President Son And I

President Son And I – Batch F

President Son And I – Batch F SEASON 2

everything about life for me really became boring,as each day passes and i remember my pregnancy is getting due,my heart skip at every thought of it.
soon I was five months gone,life became scary to me,I was even noticing some funny changes in my body like I added weigh, my curves seem increased and my skin complexion lightened. most times when I stand on the ground I feel weightless.
Most times I feel some funny sound from my tommy and most of all my tommy that has refused to raise just to indicate I was pregnant started raising though not much.
it looked so funny and surprising to me.
Something new started,and these was getting me so scare that most nights i force myself to stay awake all night just to prevent these new development and that was my continuous seeing of Warder Bisi that died about 3 months and some weeks ago in my dreams.
I can’t really remember what the dreams are always all about but I can vehemently remember her stretching her hands forward to my tommy while she cries ” the child,the child,give me the child,the child now” and i have always rebuked her. some times when she appears to me in my sleep blood would be dripping from her mouth,she really looks horrible. in fact i do have illusions of those dream like its happening real.
I had to relate these dreams to Vero and Alice
Alice: God forbid,she should go after those that killed her and not you
Vero: the living has nothing doing with the dead so she better go her way,don’t worry nothing would happen to your babies
Me: those dreams scare hell out of me
Alice: it is well,just don’t busy yourself thinking about it,God is in control
Me: Amen.
The dream soon changed,she could appear to me in these dreams and rather than ask for the child as she usually does she would try telling me something in the dream but once I wakeup I forget all she said immediately though even with what and all she said in these dreams I never understood any.
I told Vero and Alice again and they said I forget my dreams simply because I don’t pray before sleeping but I have always prayed.
one certain dream I had that made me cried though it was just a dream but it reads more sense than a dream was and it happens that a male warder asked to see me and I went to see him as requested
Warder: *smiling* fine girl,chai you fine o
Me: thank you sir,you called me
Warder: *stilling smiling* yes I did,you are very pretty o * placed his hands on my shoulder* see eh,I want us to be close,very close so you won’t have any problem here
Me: *no longer comfortable* what do you mean sir
Warder: *gave a sheepish smile as he looked left and right* I want us to mingle so we can be doing those things men and women do
Me: *getting his hands off me in shock* God forbid, you and who
Warder: * mood changed * see let me tell you,if you don’t accept these my kind proposal more people close to you will die o
Me: meaning?
Warder: *looks left and right* see am the one planted here to monitor you,I give report of your daily activities to my boss
Me: *confused* I still really don’t get you
Warder: what did you think kill that warder and pastor eh? its because they spoke to you on how to help you,am always aware of everything you do and my work is to give feed back on who speaks to you
Me: * shocked * you mean you kill pastor and warder Bisi?
Warder: no I only give report while my boss get the killers
Me: *kneeling down weakly* why,so you are the one behind all these
Warder: better you think about what I have told you if not I would also take the case of your closeness to those two other prisoners to the boss and you know what that means,she would get them killed once they get out of prison
Me: *no no,please don’t do that please*
Warder: then accept my proposal
I was about scre-ming when I woke up,I was really sweating,I thought it was all reality at first,looking around in the dark prison and the only thing awake were the mosquitoes singing those annoying melodies of theirs,I got a bit relief
Me: *my hands on my chest* thank God its just a dream.
The next day happened to be the presidential election and two days after we all were glued to the radio to hear the out come,with every party vote counted called out my heart skip,I really felt like I was one of the running party with the tension I felt deep in my heart and only Vero and Alice understood why. then the final result was finally called with Richærd’s father winning for a second tenor.
days after,the thought of the dream didn’t leave my mind,I decided sharing it with Alice and Vero,that was few days after the presidential election
Me: I had I disturbing dream
Vero: when?
Me: some days ago
Alice: you and dream eh
Vero: don’t mind her,abeg tell us *I narrated the dream to them* hmm nothing would happen,just get that off your mind and stop thinking so it won’t affect the baby o
Alice: but wait o,that seem like a revelation o,the warder then pastor,what do you think?
Vero: I just know an eye is closed up on Precious
Alice: it might be we are been planned too
Vero: hmmm,you have a point there,we should be careful then
Me: am just so speechless
Vero: don’t worry,everything would be fine soon
Then we heard other prisoners shouting,we thought there was a fight going on at first but it happened the shout was raising cell to cell then ours,when I got the news,I forgot immediately that I was pregnant, the kind of celebration I gave I can’t explain,yes,the president actually kept to his words even without noticing it,he kept his word of sending back for me once he wins his second tenor but without his own knowledge of it.
the news that we just received was that the president just gave an open speech for every prisoner to be freed with immediate effect not minding the jail term he or she is serving.
by the time the three of us embraced in celebration,tea
rs ran down my eyes,then our cell was opened,the warder that opened the cell gate was smiling
Warder: am happy for you people o,you are free to go now.
as we all marched out of the prison,walking to the room where we are to pull off the prison wear and wear the one we had come with,I suddenly felt cold,I needed to get home immediately to know if my parents are fine but I knew I was going to miss Alice and Vero greatly,I wasn’t going to waste time in seeing them again,I promise myself that.
