Hidden Dream

Hidden Dream – Episode 21

Hidden Dream – Episode 21
A Story By Tisa Phiri


I had fallen asleep holding her close. Waking up, I looked at her sleepy face. She was still deep in sleep. Slowly I moved out of the bed and walked outside. After planting a k-ss on her dry l-ips.

It was past 6am, I checked my mails to see if the Indian Doctor had sent anything but there was nothing, just some mails for the offers to perform at some dance shows in Paris and New York. I quickly responded telling the offerors to give me some time.

I had to make a call to Beverly, I just recalled I had not talked to her since I got back.

” You finally decide to call me. I bet the silence means you found her right? She asked in her high tone voice .

” hey Bev, how are You?” I ignored her response.

” am okey but I dont like the silence” she complained.

” am sorry I had to do something and I didnt pay attention to my phone. I found her yes and unfortunately she’s very sick. Am at the hospital right now.” I went on explanning.

” oh my God Jay, am trully sorry, I had no idea. What is wrong with her?” She asked.

After talking to Beverly I decided to take a walk outside. My thoughts were not clear, I needed time to think through things.

What was I to do if the Doctor confirms there’s nothing they can do? I asked myself.

I wasn’t ready to let her go.

I recalled the last video chat we had.Angela was so happy her face was beaming.

” hey mate! ” she had smiled widely after answering my call.

” Hey teacher” I teased

She lay on her bed with a pillow placed high to lift her back.

” what’s up? I missed you so much today. It’s been a long day am sorry I didn’t call you earlier”

” it’s okey, I missed you too but I knew you would call me.”

” hey so I was thinking, I want to start my own dancing school here in zambia. I love seeing people happy when dancing and I think we have a lot of untamed talent here”

” I think it’s a great idea my love. You have a great passion and I love the way you look at this wh0le dancing thing. Just look at where I am bcause you encouraged me to take a step. You are a super woman you know that?” I let a laugh and I saw her blush.

” you are there because you deserve it Jay, I know for sure you will make it bigger than you have ever imagined and am gonna be so proud of you” she chuckled

” I love you” I went on making her smile.

” I know and I love you so much. So if we had a child what name would you give her or him?” She asked me

” mnmmm let’s see ” i sighed looking up. ” I think the baby would be called Blessings.” I finally uttered.

” wow! Why that name?” She laughed.

” well what else can I name my first child if not to identify how blessed I am. I was given a great talent by God and I had to fall in love with you the best woman I ever ever known. So yeah, am blessed and I would name the child ‘ Blessings’ ” I laughed as she did too.

We had chatted for a long time and after the baby talk I saw her facial expression a little bit sad. I couldn’t get the reason for that but now I understood. It was about the same period she found out she was sick and pregnant . I wished she had told me earlier and she was right. I could have abandoned what I was doing to come be with her.

Her generosity and the sacrifice she had to make for me to complete my thing in Paris made me shed tears.

She was the one for me and I wasn’t going to give up. I was lost in thoughts walking around when one of the nurses came running to me.

” are you Mr Zimba Jared?” She asked p-nting

I started walking back towards the wards before I could answer her question.

” yes what is going on Nurse?’ I asked in between the long strides I was taking.

” The patient has been rushed to the ICU and before she was taken she called your name. The Doctor told me to come and call you” she explained and my heart raced. .

” Oh God. Take me to her Now!” I shouted trotting.

I found her connected to some machines. The Doctor told me it was to help her breath properly. ” but what happened doctor, a few minutes ago i left her sleeping and she looked okey to me” I cried holding my head as I paced around.

” I told you her condition is delicate. We cannot guarantee her wellbeing. She is bound to have such lapses here and there. Shes gone through a lot and am afraid the cancer had has reached a fatal stage. Am sorry Mr Zimba ” he added an walked away after telling me I could go in.

I stood my eyes w-t looking at her face. She looked calm as usual, Like an Angel she was. I really wanted to stop my tears but they kept spilling off I hated myself for being so weak.

My mother came over with John and she held my hand leading me outside.

“She might not be looking Jared, but she can feel your emotions. Stay calm my son and don’t cry in there. Your father told me everything and am so sorry you are going through this” she whispered wiping her own tears.

” she can not die on me mom, I love her. She has given us a baby and I want to raise her with her. Please help me to pray for her mother. Am not strong enough” I cried as she held me.

John patted my back and comforted me too. ” you are going to go through all this together man, you are. Just be strong” he added

After 2 hours in the ICU. The doctors told me that Angela was able to breath on her own now and she was awake.

