Vanity Episode 7

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As Esi Haizel entered Elder Akyeah’s office he scre-med at Esi as to why she failed to show up at the board meeting that was going to host the CEO of the company, that opportunity came annually and for Elder Akyeah’s department to fail that obligation was a big blow to him. Esi tried to explain herself but she was rudely interrupted by her boss to shut up.

Elder Akyeah: If you think you can patronise and blackmail me with that pictures you have on your phone then am afraid you are sitting on a time bomb that will explode any moment from now, I have had it up to my neck and now its choking me so badly that I will vomit very soon. In the car park is a black Sonata 2015 model, its your official car as long as you work in this company and when you close also come for the doc-ments of the land you so wanted. Bear in mind that I have delivered on my promise so what I entreat you to do now is to play by the rules of the game and that if you go aginst the laws of this company you will be fined and dismissed from this company and no one can help or do anything apart from the CEO, our department has lost five hundred thousand cedis (50000) to the other department under the umbrella of companies all because you didn’t show up at the meeting to do the presentation expected from our department.

Esi Haizel: Am very sorry sir, whatever happened was not intentional so please forgive me.

Elder Akyeah: Sorry for yourself, get out of my office now. You can pick your land doc-ments when the day is over. I would advice you delete those pictures from your phone now because I have fulfilled the promises I made to you.

Esi Haizel: That won’t be a problem but I must also emphasis on the point that should anyone try to attack or harm me, I would do the unthinkable.

On this note Esi Haziel picks the key of the car and walks out of Elder Akyeah’s office very happy in,side out, she is now a car owner and in a few hours time she will also be a land owner, someone’s lost is someone’s gain, that phrase people say is very true and now she believed it 100%. When she got to her dest she tried to perform her duties before moving on to do anything different, at exactly 12pm she leaves the office with her new car in search of the lawyer who would defend her dear friend Adjoa Wusua. After combing the principal streets of the capital city she is directed to an abandoned storey building, she comes down from the car but she isn’t sure if she was at the right place and looking from left to right no one was passing by for her to ask if she was at the exact place she was searching for, after several minutes of contemplation she decided to go back into her car and drive away but she saw a sign post which gave her the assurance that she was at the right place. She did the cross sign on her forehead and walked to the storey building, as she got to the entrance of the building she saw another signpost which was giving the direction to the very floor the law firm was, she climbed the staircase in a very frightening way because the building was very old and all the iron rods that was used to support the building were protruding and it looked like the building will be coming down any time soon. Hmmmm when the going gets tough the tough must surely get going, she walked with faith instead of sight and in no time she got to the third (3) floor and saw the name of the law firm on a door at the right corner of the building, she went closer and knocked on the door several times but there was no response, she taught to herslelf if perhaps the law firm had been moved to a different place, she immediately remembered she had their number so she brought her phone out of her pocket and called the number for them to give her the very location they had now moved to, she tried twice but it wasn’t connecting but before she gave up she decided to try for the last and this time around the call went through, she heard a phone ringing behind the door she knocked on, her face beamed with a little hope because she knew her search was not in vain and that she was not at the wrong place. She tried the number for about five(5)times but no one answered the call which made Esi Haizel worried a bit, she knocked on the door once again but no one seemed to be home at that time, she gave up and decided to go back to the office and come back later but as she took some steps forward leading to the staircase, a door opened behind her and what she saw brought a chill down her spine


As Esi Haziel took some steps forward a door behind her opened and she turned her back only to see a potbelly short man standing infront of the door she kept knocking upon, the man had wrapped a cloth on his wa-ist and spoke in a croaky voice, yeeeeeees how may I help you?

Esi Haizel: (a bit scared and speaking in a stammering way) Gooo……oooood afternoon sir, my name is Gertrude Esi Haizel and am looking for the lawyer who is in charge of this law firm, I need him/her to render a very important service for my dear friend.

Potbelly man: (rubs his palm on his fat belly with one hand holding a bottle of beer, he gives a heavy belch before talking) Well you are at the right place, am known for rendering exquisite services for mankind even though am not in the lime light and I don’t wish to be there though because I have paid my due in full, I dont like to blow my own horn myself, am a lone ranger who has been working alone for sometime now. Come in,side and let’s talk business.

Esi Haizel followed him still scared but pretended she was okay. I don’t know if am to call the place an office or a living room because of what I was seeing, the place looked disorg-nised and the kind of foul smell in the room could make any person vomit should the person spend about five(5) minutes in that place.

Potbelly man: Feel free and take a seat, let me find something to wear so we can talk officially, should I offer you anything? I have beer, whisky, brandy and coffee.

Esi Haizel: (takes a look at the place filled with this odour of tobacco and alcohol again) She shook her head before answering in the negative way.

Potbelly man: If you say so I have heard you, will be right back in a giffy.

As the man takes leave Esi’s eyes takes a quick tour in the room especially the wall and she sees many certificates and citations in frames from different institutions and cooperate bodies, at one corner also was a showcase which had several awards and plaques displayed in it, on the left side of the room were framed pictures with top men and women of the society. Out of curiosity Esi stood up and goes close to the pictures that had been displayed, she saw a picture of the potbelly man with the ex President, another with the Chief Justice, another also had the top hierarchy of the Ghana Bar Association, then another one with British High Commissioner and the American Ambassador to Ghana just to mention a few, the rest were pictures of him receiving different awards. With this Esi was very convinced that she was at the right place and the proverb “never judge a book by its cover” came to her mind, as she kept feeding her eyes with the things in the room, the potbelly man came back to the room and cleared his throat to announce his presence into the room again. Esi turned her back and smiled and made a positive remark to the man before she resumed her seat, I must confess you have a very great gallery of pictures and your awards and plaques speaks volume of your great achievements, I now understand why you said you don’t have to praise yourself.

Potbelly man: Oh thanks for your compliments, now can we go straight to business because I don’t like to waste time with business related issues.

Esi Haizel: Okay sir but please can we go out to a different place and discuss the matter there, we could do the discussion over lunch.

Potbelly man: Hahahaha that sounds tempting but I don’t do business and official matters out of this room but I will consider your humble request since am hungry myself.

Esi Haizel: Thanks very much sir for accepting my offer, I will take the lead to the car whiles you prepare yourself so we go out.

On this note she quickly left the room and as she closed the door behind her she gave a sight of relief because the room was really smelling and she couldn’t stand any second of what she was taking in there, she quickly dashed out from the storey building and went to sit in her car to wait for her new found saviour. In about fifteen(15) minutes time the potbelly man comes out from the storey building dressed in a very fancy old school suit and his hat with his tobbaco in his br-ast pocket, his appreance got Esi Haizel laughing to herself but had to hide it because she didn’t want to incure the anger of the man she looked forward to assist her bring Adjoa Wusua out from police custody for good. Esi drove straight to a nice restaurant in the heart of the city to discuss on how much the man will take as the bill for his service and also brief him on what exactly happened that made the police to  apprehend her friend……..

To be continued

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