After we had had our prison wears changed,we *myself,Alice and Vero* stood to take a second look at the prison before leaving,some persons parents were already present at the prison to take their child ,wife,father,brother or sister.
Vero: finally we are free
Alice: yea,I guess the president kept his words to Precious
Me: hmmm,yes he has but am sure he has no idea of it
Vero: its time for that Clara of a girl to pay for her crimes
Alice: I wish say I fit follow you Precious make I beat death comot for her body
Me: your addresses please,by next week tuesday I would visit you guys
Alice: make we visit you for aso rock na,you no understand as e dey go?
Me: no no no,don’t try that,am keeping off there for now
Vero: for what,are you scared of her?
Alice: I wonder o
Me: no not that,I must get to my parents first,maybe when I come to see you guys we all would go
Both: correct girl
Vero: take care of our unborn babies o
Alice: yea
Me: sure I will
Vero: Alice see your people don come
Me: even your own don come,write your address for me jhoor.
we got a pen from one of the warders,they both wrote their address and gave me then we walked down to greet their parents,Vero and Alice even collected money from their parents and gave to me for my transport before they left,we hugged again and cried like the world has just ended.
alone I walked out of the prison compound,my head resounded what Vero and Alice had told me before they left..

I walked out of the prison compound,everywhere was looking strange to me,i needed to call Michael and thanks to God I still have his number off hand,I started walking down the road to see if I was going to see any call center around but none was in sight.
I noticed a car following me and that got me scared,Vero and Alice last words started resounding in my head,the echoes were so loud
Vero: follow us home today,you can go tomorrow
Alice: don’t follow her,follow me
Me: *lol* no don’t worry yourself,I really can’t wait to see my people
Vero: you see them tomorrow na
Alice: Vero allow her follow me
Vero: ah,you that can’t take care of her
Alice: eh? if I hear,you can’t take care of her as much as I can
Me: both of you stop these na,I would visit
Vero: okay if you say so,I just wanted to be sure you out of danger
Me: sure I am,trust me
Alice: hmmm okay o visit quick.
as these voices kept resounding I quickly increased my step,I knew I had gotten into danger again but the worst part of it was that I don’t know anywhere in that area.
I decided to hurry back following the prison street.
the more I try to hasten up the more speed the car run,I suddenly started running but I was really confused as at what direction to take before it seem I had missed my way going back to the side of the prison.
the current way I had taken is a bush part leading to only God knows were.
the car got so close and I could see four men in the car apart from its driver,out of fear I fell,the car over took me and stopped in front of me,the guys opened the car jumping out from it,I quickly got up and jumped into the bush since it was my only option,I had forgotten I was five months pregnant self because I even felt light running,maybe because my tommy isn’t really big.
I noticed the boys chasing me and shouting ” stop there,shout there,I will shot you,stop ” but I wasn’t even listening,I was jumping in the bush all in the name of run like I was a bush animal.
soon I was out to the roads again,I hurriedly waved to cars to stop like I was a mad woman but I was disappointed, our Nigerian people can really be heartless,upon my cry,upon my condition none bothered to stop and even ask what’s wrong,I saw the boys come into bush,I quickly crossed into the other side of the road running into it bush using my hand to prove way for myself,I suddenly found myself scre-ming Richærd’s name like he was present.
I ran till I run into a sugar cane plantation, close by was a flowing river but it was barely my kneel level,without thinking twice I jumped in and started running through,it wasn’t wide so it took me only but a few minute to run through,I turned back but saw no one coming again,I think they lost me already, I stood where I was observing around to see if any of those sugar cane plantations owner were in their farm,they might be of help being that they are Hausa’s and easily move around with weapons in case of danger but I saw none,it was as quiet as a grave yard and looking ahead of me are more bushes,I was scared of moving forward because I knew night was around the corner but I was more scared of risking it back,I felt hungered and taste,I bent over drinking from the river,as I was drinking I heard ” look at her over there ” I quickly stood up right and resumed running ahead though I was scared of running into wild animals or even snakes.soon enough I was out of their sight,I stopped running because I was already feeling great pains especially in my tommy legion and most of all I was weak and weary,I saw two trees very close to each other,down was surrounded by well grown weeds and it was in such a way that it can serve as a hiding place,I quickly went into it and stayed calm there,about three minutes later three of them were around there,from my hide out I could see them,they were all armed,I could only recognize one and that was that fool called biology,they passed me without noticing, they didn’t even stop to suspect that area.
