Vanity Episode 11

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In the previous episode Esi Haizel plays a very important role to seal the release of her friend. Her unflinching support to her friend speaks volume of how she values her friendsh¡p with her friend, in this new episode we will see how far things will go between the two friends and what the future holds for them.

As Esi Haizel came back from the office with her land doc-ments, she came to meet Adjoa Wusua in a hearty conversation with no one but the almighty Mr Edward Ansong (Eddysongs) which made Esi very surprise.
Eddysongs: And what are you two damsels doing in my compound this beautiful afternoon. I don’t want to believe you came looking for me because I will be very surprise if you came after me here.
Adjoa Wusua: Hahahaha well if anyone told us you will be here this afternoon we will never have believed that statement but the truth is my sister here happens to be one of your numerous employers.
Eddysongs: You don’t mean it, how and when did this become possible?
Esi Haizel: Sir as a matter of fact its true and am ashamed to add to the fact that I was the lady who was supposed to submit a presentation on Elder Akyeah’s department this morning at the annual board meeting but unfortunately I couldn’t make it because of a pressing issue at hand by then, moreover I called all your cell phone lines but none was connecting.
Eddysongs: That is very true but for the reason why you made your department lose that sum of money to another department am very interested to listen to that, I will like to see you ladies again tomorrow afternoon for a c*cktail drink, you can then tell me everything that needs to be told or discussed. I will beg to take leave from you ladies now but please kindly let me have you contacts before I leave here.

They exchanged numbers before parting ways with Eddysongs. Esi Haizel sat in the car and drove Adjoa Wusua straight the beach for her to bathe and cleanse herself from the cell odour around her, after that they went to sit at a pub to break some bottles and plan ahead of the mission ahead of them.

Adjoa Wusua: Bae thanks so much for the support you threw behind me when I was apprehended. So how much did the lawyer take before he came to render his services?
Esi Haizel: What is the purpose for telling you how much I spent to get you out, the bible even says we shouldn’t let our left hand see what the right hand does when it concerns good deeds. So please don’t worry because I won’t tell you anything wai, am sorry for disappointing you this time around.
Adjoa Wusua: Mmmmm is that what you bringing on board? Okay no problem but I have something to say and I don’t want you to kick against it.
Esi Haizel: Let me hear what you have to say first.
Adjoa Wusua: I want to be the one to purchase the gift you want to get for the lawyer, this is the little I can do to also show appreciation for what he did for me, please don’t say no to that.
Esi Haizel: To whom much is given, much is always expected from that person. I subscribe to your appeal.
Adjoa Wusua: Thanks for giving me that opportunity, please do you have my phone and handbag with you in the car?
Esi Haizel: No my dear, we have to go to my place so you freshen up first then you can collect your bag and phone from there if you don’t mind.
Adjoa Wusua: Am okay with that idea so please let’s hurry up and get to your place before the shops around your place closes, you know most of them don’t operate on Saturday’s.
Esi Haizel: That’s very true my dear so let’s be on our way now.

They quickly rush to Esi’s car and drove immediately to her house where both of them freshen up and that was when it came to mind for Esi to check the doc-ments that was handed over to her by Elder Akyeah. As she opened the envelop and brought the doc-ments out Esi scre-med out of joy, she had been given four (4) plots of land at Lashibi, she immediately showed the doc-ments to her friend to confirm it for her if she was not been deceived by her eyes, Adjoa Wusua confirmed that indeed she saw and read right what was on the paper. Adjoa further adviced Esi to show the doc-ments to Lawyer Ayibontey to confirm if truly the doc-ments were authentic and they had not been forged, Adjoa put her phone on and in less than a minute the first call came through, she answered and it was no one but Eddysongs. He called to book an appointment with the ladies at 2pm the following day, Adjoa approved of it and told him to text the deails of where he will like them to meet him the next day. When the call ended, Adjoa took some money from her handbag and the two(2) ladies left the house for a nice place to shop for Lawyer Ayibontey but interestingly something happened on the way as they were some few meters away from to the place they planned shopping, am eager to tell you what happened but not on this very episode………..


