Mara the l£sblan 2 – episode 4

Episode 4

“Take me home” the lady told jonah as she was stepping down the floor to get the knicker.
 “I will esc-rt you….” Jonah said while watching the lady pulling up the knicker to the wa-ist covering the big curves and also the p*ssy.
“Am done” said the lady while putting the skirt in good position.
 Jonah stood up, grabbed the door nob, pulled it and the door opened.
“After you…” Jonah motioned the lady to go out first.
The lady dashed out of the bedroom while feeling shy.
  No matter how hærd a man can do more rounds, it doesn’t stop the woman from shaking the ass for it is their nature. So jonah got attracted again by the ass of the lady the way butts shook as she was stepping downstairs.
“Mmmmm this woman….” Jonah thought as he caught the glimpse of the knicker entering between the ass.
At the sitting room, the lady motioned jonah to go and unlock the door for he had the keys.
“Oh….” He rushed to the door and unlocked it.
“Thank you” the lady thanked jonah.

As they were walking near the gate, jonah decided to grab the ass once again and squeezed them without the lady getting upset.
  As jonah pulled the gate, there came my aunt.
“Oh baby..” My aunt hugged jonah tight.
Jonah couldn’t wrap my aunt’s back cos of the lady standing behind him.
“Mmmmm….see go in,side and wait for me” jonah told my aunt.
 Then my aunt saw the lady holding the handbag,
“Who is she?” Aunt asked jonah.
Jonah faced the lady once and the idea poked his head,
“Oh see…” Jonah grabbed the lady’s hand, “she is actually my sister or should i say my cousin” jonah lied.
 Due to the evil spirit in the lady, she nodded the head agreeing what jonah told my aunt.
“Mmm you have a such beautiful sister” my aunt said while going to the house.
“Gosh” jonah said to himself as he released the hand of the lady.
“You’re a such liar” the lady said while passing the gate.

 Jonah esc-rted the lady near to the lady’s mansion.
The lady enjoyed the conversation that she forgot to tell jonah to go back.
“Oh shit…..jonah you must return now” the lady said between sobs upon noticing that they were right at her hubby’s mansion.
“Anything the matter..?” Jonah asked.
“This is my place” the lady pointed the mansion.
“Oh sorry…give me a k-ss” Jonah requested.
The lady quickly turned to Jonah and gave him a deep tongue k-ss.
“Please” the lady stopped jonah from rolling the lady’s tongue.
“You’re a such sweet lady” jonah said while rolling his tongue on the lower lip tasting the sweetness of the stain sugar pits left by the lady’s l-ips.
 “Go please…. I will see you soon” the lady told jonah as she was opening the gate.
And jonah waved her.

“Oh hope my husband is not around” the lady thought as she was walking to the mansion while rubbing her l-ips with palm.
 She opened the door, looked around the sitting room and the husband was not there.
She quietly entered the mansion, and as she was going up the stairs with hands holding the banister.
As she approached the bedroom, she heard strange voices coming out from the bedroom.
“Oh baby….oh shit…give it to me..” The male voice.
“Yes…yeah…wow” the female voice.
Immediately the lady heard the mo-ning voices, she felt bad and pushed the door with wh0le strength.
 Behold, she saw the woman driving the hubby in an-l style.
 The lady threw the slipper to the other woman.
 The woman quickly turned back and found out that it was the wife.
The man quickly covered her manh-od with both palms.
“What is going on here?” The lady asked.
“Exactly what you saw” the other woman replied.
“Hey” the lady stepped closer to the woman, “mind the way you talk to me because this is my house”
“Says who?” The other woman said while standing on bed.
“I can ki-” the lady wanted to slap the other woman but the husband stood between.
“Stop this!!” The hubby told his wife.
“Haha so you’re guiding her” the lady told the hubby.
“Yes…” The woman replied instead of the man, “better than you who sleeps with two men at same time”
When the lady heard this, she was shocked.
“Which men?” The lady asked.
“So you think i didn’t see you? Ha…” The woman replied in a question form.
“Who are you” the lady asked.
“The short man who slept with you is my hubby”
“Yes…so the more he will sleeping with you is more i will be coming to your hubby too”
“Haha what they put in,side you for them to taste your p*ssy is what i have put in,side your hubby…as you can see he is guiding me”
And the lady became powerless.

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