I felt relieved where I was but a second look I saw old skins of about three snakes pulled there,fear gripped me as I started looking everywhere close to make sure no snakes were around,I quickly crawled out quickly already feeling on easy,the nights were already fallen but not so dark.
I was already so scare,hungry and tasty I carried my weak body up,following another direction trying to find a better place to lay my head.
soon it got very dark,I had no means of seeing but I continue walking in darkness till I felt sharp pains in my leg,I shouted and bent over immediately, touching the suspected injured area I felt it w-t,I knew it was blood so I managed to move to the other side of the bush and sat down,tears were already raining down.I looked around but couldn’t see anything.
I managed to sleep not minding the insects seriously feeding on my body.
waking up the next morning I was already surrounded by those boys all smiling at me,fear gripped me immediately as I started pleading for mercy.

Me: ah,please,please,don’t hurt me please *I struggled to seat up*
Biology: so you fit? na just hide you no fit *looking through their faces now I could clearly see their faces and I know them all*
Pikin: if no be say I dey under instructions not to kill you I for just waste you idiot
Biology: pikin calm down,we go deal with am later *bend over to pick me up*
Me: please na am begging please
T.K: easy dey drag am,see wound for her leg o and you know say she get belle
Biology: and so! *drags me up roughly* get up my friend
Me: *the pains ran through my head* aaaah
Pikin: I wonder o,shey na you give am belle ni
T.K: where error enter self?
Pikin: hey move it before I shoot you
Biology: no be all of us follow dey chase these girl,how I take wan know where error enter
Pikin: no more argument, we need to get out of these bush before someone sees us
T.K: nawa o,these girl really carry us run oh,before we go comot for these bush eh
Pikin: *pointing his gun at me* oyah get moving.
I just kept quiet not pleading anymore,I knew no matter how much I plead,these guys will never hear nor listen to my pleading.
the journey back was a slow one because of my injured leg and it wasn’t as if anyone knew the way out of the bush back to were we started,all we knew was that we are heading back the direction we came from
Pikin: I don dey try o
T.K: just no say me no go stop anywhere for these bush till we reach where we park car because none of us is safe in these bush
Biology: guy manage let’s get out of these bush before you start looking for rest
T.K: see girl wey get belle and wound for leg no complain for rest na you dey complain
Pikin: e don do you o,wetin dey worry you self.
We kept walking till we finally got to the road,by these time I was left with no strength in me,they held me down in the bush while only pikin came out to the road and made a phone call,soon the car chasing me surfaced,he signalled the others to get me out of the bush into the car,they quickly did while they entered too and the car drove off,error was in the car too but no one said anything to the other.
they drove into a big compound after someone opened the gate.
then I was dragged down,I had no strength anymore,I can easily be blown off by a strong wind at that point so I was less conscious of my new environment.
I was lead in,side the large story building,it was indeed a large and fine house no one can easily suspect any crime activity in,side it.
on getting into the house I realized the occup-nt of the house,a very young pretty lady was being hold hostage,I got to realize that on time because I heard the girl saying to Tanko ” my father’s house is not for crime ”
Tanko: really? no listen,if you don’t cooperate I will have no other option than to kill you * he raised his gun to her forehead *
Girl: okay fine,but you guys leave once you are done
Tanko: *drop down his gun* better
Pikin: boss we got her
Tanko: bring her over here *T.K handed me over to him and he forced me to sit in the same seat with the girl,and he faced the girl* look at her here,your duty is to cook for her and my guys,till we are done here okay?
Girl: *stared at me for some time* okay
Tanko: her name is Precious,she is pregnant as you can see and she would delivering her baby here,any say day you f–k up and try raise alarm,consider your self dead because as you dey see these girl so,she is worth 257 million naira and I won’t joke with that,don’t worry,once she gives birth we would be out of her * faced me* and you,I hear your scores yesterday,if you repeat that any day again,I will waste you and your unborn child,these is Rita your new companion for as long as we are in here,after you give birth,then we decide what next to do with you * I said nothing but stared at him with my hungry eyes * I can see you are hungry,oyah Rita resume work immediately, go cook and let me tell you,forget that your father is a big man,so you be ajebu Pikin,if you don’t cook that food well,as in if the food no sweet,you will be dead so let me just believe your mother thought you how to cook before travelling out.
Rita: stop threatening me,I owe you nothing but you owe me a lot
Tanko: f–k up first and see if its a threat or not,now stand up,Obele
Obele: yes boss
Tanko: from today you are her esc-rt to any part of these works she decides going as long as we are here so follow her to the kitchen
Obele: boss e be like say you know wetin I dey like well,I sabi cook well o
Tanko: from today,no more pidgin English as long as we are in these house,thank note
All: yes sir * Obele forced Rita up leading her to the kitchen,it so obvious they had been here for some days now or probably since yesterday.
