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There is this saying that when you given a kingly position and you reject even the messenger you won’t get. As the noise kept going on another officer who was a superior to the one infront of Esi Haizel and Adjoa Wusua came to the scene to find out what the noise was all about. He scre-ms from behind the name of the officer before he gets there.
New Officer: Constable Ewusi what is all this noise about, can’t you deal with this petty issues on a low key. Do you have to be so loud?

Esi Haizel: Corporal Kwaku-Duah is that you?

New Officer: (Turns to see the person who just mentioned her name) Oh madam Esi is me oooo and what are you doing here by this time.

Esi Haizel: (playing smart) Hmmmmmm my uncle summoned us to his house some moment ago which he said it was very urgent but you colleague here stopped me like fifteen(15) minutes ago because am driving with a trial number plate. He said he is taking two hundred (200) cedis from me and I have been pleading with him to accept the little I have on me but he bluntly refused.

Corporal Kwaku-Duah: Is that so madam Esi? Do you mean my junior here is requesting for that amount from you? Constable Ewusi do you by chance know the people standing infront of you? Do you love your job at all?

Constable Ewusi: Yes sir, I really love my job and I don’t ever want to loss it for any other job in this world.

Corporal Kwaku-Duah: Then you better go down on your knees to start apologising to this beautiful ladies before they leave here because your staying in the police service now rest on their shoulders. With one single call your dismissal letter will be signed by the IGP and be sent to you be the armoury squad. Am not a witness to what is going on here wai.
Constable Ewusi: (quickly knees down infront of the ladies to apologise) Madam please forgive me for my pride and arrogance, I was only trying to raise money for my senior here so he can settle a debt ahead of him, am a very nice guy who is very compassionate and very understanding. The circ-mstances at hand led me to show you the bad side of me, please forgive me

Esi Haizel and Adjoa Wusua looked at the officer who was miserably kneeling down infront of them and shook their heads in sympathy.

Adjoa Wusua: You see how miserable you look down there, the fact that you are wearing this black khaki doesn’t make you a super human being or superior over anyone you meet on the road.

Esi Haizel: Do you remember you were putting to me if I was practicing any high profession or was related to any big man in the country. Even if I was a tomatoe or pure water seller, there was the need to show me a little respect because afterall you are paid with my little tax and hence must relate to me in a very positive way.
Constable Ewusi: Am very sorry madam, please temper justice with mercy.

Esi Haizel: Did you just use that phrase “temper justice with mercy”? How many times did I plead with you and even told you that you don’t know where next we might meet, you see in less than five (5) minutes the table has turned. You take the money in my hand.

Constable Ewusi: Am I crazy to take money from you as am under your control now? Please am okay madam

Esi Haizel: Oh don’t do that officer, it’s coming from my heart and it’s very voluntary.

Constable Ewusi: Madam please keep the money for my sake, am very okay please.

Adjoa Wusua: If you won’t accept the money then esc-rt us to the car by hopping like a frog from here to the car, it will keep you on your feet and make you more sportive since most of you don’t exercise your body after you pass out from training. You have delayed us but we have forgiven your arrogance, Corporal Kwaku-Duah thanks for bringing solution to this confrontation, will see you some other time and have a splendid evening. My esc-rt friend let’s be on our way.

Constable Ewusi hopped like a frog whiles he followed Esi and Adjoa Wusua to where their car was parked and when they got there oga officer was sweating and trembling like he had just escaped a gunshot in a battle field, before the ladies left they took pictures with Constable Ewusi doing his frog jumps, as the ladies settled in the car they took off in a grand style whiles the officer looked at the back of the car biting his l-ips for making a fool out of himself. Esi drove to a nice boutique where they entered and started making selection on the things they planned getting for Lawyer Ayibontey, at the long run Adjoa Wusua picked some nice polo shirts, perfume, Italian shoes, executive shirts and a tuxedo. After shopping Adjoa Wusua pleaded with Esi to drive her straight to Lawyer Ayibontey’s end so they do the presentation to him that very night before he goes to bed, Esi liked that idea and straight away she drove to Lawyer Ayibontey’s end


As they got to the residence of Lawyer Ayibontey, Adjoa Wusua was wondering if Esi had brought her to the wrong place so she asked if they had not missed their way to the place they intended going.

