Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 9

Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 9

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” Lucifer you need to talk to your son alaster.” God said to Lucifer.

” I cast him out of hell..”

” I know you did and then trap him in,side a bracelet. So many have suffered different fates Lucifer.” God yelled.

” Yes God , and you freed his victim.”

” I didn’t , her guardian angel did.”

” Take your son back Lucifer.” God said and disappeared into the clouds.




I look around and I was standing on the road , wow was I really back ?

” Hello..” I called a girl but she refused to answer.

” That was rude.” I muttered and sighed.

I saw a man coming and waved and still he ignored me.

” God I’m a ghost..” I said looking at my hand.

I felt so sad , I look around and no one can see me. I exhale and race to Giselle’s house. I stood at the door and look in,side the apartment. She was talking to Melissa and a strange boy.

” I had a dream.” Giselle said.

” What dream ?” They asked.

” That someone returned the bracelet but Jordan didn’t survive.” Giselle said and sat down.

” Really ?” I asked.

” I think there’s hope ..”

” But I want Jordan alive.” Giselle said and pace around.

I kept quiet and went behind the house where my body lies. I tried to disappear through the door but I can’t.

” What’s happening ? Why can’t I get in ?”

I sighed and tried to pass through the door it seems the door is rejecting my soul. I hold the knob of the door and it seems I was just holding my own hand.

I look at the door and saw a cross , it was shining a bit.

” The cross.” I said and scoff.

I returned back to the house and Giselle was out remaining Melissa and the strange boy.

” So who’s that dude ?” I ask myself.

I stood there for a while as this strange guy k-ssed Melissa.

” Gross.” I said and rolled my eyes.

He must be Jason I guess. I sigh and rushed out , I need a vessel. Someone I can possess. I walk down the road and saw a girl sitting all alone. She looks depressed and abandoned.

I sighed and entered her body. I tried to adjust to fit in. She was really a depressed vessel. I got up and looked around , everywhere was a bit quiet. I sighed and walk down this lonely road.




Danni was found in her bed dead. She slept and didn’t wake up. I was shocked including Danielle’s mom. She threatened to commit suicide but it seems Danielle care less.

She didn’t even cry , seriously I might despise Danni but her death was so painful.

” I’m truly sorry.” I said to Danielle.

” Why ?”

” Your twin is gone , I know that feeling.” I said and sighed.

” Oh yeah..” Danielle said and rolled her eyes.

” Elle you’re not concerned.”

” Why should I ?”

” Danielle.” Her mom called walking into the conversation.

” What do you want ?” Danielle asked.

” You killed your sister , and I’m sure you did that out of jealousy. You know she was better than you , you’re just one useless child of mine.”

” Really ?” Danielle asked her.

” Of course you’re useless. I’m going out to find the solution of your sister’s death and if I found it you’re responsible, I’ll make sure I kill you myself..” her mom yelled.

Suddenly her mother’s eyes turned red and and she gasped at once.

” Are you okay ?” I asked trying to hold her.

” Of course I am.” She said softly looking around.

” I’m really sorry Danielle , your sister’s death was really painful. I just need to take a nap.” Danielle’s mom said and walk out.

That was outrageous , what happened to her ? I turned to look at Danielle who was quiet. Something isn’t right about her and I’m definitely gonna find out.




I saw her standing outside alone. She was filled with darkness.

” Poor soul.”

I walked over to where she was standing , she turned to look at me and the demon smiled through her.

” Jordan..” He said through her.

” Who’s this poor vessel you’re using ?”

” You’re going back to hell where you belong..” I said and she laughs.

” So who’s sending me back to hell ? You ?” He asked and laughs loudly.

” Oh poor Elle.”

” Why are you doing this ? ”

” I owe you no explanations.” He said and grabbed my neck.

” Angel Gabriel was so stupid to have freed your soul.”

” You can’t kill me ,my body is weak but my soul isn’t. You can only destroy this poor girl I’m hiding with but you can’t kill me anymore.” I said and look at her eyes..

He threw me away and I fell on the floor.

” Her end is near..” He said through her and proceed to leave.

” One more thing , your spouse won’t survive except you give your life for his. A life for a life. If you want him to live then you have to die for his sake.” And with that she was gone.

No way , Christian can’t just die. I knelt down on the floor and weep. Good people don’t deserve bad things , she needs to be stopped or he will stop her.

I went over to Giselle’s and knock. She opened the door and grin , I know she is not expecting a strange visitor.

( Please note , Jordan posses a girl in other to communicate with the living , so don’t be confused.)

” Who are you ?” Giselle asked.

” My name’s Jane and I just wanna drop a message.”

” What type of message ?” She asked and crossed her arms. Her hand was a bit better now , I see.

” I found your bracelet. A girl is wearing it.”

” What ! Where did you find it ? And how how did you know I was looking for a bracelet ?”

” Does that even matter , the most important news is that I saw it and I can take you to her, that’s if you don’t mind.”

” Of course I mind. Hold on lemme get dressed.” She said and rushed out.

I went behind her house and opened the door of the loop. I walk in and switch off the light , there I was lying so cold. I stood there and cried in,side. What did I do to deserve this type of torture.

I walk out and closed the door gently. I remembered Christian and what that demon said , I can’t believe him.

” Hey..” Giselle called and jammed her door.

” You can take me there now.”

” Alright..” I said and led the way.

” But I will have to stop a bit far from her compound, I don’t want look like an informer.”

” Alright , but it’s a bit weird.”

” Then how can I recognize her ? The new owner.”

” She’s brown and has a low hair cut. Easy as that , you can also look at her wrist , that’s easier.”

Giselle smiled and nodded.




” When are you resuming lectures ? You’ve been lagging behind lately.”

” Soon.”

” Okay.” I said and turned to look at my best friend.

She wasn’t my best friend anymore. Something is living in,side of her and I don’t know what. Her smile is gone and her voice has disappeared too. We were in her balcony when a car drove in,side the compound.

A girl came down from the car and waved at us.

” You mind giving me a minute ?”

” Sure.” I replied.

Danielle turned to look at me and Frowned. She lead the way and we went downstairs to meet her.

” Hi.” She greeted.

” What do you want ?” Danielle asked.

” Your bracelet is pretty.” The girl said and smiled at her wrist.

” Thanks.” Danielle replied.

” Where did you get it from ?”

Danielle kept quiet and stare at her wrist , she smiled mischievously at turned to this girl.

” My boyfriend bought it. You want it ?” Danielle asked and grin.

” Not exactly. Look I don’t mean to intrude but that bracelet belongs to my sister and it has cost her her life. You might likely fall victim if we don’t find a way to get if off.” The girl said and Danielle laugh.

” You’re crazy..” Danielle said.

” I’m not crazy I’m telling you the truth. Your boyfriend stole it from the girl who died in September 12.” The girl said and I gasped.

” That can’t be true.” I said turning to look at her.

” I’m telling the truth.”

” I’m out. This black thief wants it.” Danielle said and stormed out.

” Look I’m sorry I don’t mean to trespass , but are you sure of what you just said ?”

” That bracelet is evil. She’s possessed and she will cause more damage to anyone who tried to stop the demon in,side of her.”

” I will try to help , her sister slept and didn’t wake up. Her sister was one of her worst enemy and we were surprised at her sudden death…”

” Harmony….” Danielle called at once.

” You’ve been talking to much , and I think you  no longer deserve your voice..” she said staring at me fiercely.

She turned to look at Giselle as she exhale deeply.

” You , whatever thing that happened to you in first edition will happen to you again , and I pray you survive.”

To be continued

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