I looked around,the guys present there were up to in 13number.
Me: please I want to bath
he looked at me with those deadly eyes of his,he was indeed a ugly son of the vulture.

I was shown to a room with strick instructions from Tanko
Tanko: *opens the room door* these is your room from now on and as you can see,whatever you might be needing to keep yourself company is in these room including video games that’s if you are the type of person into game but on no account,I repeat,on no account should you come out of these room without being called by me and I alone,if you do otherwise you will have yourself to blame,is that understood? *I just stared at him till he shouted* is that understood?
Me: stop shouting at me,am not your salve to take instructions from you
Tanko: *kind of shocked from the way I replied him,he tried to recover by forcing out those wicked laughter* oh really? you now have guts right?
Me: I was never scared of you and if I was,then I am no more
Tanko: do I need to remind you that I can kill you whenever I want? oh for your information you are my salve and a dead one at that,the only thing keeping you alive now is these pregnancy
Me: *lol* am so scared,why not just kill me right now and here rather than suffer me more
Tanko: *looked flabbergasted* suffer! have you suffered yet? no no no because I don’t think so,those those you had at the prison and called suffering were all child’s play or do you think I don’t know how much you enjoyed in there with the help of those two you made friends! I had my eyes on you all through your stay in prison and those friends of yours are just so lucky I was in a good mood as at when they got out of prison and also you have saved they a big deal because if you had mistakenly followed any of them home like they had asked you to,their selves and their families would have been in hell by now running errands for the devil himself*he said in a disgusting manner,I was so shocked*
Me: so its been you all these while! *I noticed tears dropped from my eyes* it is you who killed the warder and the pastor! *shouts out* you are wicked,you are so wicked and God will punish you *broke down in tears*
Tanko: *lol* it would have been anybody,it would have been me too but no offence,its to teach people to learn minding their business especially those two *lol* am sure,in their next life,they won’t poke nose into issues that does not concern them so stop crying
Me: *crying* God will punish you,God will punish you and your sender,God knows I did no one no wrong
Tanko: hey keep shut,save your self strength for you delivery because someone has already paid for that child you have in there *lol*.
I don’t know what actually happened when he made that last comment but it was as if my spirit left me for sometime before coming back into me,my hands holding my chest due to the way it skipped
Me: please tell me you were joking
Tanko: you had me right,your unborn child has been bought
Me: *quickly I went on my kneels with tears rolling down like an open tap,I suddenly forgot I was weak and hungry* please Tanko please,don’t sell my unborn child,please,you can kill me,do whatever you want with me but please do not take my baby away from me when I put to bed
Tanko: * he gave a wicked laughter * why are you suddenly pleading,I thought you said you are not afraid of me*made to walk out but I held his right leg*
Me: *in tears* please,am begging you,haven’t I been through enough,haven’t I suffered to Clara’s satisfaction,why want to suffer my unborn child for a crime he knows not
Tanko: that reminds me,I have my eyes fixed on your two prison friends,if they make any attempt to visit the president,maybe to see you are something,then you won’t blame me for their death*he forced his leg off my hold and walked away*
Me: *crying* pleassssse,ha ha ha ha,what have I done to deserve these.
I sat by the entrance of the room crying,simply forgetting I was to take my bath,I was lost in the agony of life,I felt like committing suicide but I was only afraid of hell.
As I start by the door crying,Obele came to call me that food is ready but I didn’t even give a second thought of looking up to him and he didn’t repeat his self,he just turned and left me in my sorrow.
Memories of my old self ran though my mind,memories of Richærd and his sweet coated tongues,the first day I saw him staring at me at the road with Michael standing by my side,the first day I met him in school,how I had tried to avoid him but fell in love with him at the process, my engagement night to him and all that made me cry the more.
yesterday I was so happy I was going home out of prison to announce to Richærd that am expecting our first kids,his twin but now look at me,from grace to grass,from prison to another prison,waiting for death,waiting to give birth for my kids to be sold,I wonder what happens when Tanko finally discovers am with twins,oh my God,I won’t even have the opportunity to nature my children,the only thing that has been consoling me all these while is soon to be given out to another woman who probably don’t know the pains of bearing a child,who probably don’t have any idea how it feels in pregnancy.
I prayed to God to take my unborn babies,I don’t want them yo see the surface of the earth anymore,I can’t stand another woman taking them from me for God knows what.