Adjoa Wusua: Bae where have you brought me? Are you sure we have not missed our way to a wrong place? I know most of the buildings here look alike so you might have mistakenly choosen the wrong building.

Esi Haizel: Hahahaha sweetheart that was the same thing I was thinking when I got to this place earlier on in the day, don’t mind the nature of what you see in the building now, this is where the man we are after leaves and works.

As Esi ended her statement they started climbing the stairs leading to the lawyer’s place, the wh0le place was very dark because there were no outer lights to guide your steps should in case you climbing or descending. All of a sudden some bats flew in a fighting mood to the direction of the ladies, the noise the ladies made was enough to sound a caution to a deaf ear, if both of them had high blood pressure I believe they will be breathing their last breathe on earth now, they saw a flashlight above them and Lawyer Ayibontey scre-med to find out who were making noise at his quite residence that solem night.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Identify yourselves before I blow you heads off. Who sent you to me this night without any prior notice, you think you can succeed in kill me like how you did to my family years back this time around? Sorry to disappoint you because I will be the last man standing, he cloaked his gun to show his readiness to fire at will.

Esi Haizel: Doc please don’t fire it’s AdjoaWusua and me Esi Haizel.
Lawyer Ayibontey: Hey and what are you ladies doing here by this time? You could at least called to inform me that you are coming over, this place is not safe at night for only ladies to go around this place.

Esi Haizel: Sorry sir but we wanted to take you by surprise.
Lawyer Ayibontey: Surprise? Okay come up and let me see your surprise.

The 2ladies quickly climbed the staircase to join their lawyer and in no time they were all seated in the room of Lawyer Ayibontey

Lawyer Ayibontey: (already drinking a can beer even before the ladies walked in) Ladies what can I offer you? I have beer, whiskey, brandy, dry gin and coffee which one would you like to take and don’t try to say no to my offer because you ladies owe me a lot of favours.

Adjoa Wusua: Beer will be okay for us sir.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Okay then beer it is for you ladies (he quickly goes to his fridge and brings 3can beers to serve the ladies)
You are welcome to my place once again, please what is chasing after the toad in a broad day light.

Esi Haizel: Well sir if you see us here this evening we are here to thank you for what you did for us earlier on in the day, we felt it would be very appropriate to come down here this evening to show our profound gratitude to you.

Adjoa Wusua: Sir where we come from, the little gesture or favour that is done to you remains in your mind and heart forever, if not for you I wonder where my fate will be now. The housefly says even though he has nothing to offer he is good at rubbing his palms, over here with us is a little shopping we did for you this evening and we decided to bring it to you even before you go to sleep, we know it’s not much and can’t be compared to what was expected from us but please accept this little token from us.

Lawyer Ayibontey: (rises up to receive the present and after goes through the things with much joy infront of the ladies) Wooooooow you ladies have swept me down on my feet, I didn’t see this coming even though Esi told me earlier on that she will surprise me, I taught it was one of the empty promises people make when they want something from you desperately. You ladies have made me very happy but also sad, your kind gesture had brought to mind my beautiful wife and daughter who I lost years back to some hoodlums who invaded my house one ugly night. (tears started dropping in the eyes of lawyer uncontrollably)

Adjoa Wusua: We are so sorry for your lost and we didn’t know doing this will rather bring bad memories to you sir.
Lawyer Ayibontey: (wipes his face and seeks permission to lite his tobacco) Whether I like it or not my family members are no more, I tried so hærd to get those social miscreants but I couldn’t get enough evidence to track them down but I will still press on till I get those thugs, all I remember is one of them had a big tattoo on his shoulder with the inscriptions “SONGS” but I couldn’t read the other one on his left shoulder before I passed out.

Esi Haizel: Wow indeed we leave in a crazy world, I wish you could tell us your story if you don’t mind since I now see you as my uncle.
Lawyer Ayibontey: Hmmmmm this story of mine has been kept in my heart for a very long time without even opening up to the police but for you ladies, I will tell you everything you want to know, let me get more beer for us to enjoy but please forgive me for smoking in your presence, this is one of the few things I learnt when I lost my entire family.

Adjoa Wusua: No problem with that sir.

Not everyone in this world is cheerful and without problem as we see them. Under our dresses are serious problems and matters people are having but we always judge them based on the outer appearance. People are doing outside gentelity and home cry!!!!!

Don’t try to predi ct because you will always get it wrong

To be continued

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