Mara The L£sb!an2 – episode 5


“Woman please leave my husband alone” the lady said while shading tears.
 The woman standing behind the husband quietly moved forward and stood closer to the wife.
“Madam listen…..” She stepped on the floor closer, “am not scared of you….if i want i can kill you right now” she said while looking into the lady’s eyes.
“No what….Take care of my husband and i will take care of your husband” The evil woman warned the lady who was just shading tears.

The evil woman looked up, raised hands above her head and she disappeared leaving the lady shaking and sweating.
  And when the evil woman left, there was a completely silence but the husband decided to hold his wife.
“It’s okay my wife…..lets sit” the husband told the wife.
They settled.
“Am sorry my hubby….since we have wronged each other, lets find the solution” The wife suggested while placing the left hand on the hubby’s laps.
“What solution?”
“For what is happening darling”
“No…lets just act as if nothing is going on”
“How can you say a such thing my husband?”
“See…i love that woman…she is too sweet and beautiful” the hubby said.
“Really….!” The wife stood up h-rder upon hearing the negative support.
“Okay….i will also be sleeping with the new man who is strong and powerful in bed”
“Go ahead” the hubby got up and dashed out of the bedroom to the bathroom.

Due to evil spirits controlling two of them, they all had no time to touch each other in bed, k-ss or even poke in bed yet they were sleeping in night clothes with no knicker and boxer in,side.
  So, any time the short evil man came to visit the lady, He always found her ready that no need to bother to remove the knicker but just to open the legs, finger her and ins**t the manh-od while the husband is sleeping.
 And also the evil woman used to found the husband lying straight on the bed facing up, and she just pulled the trouser, brings out the manh-od, s-cked it like ice cream and then swallowed it/ins**ted it into the magnet p*ssy which whether the man is asleep or awake, he still enjoys the inner warmness and sweet.

 When the morning comes, they would notice stains of the semen(the wife) and the cream stains (the hubby)
  But they don’t bother to ask each other due to the evil spirits in,side them.

As i was walking, i noticed the same man staring my curves and how my ass were shaking.
 He tried to blew the whistle but i had no time to look behind.
“Some men gosh….” I said to myself as i heard him calling me BABY.
  As we may all know, when you have big ass, the more fast you walk is more the ass shake up and down and also bouncing.
 So i killed the man who was watching me going to my house.

I reached my house, i looked back to see if the man was still there but wow he was out of my sights.
“Good…” I opened the gate, entered and closed it back.
   I went direct to the kitchen to drink cold water.
 After drinking water, i sat on the sofa, pulled the remote control and tuned to BBC news where i got shocked when i heard that, ” The young man saw 49 caskets on the road. He called the police officers and when the officers came, they opened the caskets and all caskets were empty except the cottons which were put in the missing corpse nostrils.” The reporter further went on saying, “The officers went to the grave yards and found the tombs dug.”
 Tears started rolling down my cheeks upon hearing the shocking news.
 So i quickly changed the Chanel.
“This world is fake, ” i faced down, “Such a pity….but who can do such a thing?” I said to myself.
Due to over thinking, i slept on the sofa and i had a say dream…
“In the dream, i was dating the same man i saw and so he took me to the beach where we had fun and lots. It was around 6pm when he took me to his house and there, He promised to give me money just for him to open my legs and taste my p*ssy but i refused. So as he was begging, he showed me his black manh-od for me to get attracted by gosh i had no feelings at all. He rubbed it to my thighs but nothing to disturb my feelings. He then grabbed my b-obs and squeezed them wow i felt something wetting my p*ssy but i had no option to to push him away. He walked out of his house running and he began to chase me. As he was about to catch me, i opened my eyes”

I checked my p*ssy and it was dry.
“It was a dream…” I thought.
“But i think this dream is a vision for me or my aunt…. One of us is in danger” i said to myself while still checking if my p*ssy was w-t anywhere but wow it was dry.

“Until now he esc-rting the woman” aunty thought.
“Hello baby..” There came jonah.
“What took you so long?” My aunt asked jonah.
Jonah settled next to my aunt,
“Sorry….am here for you now”
“Okay…what do you have for me?”
“A lots..give me three minutes” jonah said and rushed upstairs to get something for my aunt.
 Jonah in the upstairs as he was getting some items, there appeared the king of evil…
“Jonah..” The evil king said at the corner holding the glass of blood.
“Yes my king”
“Am thirst”
“But you’re holding blood my king”
“No. I want to sleep with the woman downstairs”

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