Anita – Final episode

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Episode 5


‘I noticed my c—-x approaching, she got
down from my J0yst!ck moved her butt0ckz
backwards ,and wide her legs and my head in
between it looking at her moist K!ttyC@t i
wasted no time as i start eating her out as
she was doing same to me in a perfect 69, i
poured in her mouth as my Pour went straight
to her throat and she swallowed it, she
squirted on my face and mouth too.
‘We got into another rotnd of F**K which
lasted for another 35mins and we decided to
rest a bit while she prepares us something to
eat, i got up and wanted to wear my boxer
‘No way, none of us is wearing anything for
the wh0le of today she said’ i agreed and kept
the boxer and sat on the couch, she went into
the kitchen unclad to prepare the meal she left
the kitchen door open living me with a huge
backside to entertain my view, i cant hold it
any longer as my J0yst!ck began to grow
hærd, i entered the kitchen, grabbed the
butt0ckz that has been tormenting my
J0yst!ck, i bent her a little and spanked her
butt0ckz, she gr0aπed out loud as my thick
palm came in contact with her butt0ckz
spanking her in the process, i ins**ted my
J0yst!ck into her K!ttyC@t from behind and
F***ed her in the kitchen for a few minutes
though we were conscious of what was on fire.
‘The food was done and she dished our food
in same plate and we ate right there in the
kitchen, eating and car-ssing her butt0ckz in
the process.
After we are done eating she suggested we
take our bath, i bathed her while she did same
vice-versa and we ended up Bleeping her
ourselves in the bathroom.
‘It was a long day as we F***ed ourselves
throughout the day and we slept Unclad and
we continued our Bleeping, i lost number of
times she climaxed but as soon as we stopped
she passed out.
‘Me and miss anita continued our s€×capade
till i left the school and gained admission into
the university miss anita also left the school
and she got another job in a big firm
and that was how i lost contact with her but i
heard from my classmates that she is now
married with kids

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P.S: ‘Nobody knew about my s€×capade with
miss anita in the school except you and its
because i just told you now.


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