I was still wiping when Tanko came back again
Tanko: where you not told I called you to come and eat
Me: you are mean,you ate so wicked and heartless,how do you expect me to eat when you are about taking the only thing thay consoles me since you took my freedom and replaced it with sorrow and pain,when you took my freedom and replaced it with everyday agony *I cried the more*
Tanko: I didn’t take your freedom,am only under instructions and carrying out my duty,you should be happy I decided selling your unborn child because the order was for me to kill him or her as soon as its born. you better come and eat before you starve to death
Me: let me starve,let me die,what do you care! what did Clara tell you I did that is so unforgivable and warranting these punishment
Tanko: what’s my business with what you did to her as long as she is giving me a good pay
Me: you are worst than the devil *crying*
he said nothing,he just said at me for a while before taking his leave
by evening they were able to arrange a female doctor to come always look after me,she looked so mean in appearance and after checking on me that evening in my room she asked that I follow her to the sitting room where Tanko was,on getting to the sitting room she asked if I had eaten
Tanko: she has refused to eat
Doctor: hmmm,its not good to starve in pregnancy so try get her something to eat and make sure she eats well always
Tanko: food is no problem
Doctor: another thing,did she by any means fall?
Tanko: I don’t know of that,hey did you fall.
I just stared at both like I was deaf and dumb but deep in,side me I tried remembering if I fell at anything and o yes I did,I can remember I fell trying to escape Tanko’s men the previous day
Tanko: am asking you
Doctor: well never mind,she did fell and from the test I ran on her she might have complications during child birth if not taken care of
Tanko: do everything humanly possible and necessary to advert the issue
Doctor: I will,by tomorrow I would get her drugs to help her
Tanko: thank you
the doctor picked up her things and left while I just stood up and went back to the room.
for the rest of that day I didn’t see Rita again.
At about 11 pm I felt so uneasy in the room so I decided to come out not minding Tanko’s earlier warnings and surprising enough I met only Obele in the sitting room but fast asleep while his phone was lying close to him, without a second thought I made for his phone and tapping the phone screen it gave light showing it wasn’t locked,I hastened back to my room with the phone and as soon as I got in I locked it properly,I tried to remember my dad’s number but couldn’t, I was obviously missing up numbers,even Ella’s number was no go area,oh Richærd,I can never forget his number,I quickly dailed his number and get the phone closely to my ear,it was actually rining.

The phone rang for some few minutes and stopped, I quickly redialled the number and it started ringing again
Me: pick please sweet,pick up,take your calls honey please *I kept saying in a low tone*
Richærd didn’t take his calls till it stopped ringing again,I wanted to redial the number when I heard Obele’s voice from the sitting room
Obele: whosoever that took my phone here should return it o,who took my phone?
I quickly switched the phone off and took out the battery,I bent over and dropped the phone under the bed but I felt it wasn’t safe there,I was really shivering and trying to figure out what my life would be like if caught, took an empty pure water sachet and opened it wide making sure the water in it is dried off then I put the phone and it’s battery in it but the phone seem bigger than the sachet,I quickly opened the wardrobe and found a thick nylon in it,I supported it to that of the phone and tied it properly,entered the bathroom and opened the toilet flush valve,I placed the phone there and covered it back.
I felt it was okay there though I fear water might get into it soon but that place happens to be the safest place to keep the phone to avoid being caught,thank God for the water prove I wore it.
by the time I came back to the room I heard foot steps approaching my room,I quickly jumped on the bed pretending to be asleep.
the person tried opening the door to the room but could so the person knocked loudly or should I say the person banged the door
Me: *forming a sleepy voice* who is there
Voice: open these door now
Me: okay am coming.
I stood up from the bed making sure the bed makes a noisy sound to prove I was standing up from it and got the door opened behold it was Tanko
Tanko: I have forgiven you but don’t try it next time,bring the phone you stole.
deep in,side me my heart skipped,it was beating so fast and I asked myself how he got to know I was with the phone,I just stared at him confusedly
Tanko: you heard me right I believe so go get the phone before I change my mind*I just kept staring* don’t give me that look,you know what I mean.
I just decided to take my chances
Me: I don’t understand what you are talking about that’s why am mopping at you so would you be kind enough to explain?
Tanko: you think am joking? *forced out a pistol gun from his wa-ist and pointed at me,fear gripped me* if I count three and you don’t give me that phone I will blow of your head.
I was moved or rather shaken,I wanted to go get the phone and apologize believing he saw me take it but on a second thought I summoned courage and stood still
Tanko: 1,2,3 oh you want to prove stubborn
Me: no,am just waiting for you to kill me like you wanted maybe that’s the only way you would get to understand that I don’t get what it is that you talking about
Tanko: Obele,pikin,biology* they all answered from the sitting room * come here immediately.
they came into the room and met him still pointing his gun at me not smiling,he got one of his hand into his pocket and brought out a Nokia torchlight phone and dialled a number,I guess it was Obele’s number then he placed it on speaker while our eyes were still glued on one another,the response that came from the phone was”the MTN number you are trying to call is currently switched off please try again later” he pressed the red button and dipped back the phone into his pocket
Tanko: Obele,take her to another room,Biology,you and pikin search these room even if it means turning these room upside down tonight and God help her if I get to find the phone here.
