Hidden Dream – Episode 16

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Hidden Dream – Episode 16

©Tisa Phiri


I looked at the lights across the building, the entire city was lit, it was like there was no place that didnt have lights.

I sighed feeling the chilled breeze touch my skin. I didn’t want to put on anything on me except for the long sleeved T shirt I had on top of some black p-nts.

It was one of the days I missed home so much. Home by that I meant Angela. Not that I didn’t miss my family, but I felt I could do with just talking with them on the phone and video chatting a little too.

I have been communicating with Angela on a daily basis, at least up until 4 months back when I couldn’t get through to her number. I tried to contact her but I never went through.

I felt tears threatening to spill from my eyes when thoughts of the last time I saw her came to my mind.

I had gone to her place on a Monday I was to travel. I woke up early finished parking my things and rushed out before anyone could see me. I drove to her place hoping she was awake. I was by her gate at exactly 07 am.

” am outside” I called her and cut the line before she could say anything.

I just loved her looks without make-up on and she looked so good in my eyes in her chitenge I could tell she was from her bed by the look on her face.

” Jay, are you not supposed to be preparing for the airport now?” She asked as she opened the car door as I didn’t get down deliberately wanting her to come in.

” I know but I just couldn’t go. I had to make sure I saw you first. Am going for 2 years and I don’t know if I will find any chance to come back before that.” I told her.

“I want to make you mine love” I told her making her turn to face me in an instance.

” what? What do you mean Jay?” She whispered avoiding my gaze.

” yeah you heard me, am 21 and still a V-rgin. I want you to be my first before I go to Paris.” I spoke straight up.

I saw her turn her face down slowly playing with her hands. ” Jay why are you so much in a rush? I mean we just started this a day ago and here you are talking about making love to me. What do you expect me to feel about all this?

” I know you might probably think I want to use you but look into my eyes and tell me am here for some kind of game” I glanced at her.

I saw her shift in her seat uncomfortably. “What is It?” I asked her.

” I have never had s€× with anyone before too Jay and honestly I don’t think am ready. Give me some time will you?”

I wanted her so bad even though I was a little scared. ” okey I won’t push you” I had told her,

“am sure when I come back we will have plenty of time to catch up and make all the love we can possibly do” I laughed as she did too.

She asked for me to give her a few minutes as she went back into the yard.

Coming back after about 8 minutes she had changed into a short dress and pamps. The smell of her lotion told me she took a bath or shower.

“Let’s go ” qshe looked at me as she fastened her seat belt.

” mnmmm where to?” I asked surprised.

“I will show you just follow my direction.its about 25 minutes passed 07, we have about 5 hours together then you can go back to pick your things for the airport” she smiled

I wanted to persist asking where we were going but I didn’t want to ruin the look of excitement on her face.

We passed Avondale and had now joined great east road. She told me to turn as we got to a Catholic church across showing me some direction until she asked me to park in,side a house in Chelstone with a round fence of flowers.

” who stays here? ” I asked calmly as she led me to the front door. I thought she would knock but she surprised me again when she took out the keys from the small purse in her hands and opened the door.

” okey,” I sighed shaking my head as followed her in,side.

” easy up. This is my friend’s house and she’s out of town. I called her and she gave me permission to come over and spend some time with you” she chuckled holding my hand to the couch.

I felt my in,side go wild as I imagined the time I would spend with her so close and alone in a house.

” I couldn’t say anything for a couple of minutes not wanting to bring up the topic of making love to her when she was clear she needed time.

Before I could find my words I saw her stand in the door way with all her clothes off.

” Angela, oh my God! What are you doing I thought you said….”

” shshshshsh” she held her mouth and turned away invitingly.

I followed her to the other room like a zombie, all my senses shut down and my outside man ready to experience what I had only imagined.

After several minutes of love making. We both sat in the couch and stared at nothing in particular.

” Thank you” I finally spoke up.

” for what?” She asked leaning back in my chest.

” For making me a man, I didn’t know that’s how much I would enjoy my first time. Even when the first round was a bit painful. I think we both got it right in the end and the whatever rounds that followed I swear they were amazing.”

She smiled her eyes closed. ” I wanted to make sure we both had something to connect us and have something to remember each other by when apart. I love you Jared Zimba, and I hope you are the man of your words. Come back to me” she whispered.

I had made her my promise to go back for her.

” am going to make the most of this scholarsh¡p and I can assure you am not coming back the same. I want to make a difference and I will definitely make you part of whatever am going to achieve”

” Jay, the class is here. People are waiting for you” Beverly’s voice called me out bringing me back to my senses.

” am coming, Bev just give me a couple of minutes okey” I asked her as she stood by the entrance to the building. We were at the 17th floor of the building and I stood at the balcon looking outside.

” she hasn’t responded yet right?” I heard her join me touching the rails.

” nope” I shook my head.

” It’s quite.i really wish i could know what’s going on. Unfortunately I can’t even ask my friend to go find out whats going on. He’s in the university in a different town. ”

“I have known you for 2 years Jay, and I know you are committed and faithful to this woman. But come on, how many women can wait for a man that long? She probably have moved on and couldn’t tell you the truth” Beverly told me holding my hand.

” No she can’t do that to me, she loves me and am sure of that, I have been communicating with her the past months and everything has been great. No she cant” I shook my head.

” you really don’t know her Jay, you told me yourself how you met and I don’t think the two times that you guys spent some time together you had managed to convince her otherwise.”

I hated the fact that she had a point. I never really got to know Angela all I knew where the details she told me on phone whenever I would call her. But in my heart I still convinced myself it was just something serious going on and when she had things settled she would get back to me and I looked forward to that day.

After starting the dance lessons in Paris I was quickly taken up cause I was good. I completed the course within a year and when I was offered a job to teach dancing at a dance school I couldnt turn down the offer. I knew I could make enough money and planned to leave when I had made enough to have a good start over with my Angela.

What was even more encouraging is how much I made from performing at some shows which also got me lots of dollars.

I had thought of starting to send something to my love Angela before she went dark on me.

Everything was going on quite well in Paris only the void that I felt in my heart for not seeing nor talking to her.

” okey come on people get paired up we get started” I shouted clapping my hands as I got to the dance floor.

I gave some few demonstrations and watched as the couple’s danced as I sat down on my chair.

My mind wild back and I recalled the last video chat I hærd with Tracy. She had surprisingly called me and told me she was now good friends with my sister. We are even in the same university now and your family is really cool. I would say you exaggerated a little bit about your dad being harsh.”

“Whatever Tracy, now tell me why you are calling me” I asked her holding my neck.

” what is it you tired or something? ” She asked me avoiding to answer my question.

” Yeah I am, I had a night show and if you don’t mind I really need to get some rest”

” okey, that’s okey babe, I just missed you and I really wanted to see your face” she smiled

” am not your babe Tracy come on I have a girl friend now and I really don’t want to have some drama with you” I told her off.

” who is She?” She frowned changing her facial expression.

” you will know her soon enough but I have to go now, i s ighed turning off the phone.

“Could it be she found out and is making some crazy drama with Angela? ” I asked myself

To be continued

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