeared to Malik again.

“My beloved…I’m sorry concerning what i made you go through..i”She said but was soon cut short by Malik.

“You knew how tough your parents are,you didn’t tell me about them and yet sent me there to receive the death penalty from them”He said tearfully.

“I’m sorry,my beloved…I’m sure you will be reciprocated if i’m resurrected again”She said and looked at the door fast.”I’m coming malik,i think some people are going to where my body is and they meant harm,i have to ward them off”She said and disappeared.

Malik licked the drops of blood splattering on his l-ips from his nose.He looked around the room and shook his head.Soon,the door opened and Retired colonel Edem and his wife entered,She looked haggard and bursts into tears as she saw malik again.Three soldiers entered with iron belts in their hands looking angry.Two of them walked towards Malik and started beating him furiously.He shouted him pain.After some time Retired Colonel Edem ordered them to stop and he walked towards malik.

“What did you do to My daughter?”He asked coldly.

“I..d..d.did..nn..o..thing”Malik stuttered.Retired Colonel Edem held his oesophagus and squeezed it hærd choking Malik.

“Stop!!!!”A sweet voice shouted.They all looked back and there was Gladys floating in the air and looking at them angrily.

“Arrghh…uhmm…isshh”Lara mo-ned as kenneth f-cked her from behind.She was enjoying every bit of the f-ck and rolled her eyeballs in ecstasy.It was early morning and no one was around yet in the office.It was an opportunity that could never be missed for both of them.Kenneth was no longer in control of his wa-ist as he was going at an unbelievable pace.He looked at his d*ck,it was shining and covered with lara’s c-m,he smiled and fired on.Lara wiggled her ass as the d*ck went deeper in her.Unknown to them,policemen had entered the compound and led was jumoke’s mum.

“This is the demonic place where my daughter was killed”She said in a dry voice.

“Okay..wait here mummy..Sgt Tegbe and Sgt Badmus..Follow me”Asp Mams said.Jumoke’s mother waited outside with two other policemen who surveyed the des**ted company.

“Argghh…my p*ssy…F-ck me kenneth”was all the policemen heard.They walked in and legs spread wide and a black butt going to and fro.

“Gbaaaa!!!”Sergeant Badmus’s Baton landed on the black butt.

“My lifeee!!!”Kenneth scre-med and sat down heavily on the ground rubbing the hot butt.

“Where’s chief sodom?”They asked him.

He looked at them painfully.Lara packed her things and was about to leave but was stopped.

“Gbaa,.,gbuu,,gbii”The baton sounded on kenneth.

“Yee..He’s in heaven…ah no…”he scre-med.

“Gbaa..gbuu”The baton beat sense into him and he confessed”Sir..he has gone to his home in 54,lobster close,Marina”.

The policemen dragged him out of the office.Jumoke’s mum looked in relief as they bundled them into their car.



Gladys parents stood looking at her corpse as they were about to inter it in the ground.Malik shouted at them stating that gladys is not dead.The truth was that when gladys appeared in the guardroom she was heard but was only seen by Malik.The soldiers weren’t convinced except gladys mum who believed a bit but was confused.

Malik was cuffed and was unable to do anything than to cry and shout.Gladys appeared to him with tears in her eyes.

“What are we to do to make these people believe?”He asked her.

“Tell them to allow you to dig under that rowan tree..that’s where my iyi-uwa is buried…Unearth it and bury it in my place..i’ll resurrect”Gladys tearfully.Malik looked around uncertain of what to do.He looked at the soldiers beside him.They were looking fierce just as a hungry and wounded lion.He looked around and suddenly bent to pick a shovel lying on the ground.He ran off and zigzagged but unfortunately one of the bullet met his left calf and he fell but he still managed to crawl to the rowan tree.The soldiers were ready to drop him dead but Retired colonel motioned to them to wait.They looked as he dug on weakly and cuffed.One of the soldiers went to him and unlocked the cuffs in his hand.Malik stood up,staggering and hopping on one leg.He started digging with full force and soon he felt a skin rag and pulled it out.In it was a smooth pebble,he looked at the direction of gladys who stood far with expression of sadness boldly written on her face.

The truth was that Gladys was a spirit child who had died and returned to the earth in different cycles.The only way to stop the cycle was to destroy the iyi-uwa or the spirit stone which would break all connections with the spirit world but being fact that she several times when she was a baby she was unable to tell where her iyi-uwa was actually was but thanks to malik the son of Azeez.He was truly no bastard.

Malik staggered across to where the diggers where and gave them the iyi-uwa to put in the wooden and burned with the ashes buried.They did so in no time and all was quiet.Malik couldn’t see gladys anymore.He stood with her body not minding the odour that was already emanating from it.Retired colonel Edem and wife looked at him angrily but the anger was shortlived.Gladys sneezed and raised her hands.The diggers fled shouting”Apostle must hear about this!!!”.Gladys sat upright and smiled at her parents.

“Ahhh..Nne…chinekee!!”Her mother hugged her not minding her bodily odour.Even the hærd faced soldiers smiled and clapped.Malik was crying and stood up staggering away.

“Malik!!!!”Gladys shouted and stood up to meet him.Malik turned back and smiled.He wiped his tears and walked towards Gladys.They embraced and cried hærd.Malik broke the embrace and started to walk away with his back.Gladys shook her head and burst into more tears.

“Malik!!”Retired colonel Edem called.Malik was unable to believe his ears and he waited as the Retired Colonel walked to him and said”My lad..I’m so grateful and i admire your courage..If you don’t mind..Name anything in this universe and i’ll do it”.

Malik looked at the Retired colonel’s face to gladys’s mum,the soldiers and gladys herself.He was unsure of where the courage came from but he asked”May i have Gladys hand in marriage,please?”.


**Chief Sodom was arrested in his abode and sentenced to death by hanging.

**Jumoke’s mother moved to Ibadan to begin Bean-cake selling business after mourning jumoke for a while.

**The Edem Family got to me the Azeez family and they became indeed lifelong friends.Habeebat gave birth to a baby and later gained admission into the premier university to study her dream course,Nursing.

**Malik sat for JAMB examination and gained admission into University of Calabar to study Mechanical thereby professionalizing his job while Gladys went back to complete her laws at the Babc*ck University.Four years later she got married to Engineer Malik Azeez and they flew away to Germany to begin a new life.

**The Sodom’s company was sold and bought by Sir Aliko Dangote and became a very known company for her automobile.Sir Aliko got to meet Engineer Malik Azeez and made him the director-general of the company worldwide.

**THE END***********

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