As they were a few meters from a nice men’s boutique a patrol team who had illegally set up a checkpoint and were extracting money from drivers who were not having driver’s licence and fire extinguisher stopped Esi. One of the officers signalled her to pack her car in a corner, interestingly the car had not been registered and was using a trial number plate, secondly she was not having a driver’s licence and lastly she had not filled the logbook given to driver by the DVLA anytime you move an unregistered car. One officer standing at the other end of the road gave a devilish smile and said “Aben woha”, Esi felt bad because she knew she was at fault. What lie can I give to this officers so that they can consider me and take the little money I intend to give them, gosh we should have used the other road if I knew this wahala people were here this evening. Use see the Ghana Police laws states clearly that if a policeman or officer stops you on the road, you don’t have to first get down from your car, you must remain seated in the car for the officer to come to you and do his or her checkings, the only time you step down from your car is when he or she wants to check the trunk of your car, if the officer fails to come to your car five (5) minutes after stopping you, you have the mandate to move your car but ignorantly most drivers fall for it. Esi fell for that and immediately she stepped out of the car to go and see the officer who stopped her.
Esi Haizel: Good evening officer. How are you doing and how is work?
Officer: Am fine and work so moving on smoothly as you can see. Are you aware you a driving an unregistered car at the wrong time which is against the laws of roads regulations?
Esi Haizel: Am very much aware sir but there is an emergency that happened and I had no option than to move the car to the place my attention is needed.
Officer: Are you a doctor?
Esi Haizel: No sir
Officer: Lawyer?
Esi Haizel: No please
Officer: Security Personnel?
Esi Haizel: No sir
Officer: Are you related to any Minister or MP?
Esi Haizel: No, please officer I told you there is an emergency thats why am driving an unregistered car by now, I know I am at fault for driving by this time so please in my hand is fifty(50)cedis please take this so I can rush and help solve the problem.
Officer: Can I please see your driver’s licence?
Esi Haizel: Please sir I don’t have it on me right now, it’s in my other car home.
Officer: (Thinking he has hit a jackpot and is in a comfortable lead and also knowing he is dealing with a lady) Madam you are in a big mess ooo. First offence you driving an unregistered car at an unauthorised time. Second offence you driving without a driver’s licence. Third offence you are wearing a slippers to drive.
Esi Haizel: Am not challenging you sir, please take this small token and pardon me for today, you might not know where you will meet me tomorrow. It’s a small world you know.
Officer: (raising his voice) Are you trying to insult me madam. What do you take me for? You are down with three (3) offences and you are here holding in your hands fifty (50)cedis, what am I going to do with that. Is either I drive you to the office or I take two hundred (200) cedis from you, nothing more nothing less.
Esi Haizel: Please sir temper justice with mercy, am not challenging you in anyway sir, please just consider me.
Officer: My last is one hundred and fifty(150) cedis, if you can’t afford that price I will just march you to the police station and impound your car and later arrange you before the law court and there when you are fined by the judge about ten (10) times what am taking from you now you will learn not to be stingy.
Adjoa Wusua: (joins Esi and the Officer after she reliased Esi was taking long to come back in the car) Officer well done ooo, Esi what is going on here? I have been waiting for long for you return but I can see all is not going well here.
Officer: And who invited you here madam busy body. You better vanish from here before I arrest you for obstruction of duty.
Esi Haizel: Officer please take it easy, that’s my elder sister you talking to like that. I told you there is an emergency we have to attend to, you have kept me here for close to fifteen (15) minutes now. Please take the little am giving you maybe we will meet at a better time where I can reciprocate your kind gesture.
Officer: Madam I have given you my last price and if you can meet the cost I will just take you to the police station right now.

Adjoa Wusua: Esi let me add another fifty (50)cedis to what you have in your hands, so we can give him and leave

As the noise continues to go on something mind blowing ju st happened which will make you laugh

To be continued

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