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Dave shouted my name as he came in..

‘Kate!’ Kate!’

I took back the aim and began to shake.


‘Dave… Thank God you’re here.’ I mumbled and came out behind the curtains. I hated myself immediately. I could have shot him. I cursed at myself.

‘What are you trying to do?’ He bellowed softly. ‘Shoot me?’

‘Dave, please, I don’t know. He said he would be here an hour ago.’ I explained in fear. ‘I was just about to call him. He didn’t pick my call, I swear!’

‘You were trying to call him with a gun?’

‘A gun?’ I asked like an idiot and realised I was actually still holding the gun in my hand, when I should have dropped it behind the curtain. I dropped the gun immediately in fear. I hated myself for being gutless. ‘No, no, I was calling Jose and he didn’t pick up and I saw that car ran into the driveway and I thought Jose was here to… to… kill me and I…’

‘Try it again.’ Dave said with a smile that confused me.

‘What?’ I asked, p-nting and out of breath from both my racing heart out of fear and talking too fast while explaining myself.

‘Call Jose again.’

‘Okay.’ I said, jittery, and redialled Jose’s number.

The phone rang in Dave’s hand.

‘What happened?’ I asked, scared.

‘That’s because Jose is dead!’


‘Yeah. He had an accident. His car flew off the cliff and he died instantly. Do you understand? Accidents happen, right?’ Dave said, with a sober face, in clear mockery.

‘Okay. Yes, yes, it does.’ I said. Very excited. I am now a proud owner of twenty million dollars! I scre-med within myself. Crying and smiling at the same time.

‘Now, go pack your bags and let’s leave now.’ Dave ordered. ‘Finally, I have you to myself. You’re gonna love the cottage. That’s where you’re gonna stay for life!’ He smacked his l-ips.

I ran in,side and dragged two suitcases with me- one with my clothes and the other with my money.

‘What are you doing? Is that your car keys?’

I nodded.

‘And which one the suitcases contained the money?’ He asked.

‘The brown one.’ I answered in a shaky voice. I almost convinced myself that Dave was gonna kill me and take the money before himself.

But, he didn’t.

‘Now, drop the f****** car keys and drop the suitcase with your clothes. I will definitely get you a new one. I can afford anything you wanted now, right?’ Dave asked and I nodded.

As he drove down the lonely part to the cottage, his statement rang in my ears again, ‘I can afford anything you wanted now, right?’ I looked at him, all smiles behind the wheel. And I knew, from that moment, that I had to kill Dave, if I ever want to keep my money- all of it!

I thought about several ways I could do this- Kill Dave, but no idea that came into my head proved to be easy enough. How do I even kill him with poison if I am trapped in the cottage, unable to go out? The dream of me owing a nice salon in Mexico faded from my eyes as we approached the cottage.

‘Take out the suitcase, fucck face.’ Dave howled and pulled the handbrake.

‘I was thinking Dave,’ I summoned some courage, ‘the money is twenty three million, why don’t you just give me just… just one million and…’

‘And let you get arrested by the police and snitch on me? Not a chance. Get the bag. You should be glad I didn’t kill you to cover my secret.’

His voice killed my hope- I would be his s€× slave for ever until he got tired of me and maybe kill me.

‘Please, Dave.’ I pleaded but that wasn’t pleasant.

Like a flash, Dave’s hand caught me in the face and I crashed against the car window. The glass shatterr and exploded in many shærds.

‘Get out of the f****** car and get the suitcase!’

I gro-ned and pushed myself out. The trunk was already opened.

Dave came as I was still trying to get the suitcase out with one hand, while the other held the blackened eye. My head was ringing like it got a call from hell. Well, it did, because Dave, the devil, wasn’t so pleased with my sluggishness.

‘Seriously, you are trying to stall me?’ He shouted.

‘Stall you? No, Dave, I just couldn’t seem to get it out.’ I cried.

‘Yeah, that was because you were using just a hand…’

He gave me a blow at the back of my head and face hit the opened trunk with a full force. The trunk sent my head backwards to Dave who landed another slap to my face that got me flying to the ground. I wailed- not for the beating, but for the beast I would be stuck with. Right there, I knew I must find a way to escape the Devil. Even my crying didn’t stop Dave from kicking me hærd.

‘You…ungrateful…idiot!’ Dave scre-med and kicked me at every word.

‘You…were…okay…fuccking…all those rich pricks.

Then he started stumping me in my chest and stomach. ‘But now, you…wanna…run…when…it…comes…to…my…turn? Uhn? Uhn?’

He kicked me until I lost my voice to cry. I coughed out blood. Then he spat on me and dragged me by my hair, towards the cottage. I couldn’t fight it- I was almost dead and weak. The sun in my eyes, as he dragged me on, got dimmer…. and dimmer…. and dimmer… blurry… then darkness- I passed out.


