Who Am I?


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The first thing that caught my eye was my car- parked, slightly dented. The boot was slightly opened. I glanced around to be sure that I was alone, where I ducked. When I was satisfied, I tiptoed my way around the large acre of land, being an old occup-nt, it was easy to avoid being s₱0tted. Surprisingly, the wh0le place wasn’t as unkempt as I expected it to be. I wondered but not worried. What I needed is my money, and I won’t leave until I have it.

Rest in peace, Fredrick, I told myself as I slipped through the back door. I tiptoed and segued within the rooms until I began to hear voices. My mind raced faster and I began to shake. Regardless, I moved on. No one guided the hallways. I avoided the voices and went straight to the living room. The voices trailed away until I emerged at the living room. It was empty, dusty and as expected, old. If Harry was alive, he would have changed the furniture.

I haven’t arrived at my destination, my destination was the bar; situated at the right corner of the living room, a place where Harry kept a small safe that housed a Smith and Welson model 686 Magnum. The bullets, a .38 special calibre rounds, live in the same safe, in its cartons. I slipped behind the bar and went straight for the safe. Within seconds, the safe clicked and I opened it. The gun lay there, with the carton of bullets. I loaded up the magnum stuffed in some bullets into my pocket. I c*cked it ready.

I made for the ballroom, the place where the voices were coming from. The door was ajar- just enough crack to see what was happening in,side. Here they are- three guys and the f****ng leader that that killed Fredrick!

I was mad with rage, I ran in,side and started to fire the rounds from my magnum. It was easy taking down the leader- a shot to this head and he fell backwards. Before the other three could realise what hit them, I shot down two. But the third one was faster- he shot me straight at the chest. I fell and started to gasps for breathe. My voice- coarsened- I was dying. I tried to go for my gun, which was a few feet from me, but the guy stepped hærd on my hand and faced me with the muzzle of his gun- he pulled his trigger.

I came back to my senses. I was still standing by the door to the ballroom. I erased the thought rushing in,side and taking down the leader. I would sure be killed, just like I just imagined it. They were drinking and laughing. My money was spread on the table- obviously shared, judging by the clusters of piled wads of cash. I bit my lower l-ips in anguish. I knew I wouldn’t make it if I tried to run them down. So, I decided to settle for the cash in the cistern in the toilet.

My mind was detached from worrying about why they were in Harry’s mansion- I knew Fredrick would have divulged that before he was killed. Maybe, when I get of Mexico, I may think of revenge, on Escobar. I got to the toilet and I needn’t be told that they already got there. The cistern was already displaced. Nevertheless, I moved towards the cistern and found it empty. I began to sweat- I have gone this far, I would rather die for my money.

I went back downstairs, straight to the ballroom. My intention was clear- if I would die, so be it. This is money, I would get it. I told myself as I descent the stairs. As I approached the ballroom, the voices got louder, as expected. But they were talking about Escobar. When I got the door, I realised that the arrangement was changed. There was a guy, I couldn’t his face, because he sat with his back to the doorway. He was definitely Escobar-he wore a large Mexican hat with a very large cigar. He was puffing out thick smokes. They guys jollied and praised him. He got the largest share, I could see his own share by his side, on the floor.
A dead body, surely Fredrick’s, lay lifeless on the floor. The leader faced the door, I could see him clearly. The other guys, with Escobar, faced me with their back. I couldn’t take this anymore- I need to act fast, and I need a distraction. I raced through my mind for ideas- it was empty. It shouldn’t be. I ran back upstairs, to my old room. I opened the wardrobe- it was as I left everything. I took out my wedding gown and tore out a large, long piece. I went back through the way I came and found myself by the cars, parked by the lot. I opened one of the car’s door and pulled the switch to the fuel door. I was clearly out of sight.

The fuel door popped opened and I put the shredded cloth in,side. I ensured it went deeper until the fuel permeates and soaked up the cloth- I left a little as a wick. Even a fool knew what I wanted to do. I added more to the cloth to buy me a time of escape, when I lit up the cloth. As I put the fire to work, I ran back in,side, through the way I came- the back door. By the time I got to the back door, the car exploded. I knew they would be destabilized. I made for the ballroom. As I got there, it was empty- Escobar, with one of the guys, was by the window side- watching the fireworks. I knew the other three guy would be outside.

I charged in like a bull and tugged at the trigger- it was a dead aim. The first shot shattered the window glass as I missed Escobar’s head by millimetres. The shattered glass was an alarm for the two, who ducked immediately. I didn’t stop firing. I fired on as they ducked.

‘Who the f*** is that?’ I recognized the leader’s voice.
I ducked by the first concrete column and reloaded. I didn’t answer. I was coked-ready- my eyes on the door. Without warning, the door flung opened and two guys came running in. I fired three shot at the door way, without aim and it caught on of the entrants by the chest and he fell. The second one took cover- he shot sporadically in the air. I squatted and changed position. By this time, bullets were flying at the concrete column from Escobar’s end. But already left the place.

The second entrant ducked by the doorway. He was an idiot- his head was too visible and large enough for a target practice. I aimed properly and took a shot. The door frame stained with blood almost immediately. I ran towards the door way- shooting backwards as a cover without looking back as I made for the door. As I was almost nearer to the door, the third guy came in, aimed ready. I went down immediately on my knees, with the initial speed, I glided on the well ceramic tiled floor, on my knees, towards the door. The guy missed. Before he could say jack, I already go to him- on my knees, my gun to his zipper. I fired.

He went down and I caught him before he got to the floor. I slid to his back and used his dead body as a shield. I was fast enough- Escobar and the other guy was already shooting at me. I exited the ballroom, dropped bleeding dead guy and ran for cover- ready for them. I reloaded. I knew the house, more than any of them. I was sure I would win. I stayed there, ready, but nothing happened- not even a shot was fired. After fifteen minutes of waiting, I decided to leave my hiding place and traced them back in,side. I tiptoed back to the ballroom, and I found it empty. The wads of cash was lying there. They must have fled. I told myself.

I walked over the dead bodies and in,side the ballroom. My heart missed a beat as I remembered the dead body that lay in the ballroom- Fredrick’s. I dropped my gun and ran towards it. It was lying face down. I cried over it. I wouldn’t mind giving him my last k-ss. I turned it over to face me. Then it wasn’t Fredrick! A blow hit me at the back of my neck, almost immediately and I fell flat on the dead body.

‘Looking for me, Cindy?’ I heard the assailant ask.
I was still in pain- eyes closed.

‘Cindy?’ Escobar asked. ‘Her name is Kate.’ He said.

‘Whatever Boss. Jacob said she is Cindy.’

‘Wake her up.’ Escobar said.

…To be continued

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