Obele held my upper arm and lead me out of the room into another room,the tension in my heart was so much that I hærdly recognized a second party in the room after Obele left.
my heart was pounding real hærd,the room was dark because the light in it was off.
I sat on the bed wondering what happens if eventually the toilet flush valve gets opened and the phone found there but come to think of it where had Richærd left his phone to,hope all is really well with him,it been closely six months we saw and talked last,I hope he still has me in mind and haven’t moved on,suddenly the bed sounded noisy like someone was rolling on it but before I could get up the person touched me,I quickly jumped on my feet and made for the switch,on switching on the light I found out it was no other person but Rita,she smiled at me almost immediately before speaking up
Rita: what are you doing in here?
I felt like telling her the truth maybe she would help out but on a second thought I decided keeping it to myself in other not to endanger any ones life anymore so I just stared at her,maybe she understood
Rita: its okay,c’mon to the bed,you need rest
Me: *walk back to the bed and sat back* thanks
Rita: sorry I startled you
Me: its no problem
Rita: how is your baby?
Me: fine,thanks
Rita: okay,its late already let’s sleep.
she laid down properly facing the walls then echoed the words “good night” I laid down too backing her,but each sound I hear got me scared thinking they found the phone. I just couldn’t sleep,I know Richærd must had seen the miss calls now and would be trying to call back the number,I felt uncomfortable with the pillows and got it off under my head,I laid still till I slept off.
By the next morning I felt so lazy getting up,I was still on bed when Rita brought my brought fast.
I stood from bed collecting the food from her,a meal of fried plantain with sardine source and a cup of tea.
after eating I picked the plates to the kitchen but stopped half way when I heard Tanko talking to his men
Tanko: it so unfortunate that we can’t trust one another in these house,stealing from each other,it so very bad but I advice that these should be the first and last these action repeats itself,Obele missing phone should be the very first and last property to ever miss in these house,I don’t want to point accusing fingers but next time these repeats itself I will drop all of you and make new men,is that taken?
All: yes boss
Tanko: you can go and have your break fast now.
I headed down to the kitchen and dropped the dirty dish,turning back I saw Obele,he just stared at me for some minutes before speaking
Obele: I saw you take the phone,do well to return it after use *smiled* I will only keep you that secret and none again
I mopped at him like I don’t know what he was driving at and without any response I left the kitchen.

Later in the day the doctor came like she promised bringing the drugs along,she gave me the prescriptions and left promising to come check me up every three days.
When the atmosphere seem calm,I made my way to my former room to pick up the phone but it was locked already,I tried all I could but the door refused giving way,I felt so bad,if I had known I won’t be searched I would have hid the phone in my b-ra.
I walked back to my present room with Rita,I met her there,she’s always been indoor ever since I came or rather since I was brought here. I sat on the bed full of thoughts, I don’t even know of any way escape again
Rita: you don’t need to keep thinking or for how long do you intend being like that
Me: as long as am still here
Rita: why?
Me: because my life is incomplete now
Rita: be strong for yourself and your unborn child,thank God you are still alive too
Me: how did they get into your house?
Rita: hmmm,I just don’t know,all I know is that my family travelled today and the next day they were here holding me hostage to do their bidding just for my life to be safe
Me: that’s weird,when is your family returning?
Rita: next year
Me: ooops,so why didn’t you go with them?
Rita: I just don’t wanna go,am okay staying in Nigeria after all its my country
Me: God really has to intervene in these case.
These was how myself and Rita started getting along but even with the closeness I never felt safe telling her much about me nor any plan of escape am planning,I really don’t know why but I kept to my self always and that’s unlike me.
most times she gets really mad at me when she questions me deep and I playfully dodge her questions. she would act like there was really more to it and I was beginning to suspect her especially the few times I saw her hosting with pikin and Tanko.
I got to start fearing her when I noticed her sneaking out of the bee on certain night,I tip toed and followed her only to hear her telling Tanko “she has refused giving .e any reasonable information that would make me suspect she wants to escape or planning any rouk play” and Tanmk had asked her in return ” did she mention about any phone to you?” and she had replied “no,she never did” and Tanko had told her to keep closer eyes on me ” try discussing escape with her and see her reaction to it” she accepted and that was the last I heard for that night because I quickly tip toed back to the room and by 2 minutes she was back to the room but I didn’t even shake,I perturbed sleep and she rejoined me in bed.