I watched the city diminish into the horizon from my front mirror. My hands shaking now, so I parked my car at a small parking lot belonging to a small eatery. I killed the engine and stared at the shaking hands and I bit my lower l-ips in shame. Even in his total absence, Dave still scares me. He was a wicked son of a Dam and never hid that from anyone.

‘Ma’am, you gotta pack down there?’ The eatery’s security guard interrupted my thoughts.


‘You cannot pack here, it belongs to the management,’ he pointed at the sign that was boldly written there, MANAGEMENT ONLY, ‘you have to park over there.’

‘Where?’ I asked again.

‘Follow me ma’am.’

He directed me to where to park and I docked safely.

‘Thank you.’ I said as I locked the door and check the car boot to ensure it was locked.

I proceeded to the eatery and ordered some scrambled eggs and a coke. I never took my eyes away from my car. I ate slowly and took my time. I would love to enter my new city unannounced, undetected and enveloped in darkness. I loved it that way. Before the police found Henry’s body, I should have been long gone.

Six o’ clock, I made to continue my journey. Paid for the meal and tipped the security. As I moved towards the driver’s door with the key, ready to be ins**ted in the keyh0le, a warm hand touched my arm,

‘Excuse me ma’am.’ The Baritone voice followed.

I swung around very fast and within seconds, I had wielded the car key in his throat as a defence.

‘Wow…Wow…’ he managed a smile, ‘let’s not do that, okay?’ He said as he raised both arms in surrender.

I sighed. ‘I am sorry. But you should stop sneaking on people like that.’

‘I… em… I don’t know about that. I didn’t sneak on you. I only touched you to get your attention.’

I looked at his throat as he talked. The adam’s apple going up and down. He was handsome and tall. A black male. He dressed very good too. And he innocent bulge against his trouser’s zippers says a lot. I could Allo him have some, if he behaved. I was already hungry for a good and unattached s€×.

‘Well, stop touching people anyhow.’

I turned around and opened my car door. I slid in and slammed the door shut. He leaned towards the window and wondered if I could give him a ride.

‘No!’ I replied without looking at him and started the engine.

‘Common Ma, don’t be a jerk!’ He joked with a very attractive smile.

‘I am a jerk.’ I replied and depressed the handbrake. ‘Will you excuse me?’ I said as I shifted the gear to reverse.

He followed the car as I reversed and kept pleading. Brooding all over. He looked cute. I must admit that.

‘Please.’ He said, and like I was waiting for that, I slammed the brakes. ‘I will do anything for you- anything at all.’ He added with his charming smile.

I blushed. ‘You live in this city?’ I asked.

‘Em.. no.’ He said, looking at the sky. ‘I actually hoped to start a life in the city. Got no money on me but I am sure I will get a job.’ He smiled.

For a moment, I noticed his dimple and well curled hair. He was adorable and I liked him immediately. He is the type of guy I wouldn’t mind to start a life with.

‘Well, I am going into the city but I would love to go to Mexico.’

‘Mexico?’ His fate lit up. That’s cool. ‘Em… can I come in?’

‘Oh… I’m sorry. Let’s go.’ I removed my bag from the seat beside me and threw it at the back seat.

‘Thank you.’ He said as he sank his butt. I could get lost in his smile.

Fredrick was a real chatter. For the first time in my life, I felt beautiful and safe. I wanted him to touch me, but he didn’t, so, I was touching him playfully in all places i could. I wanted him. Handsome and well mannered. He was a very jovial fellow, full of life. I almost wanted to tell him that I had twenty million dollars in my car trunk and I wanted him to stay with me and we could enjoy it together!

‘You know, beautiful,’ he said after a long talk, ‘I told you my name, but you didn’t tell me yours. That’s not fair.’ He winked jokingly and smiled broadly.

My heart pounded loudly and it seemed it would come out of my mouth. I began to shake and sigh loudly. The car veered as I lost control and I quickly slammed the break. Fredrick had already grabbed the dashboard and gone pale.

I apologized and he said, ‘it’s okay’.

‘Cindy, my name is Cindy.’ I said, forgetting that I just adopted the name, Lucy, before leaving the hotel, where Henry was done in. This is not the first time, the name I bore in every city is whatever name comes to my head. So, now, I am Cindy.

‘Okay.’ He replied with fear in his eyes. ‘Cindy, did you drink anything alcoholic back there?’

I shook my head. He sighed, was relieved.

‘Good. Now, Cindy, I really wanna get to wherever I am going in a piece. Can you please ensure that and …em.. you know, drive safely?’

‘I…err…I am sorry. I…’

‘It’s okay Cindy, okay? I get it. Sometimes. We all got caught in some crazy thoughts around our head,’ he circled the air around his head, ‘but, we really need to be safe.’ He smiled.

I nodded without looking at him, started the engine and we continued out journey.

…To be continued

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