The Priest Vow – episode 9

Episode 9.
By Amah

“… you told me that I was a great dancer and very beautiful. You said I looked like the queen of the coast. You introduced yourself as Gumi and asked for mine. I was always shy to say my full name out so I ended up telling you “Kita” Instead of Nikita. You paid for my drinks and I started liking you from that first day. We ended up in a motel which was close to dinasaur night club. We had our first night and many more sweet nights. I only visited your place once and the second time was to inform you about the pregnancy which got you mad. I thought the news will interest you, I thought you loved me like you usually whisper to my ears whenever we are together. You treated me well and gives me enough money. You said I should leave all my lovers and focus on you alone and I did exactly that. You got angry and jealous anytime a man calls me. You became violent too but you will later apologies. You were nice until I discovered that I missed my flow and came to you with the news thinking you will also be happy but you became so violent and hit me with a….a…

She paused and I was waiting for her to continue but she didn’t. I listened and was surprised when she began to snore so loudly.
She slept off suddenly in the midst of her supposed confession.

I lay on the bed staring at the ceiling, the chaplet which I was praying with was hanging on my neck.
I breathed down and kept staring at the ceiling.
Few Psalms dropped in my heart and I began to say them out.

“Do not turn your back on me. Do not reject your servant in anger. you have always been my helper, don’t leave me now, please don’t abandon me O God of my salvation. Even if my father and mother abandon me the Lord will hold me close….

I became quiet as another Psalm dropped again.

“.. even in darkness I can not hide from you. To you the night shines as bright as day. Darkness and night are the same to you Lord. You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and you knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you Lord for making me so wonderfully complex.

I stood up and began working around my room with my Bible as more Psalms poured into my heart and out it came through my mouth.

“… you saw me before I was born, every day if my life was recorded in your book…how precious are your thoughts about me. I can’t count your numerous blessings for they outnumbered the grains of sand…

A tear drop from my eyes and another followed by.
I didn’t bother wiping the tears I was filled with his presence.
I began to talk to God in my broken state.

“…The condition I found myself do not look good but I will trust you. Even if you struck me h-rder than this I will never stop trusting you. If it gets worst and everything around me began to crumble, even in death I will keep trusting, for you have the key to life and death. If you do not approve, it will never stand. I’m only your servant please help me through this and at the end all glory will return to you alone. Anna… no matter her past mistakes she belongs to you, you knew her before she was born and knew this day will come, help her pull through this. grant her safe delivery and help me to see her not as the enemy for she is also a victim of the devil, help me to see and relate with her better than before. I don’t have any reason to condemn her or appear more righteous than she is because we all answers only to you. Either Jew or Greek we belong to one God. For we are the righteousnes of God through Christ Jesus….

I prostrated on the ground and that was were I remain till day break.

I felt free, i felt relieved and when I got out Anna was not yet out of her room.

I went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast.

I waited hoping she will be out but she didn’t come out
I walked to her door and knocked.

“Good morning Anna. How are you today?

I asked. I have never bother to know how she was really doing ever since we moved to this City, I was consumed with anger and pity but after last night I became The Man God chosed fifteen years ago to serve and lead his people.

I became the priest that took of vow of obedience to God’s call. In both rain and sun, in good and in bad situation, in hunger and in plenty, in sickness and in health I vow to serve no matter the condition.
  I was back at being myself again, God did not choose me for only the good times, he alone knew bad time will strikes.

“Anna… Anna…

I called again. Her response came but I sensed something wasn’t right.

I decided to open the door, I stood by the door side and saw her lying down on the floor instead of her bed. She wasn’t sleeping but was looking weak.

I took few steps close to her side.
This was my first time entering her room.

I stood beside her before going down on one knee to where she was lying.

“Are you alright… what’s the problem. Do you need anything? Isn’t this ground too cold for you?

I asked. She turned and looked at me surprised at my sudden kindness.

” I made breakfast… should I get you some?

She nodded.

“Then try and get up and wash your mouth.

“I can’t, I’m too weak to get up. I have tried getting up but fell back. I’m feeling dizzy…

“Okay, no to worry. I will help you.

Anna is heavily pregnant but I try to help her to her feet before leading her to the bathroom.
I added paste to her toothbrush and handed over to her.
I turned on the water heater for her hot bath.
She was brushing her teeth when I left.

She spent over an hour using the bathroom

I brought breakfast and placed on her room table while she was still in the bathroom.
When I checked up on her later, the food was untouched. She was lying down on her bed

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t eat it.

She said calmly.

“No problem Anna. Will you like to eat something else or should I take you to the hospital?

She mentioned what she wants to eat.
I drove out to get it for her.
She was able to eat and I lead her out to the sitting room.

She lay at the couch as I try reading some Bible stories to her.

I made dinner and serve her and she ate little before going to bed.

Every night I made sure I pray with her before she goes to bed.

After two weeks, one cool afternoon Anna scre-med that her water broke and was rushing down her legs.
I quickly drove her to the hospital and she gave birth The following day.
Anna gave birth to a baby boy.

She stayed few days in the hospital before returning home.

I try to be there and support her all the way, holding the baby in my arms and caring for him like a father would do, makes me forget my trouble.

The baby grew with every passing day that turned into weeks and months.
Anna was a good mother, and I made sure she and the baby lacks nothing.

I thought of the DNA test but left it for later.
I may not be a biological father to the baby but I will be a father figure to him.

Anna asked me to give him a name and I called him Joel.

Joel and I bonded together and every night before bed time, I made sure we all prayed together before going to our seperate rooms.
Even after I retire to my room I will still have my own quiet time.
I never knew who my biological father was but I will become a spiritual father to many kids like me.
So that they can have a normal life growing up.

The bishop and father Patrick never stop to check up and pray for me through phone calls and messages.

I later got a part-time job, which runs for five hours at a grocery store.

I made sure I buy things for Joel and his mother whenever I’m coming back.

Anna was changing to a better person because of my sudden change towards her.
I cared for her like I will do for a sister.
Kindness speaks many languages, love was my deal breaker.

I found myself in the verge of serving humanity again. I’m changing what seem like a sad tale to a testimony.

At the grocery store I smile, I remain friendly both with the young and old.
 I started having people coming down only when I’m on shift.
The old wants to tell me about their family, children, grandchildren. While the young are mostly having, relationsh¡p, career or family problems.

I booked time outside work with them at a coffee shop where we sit, talk, cry, laugh and most importantly pray together.

I was serving again even in my own little way.
The city which holds only memory of a childhood past and tales of a dear one was changing to something magnificent.

Everyday I return home to Joel and Anna.

Joel will giggle immediately he hears the sound of my car driving into the compound.
He is always happy to see me.
I will take him from his mother’s arms and gently throw him up into the air.

It was satisfying watching his toothless mouth giggle so loud.

I don’t know where all this will end but I’m allowing God to lead.
Where he leads I will follow until he says is time to go back to where I came from.

I’m beginning to enjoy every day at a time. Counseling, ministering and leading people to God after my every shift.

The coffee shop was having more people waiting to talk and pray with me.
We sometimes sit round a table with our coffee in hand as I went on doing the only thing I’m called to do which is to serve.

After each meeting I return home to Joel and listen to him giggle innocently.

Everyday is becoming fulfilling because I’m back to serving mankind just as God has intended for me.


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