The first time she brought about the escape discussion I had dodged it by claiming my unborn child was seriously kicking.
when she brought up the discussion next time I simply told her
Me: please Rita am already used to these condition,there is nothing like escape in my agender here because I don’t want to die,I can’t even give it a second thought
Rita: why not think about it first
Me: have told you.
I saw fire in her eyes,I felt she must had been under pressure by Tanko to get information from me or get killed.
hours born day and days turned to week till weeks began being counted in months,I was 9 months gone and due to deliver,life in that house has become so boring,I couldn’t stop remembering Alice and Vero each day,I really wished they were still around me.
Obele has gotten a new phone so he never made mention of the other one.
on a certain afternoon I was seated by the curtain in the room when I started feeling sharp pains in my tommy,at first I thought I could bear it but it seem to be getting worse each seconds so I started shouting,these made Tanko and co rushed down to the room,on seeing me Tanko quickly called the doctor telling her I was in labor so she should rush down to the house,within 30 minutes she arrived in company of a nurse,she asked everyone to excuse her and her nurse and they did,since what I was putting on was tight they quickly undressed me and wearing me the hospital gown they came with,the nurse removed the bed spread and dressed the bed with another while I was made to lie on it,the pains was too much,the nurse haven’t taken off my p-nt spread my legs wide open,the doctor gave me injection before they started asking me to push, the pain were really unbearable,as I push tears were dropping from my eyes,most times when I get tired of pushing the doctor lands me a dirty slap for me to continue,for about 2 hours I was pushing,soon I heard the doctor say ” the baby is coming,the head is out,push dear push, you are almost there” I was really sweating,I kept pushing till the baby was out crying,the nurse carried the child but before any other thing I felt another pain,I felt something wants to come out
Nurse: doctor,she still has a child in
Doctor: mark these baby’s right finger so we can recognize the first.
the she turned asking me to push on,I did and within 10 minutes my twin was out
Doctor: wow,they first is a baby girl while the second is a boy.
as the nurse carried the non-crying baby I smiled in my pains,I was happy seeing Precious junior and Richærd junior,the nurse pinched him and he started crying but yet I felt another pain
Me: doctor,another one,another one
Doctor: wow, push,push dear.
I pushed and pushed and these time the baby came out easily,it’s a baby girl the doctor announced
Doctor: wow,with these little stomach one could hærdly guess its giving birth to a full grown child gives birth to triplet,God is great. the girls are identical
Me: *lost so much strength* doctor am feeling dizzy
Doctor: a minute,the placenta is not yet out*she pressed my stomach,it was really painful* no more child in it.
she injected me again and I gave birth to something scary that was before I became unconscious

by the time I regained consciousness I woke up in another room on drip only to discover a strange old woman sitting close to my bed,I felt weak and sharp pains both in my stomach and anus
Woman: my daughter,you are finally awake?
i looked round the room to make sure I was still in the house I was being held hostage and sure enough I was.
Me: where are my babies,the doctor,where is she and who are you,what are you doing here?
Woman: calm down my daughter,your babies are all fine,I am Ega,a native woman who look after newly delivered women and am here to look after you and as for a doctor,I didn’t meet any on arrival
Me: please my babies,I need to see my babies please
Ega: my daughter,that won’t be a problem,your babies are in the other room,you need to eat first
Me: *shouting* I need my babies please
Ega: okay ma *stood up* should I bring your food along? because I know you must be very hungry
Me: I just want to see my children ma,get them for me
Ega: okay *leaves*
I just want to see my babies,I want to ensure they safety and make them feel mummy’s touch,I don’t believe yet that my babies are safe.
Within the space of 15 minutes she came back with my two baby girls,I sat up,carrying the babies one after the other and lying both close to me on my bed,I felt like pulling off the drip from my hand to enable me carry my babies well but couldn’t because it was yet to finish
Me: what of my boy?
Ega: let me go get him *leaves*
Me: oh look at my darlings,you both look so cute,look at mummy,am your mummy okay! your daddy isn’t here now but never to worry,he would get to see you soon *touching their cheeks* cute Flourish and Flora.
Ega came in carrying the boy
Me: oh look at the prince handsome *carrying him from her* Richærd’s Junior,uncle Felix look at mummy,you are so blessed *dropped him on the bed close to his sisters* these are your sisters,Flourish and Flora,your can also call Flora Nourish, don’t beat your sisters when you guys grow up okay?
Ega: I made pepper soup for you,that’s what you need for now because it would be able to heal every of you inner injury quick,should I get you the food now?
Me: yes ma,bring it,let me eat with my babies.