I left my mother and John and rushed to go to her..

” hey, you left me” she accused me her eyes on me but they looked so different. It was like she was looking at me but not really seeing me.

” no love. I just walked out a little bit. Am sorry. Am here now. You need anything?” I asked her sitting close.

” Yeah, I want to dance ” she said without hesitation.

” What?” I asked shocked. She looked so weak I wondered how she would think of dancing.

” you are too weak my love, I promise I will dance with you when you are stronger” I tried to convince her. .

” No, I want to dance with you today my love. Please don’t deny me this chance. Will you dance with me Jared Zimba? ” she pleaded holding my hand and sitting up.

” here?” I asked her still surprised she insisted.

” a perfect place, for a perfect dance!” She smiled widely mimicking my words the time I danced with her in the bush.

I looked at her and saw the determination in her eyes. I lifted her to the floor and she stood straight.

” let’s dance from the waiting hall, there’s no enough space here” she smiled now her face lit up.

” of course my love, whatever you want” I smiled and led her to the waiting room.

There were a few people seated waiting to be attended to and others taking some fresh air from the wards.

She made me t-rn on her favourite song, ” I will always love you” I placed the phone on the bench and increased the volume.

She smiled and opened her arms to invite me to hold her.

I held her in a balldance stance and she leaned her head on my chest holding my shoulder.

She lifted her head up looking at me as I kept mine on hers. What was in them was the pure kind of passion. If someone was to ask me at the moment what i was seeing, I would tell them i could see stars in her eyes.

We danced slowly and when the slow song finished the next one played on. It was my favourite and dedication to her. A Latin song, meaning ” you are mine for eternity”

It was a bit fast and I pushed her slightly as she followed my move and turned around gracefully. In a moment all I could see was my lovely Angela, she was looking strong and her mouth kept on smiling. It was like that’s where she wanted to be and the same for me.

We moved about and round the floor and I saw some crowds of people gathering others taking videos and photos whilst others kept smiling with so much admiration.

I turned my attention to my Angela. It didn’t matter that they were all watching, what mattered was being with her. ” I love you so much. Never should you forget this dance. And I want you to know this is the happiest day of my life.”

“I know you love me Angela and I will never forget this dance” i smiled widely

” she slowed down and held me tight.

” it has been my greatest pleasure to have been your teacher Jared and more than an honour to have fallen in love with you. In a short time you have showed me there is love in this world. A love that is beyond age, culture, class or anything else for that matter. No matter what happens in your life know that I love you so much. I want you to continue exploring your hidden dream. Maximise every chance in life and live your dreams to the fullest”

” Angela…” I cut her short.

She smiled and shook her head to stop me from saying anything

” shshshshs” she whispered.

“Promise you are going to be happy, that you will not let anything bring you down. Promise me now Jay” she ordered

” Ang…” i almost responded and she leaned closer.

” please just promise” she insisted.

with tears in my eyes I whispered back.

” I promise”

She moved away for the last time and I held her back in an embrace.

” i will love you through death. Fare well my love. Be happy and take care of our child. Let her be a reminder of our pure love.”

I was almost saying something back but she fall back.

” Angela!” I shouted aloud as I tried to hold her so she doesn’t fall.

” My love open your eyes please” I cried when I felt her body go stiff. She wasn’t moving and I knelt down holding her body in my arms.

She was quite and wasn’t breathing.

Everything around me stopped. It was like I was lost in my own mind. I couldn’t think, I couldnt move.

” noooo!” I scre-med when the Doctor rushed to the scene too and held her. He placed his hand on her to feel her pulse, checking her and shook his head. .” Am so sorry Sir, she’s gone” he announced

” No she can’t.. Angela wake up please” I scre-med like a child. Don’t leave me My love please am still a child I need you to guide me. Angela please dont abandon me am so scared. I can’t face the World alone please come back” I sobbed loudly.

John and my mother came and lifted me from the floor as they out put her in a strether covering her with a white clothe.

I escaped John’s grip and ran after them like a mad man. scre-ming her name loudly as people watched.

” come down man” John pleaded holding me still.

” she’s gone John, don’t you get it. She left me with our baby. She cannot do this to me man. She can’t she told me she loved me. She can not give up so soon.  I want her back. ” I cried as he continuously patted my back.

” you have to stay strong man. It’s what she would want for you. Be strong Jared ” he whispered.

To be continued

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