She left the room.I noticed the drip has stopped running so I disconnected it from my arm,using the tissue close by to dry my blood
Me: oh sweeties, mum is so weak,wish daddy was here. are you guys hungry? you s-ck on mummy’s b—-t? *they were just smiling* don’t worry,mummy will b—-t feed you guys when she’s done eating.
Ega came in with a cooler
Ega: here is the pepper soup
Me: thanks
I collected it and opened it,it was smoking out showing it still very hot,I took the spoon and tasted it,wow it was cool but the pepper was something else
Me: aaah,ma,there are plenty of pepper in these
Ega: yes,that’s the best way to heal your delivery wounds,just eat while I boil hot water to m-ssage you,please don’t give the babies that
Me: okay ma
I ate and played with them,along the line they all slept off,after eating the boiled water was ready,it was very hot,she poured some into a bucket and asked me to seat unclad on the bucket that the hot flames are to heal my injuries too especially that if my anus,I begged her to lock the door while I raised my gown and sat on the bucket,it was really painful but I had no choice,I needed to heal quick and now think of how to escape with my babies.
After 40 minutes she asked me to seat up,by then the water was becoming warm and not as hot as it was before. she took the water into the bathroom and poured it then came back with the bucket,turned the remaining hot water into it and asked me to lie back on the bed stomach up,I did,thank God the bed was wide enough for myself and babies.
she got a clean towel and started pressing my stomach with it
Ega: these it to return your stomach to normal so one merely looking at it can hærdly tell you are a mother
Me: *feeling the pain as she pressed* thank you ma
Ega: it will also keep you stomach warm
Me: okay ma.
in the evening of that same day,Tanko and his men came to congratulate me and play with my babies for a while,when others left,Tanko stayed back,asking the native woman to excuse us which she did
Tanko: congrats once again,you impressed me,I was expecting one but you brought fort three,that means more money
Me: what do you mean?
Tanko: oh don’t tell me you forgot your supposed babies had been sold
Me: no no,you can’t do these to me,do you know the pains I felt giving birth to them? *crying*
Tanko: dear such is life,a times some go through pains for others to enjoy
Me: *crying* please Tanko please*my babies started crying too* if not for anything but for the pains I passed through bring them to these wicked world
Tanko: you said it all already,its a wicked world,prepare them,tomorrow they would meet their new mother
Me: no please no,please Tanko *he left the room*
I cried and cried,the native woman cane in an tried consoling me but couldn’t
Me: *crying* please ma,help me get the police as early as possible tomorrow morning
Ega: am so sorry,I can’t,these men would kill my family if I do
Me: meaning?
Ega: they have my family with them,only to be released when am done with you
Me: what?
The next morning,after the native woman had bath my children and I taken my bath too,I b—-t feed them before she made hot water and asked me to seat on it like yesterday which I did because I felt much better after doing that the previous day,she also pressed my stomach and gave me pepper soup to eat.
as at 10 am sharp Tanko came into the room with Pikin and Biology
Tanko: they new mother is here,so its time to let go of them
Me: no please Tanko,you can’t take my babies away*before I could say anything further each of them had picked the babies one one*
Tanko: you take me for a joke or what?
Me: *jumping off the bed and going down on my kneels* please,okay just let me stay with them for one more day please,I beg of you please
Tanko: you have had enough with them *he left the room with his gangs carrying my babies and slamming the door*
I ran after them but right at the parlour his other men stopped me and carried me back to the room,I noticed Rita at a corner of the house seated.
Because I was crying out aloud I was tied to the chair in the room with my mouth blocked,I noticed the native woman crying too so sorrowful,the kind of sorrow I felt in my heart couldn’t be described nor defined.
About an hour later someone tapped me,I woke up only to behold obele,I must had cried myself to sleep earlier,at the side of the room was the native woman lying probably dead,fear gripped me,he removed the block from my mouth
Me: have you come to kill me? go on,c’mon do it,you have taken everything I had so kill me,go on and do it
Obele: *looking left and right* ssssh,others would be back soon,am not here to kill you,am here to save you
Me: save me? no don’t save me,kill me,you didn’t save me all these while so why now that I have lost everything?
Obele: no time for questions and answers but am assuring you that your kids are safe and once you are taken to safety,I will come back for them
Me: you would get my kids back?
Obele: *loosing me* we need to get out of here now or never
Me: that poor woman,why did you kill her?
Obele: she isn’t dead,she is only unconscious, let’s go *drawing me up*
Me: your phone in the other room
Obele: forget about it,I saw it where you hid it in the toilet flush valve but it had been soaked,now ask me no more questions,say no more words,till we are sure safe.
He took me by the hand and lead me to the sitting room,in there I saw Rita and three others laying dead
Me: why did you kill her?
Obele: she isn’t what you think so don’t pity her,now let’s go.
Just then we heard the outside gate opened
Obele: oh s–t!!!!
To be continued

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