My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 2

My life in Royal Hill High School
Written by Humble Smith
Episode 2
 Jeremy’s POV continues
I bent my head down on my locker ignoring the stares of the two annoying beings in front of me,
I am so sure they would be really shocked but I don’t just care,
I really hate this country like mad and staying here makes me feel like throwing up,
I hate my father for bringing me here,
I..mean why this dumb country?
After some minute, I raised up my head and to my utmost surprise, I found the three girls still staring at me without moving an inch,
“What are you bitchy ass still doing here? Are you girls deaf? Can’t you just leave my front so I can breath normally?” I sneered making the girls more angrier and embarrassed,
The other students in the class had their palm across theirs mouth as they gasped in total shock..
“What…” The girl at the left hand side made to shout back at me but the one in the middle which seem to be their boss shued her then glance at me with an expression I couldn’t explain before walking back to her seat with the two girls following her..
Not long after, a teacher came in and immediately everyone started grumbling,
“Hey will you all shut those mouth of yours!!” The teacher which was a middle-aged man barked but it did no good as the students kept on grumbling loudly,
“That you all hates my teachings doesn’t mean I’ll stop coming into the class room, so just listen to what I’ve to say because I’m not here to teach” he seethed with a loud hiss,
“There would be a new after school activity that would commence next week…it would be the drama acting, this means that from next week students interested in acting would be registered and would begin their practices” he explained and almost everyone scre-med in happiness
“Now is time for teaching so keep quiet!!” The teacher said and the scre-m of happiness turned into the sound of whining and grumbling
Just as he was about to begin, the school bell rang for break,
The students laughed out loud making the teacher walk out of the class immediately…
“Hey cute, do you mind me showing you around the school compound.. I mean..”
“Shut up!!!” I yelled at the girl making her flinch, she was the girl sitting beside me,
“I’m sorry..I..just..”
“Shut those smelly mouth of yours!! Infact I’m leaving this seat for you!!” I blurted and left the class quickly..
Lisa’s POV
“What us wrong with you?!!” Mara the girl at my right side asked with anger as we all sat around a table in the cafeteria..
“I’m also really surprise..this is not the Lisa I know” Kira the other girl at my left added gazing at me with questioning stare
I just smiled staring at the space without saying any word to the two girls who are more of my servant than friends..
My name is Lisa, the most respected,
Well, I’m the only daughter of the school proprietor and you know what?
No one questions my order or stand against me, my word is final and I’m just like the owner of this school..
I tells who stays here and who leaves, no one challenge’s me or else he or she no more values his stay in this school,
I’m the richest and one of the most beautiful,
All through my life, I’ve never been so embarrassed as today,
I mean.. since I was born no one.. I mean no one had ever said any harsh or hurtful words to me,
No one had dare to abuse me in any form for so many years of my stay in this school but just today someone had done it in the most embarrassed way..
Well…I’m surprise that I couldn’t get angry with him…
i can’t just say but I can’t really become angry,
“Lisa, what are you thinking off?” Mara inquired tapping me lightly
“I’m in love with that guy” I said softly making the two girls arch their brow on me..
“You are in love with that guy?? I don’t understand?” Kira questioned
“What don’t you understand?? that I’m in love or what??” I asked with a little smile
“Uhmm, are you truly in love with him or…”
“I’m seriously in love” I interjected still smiling dreamily
“The fact that I’ve never fell in love doesn’t means that I can never my first glance at that charming guy I already find myself loving him and as long as I’m in this school, I would make him mine” I said in finality
“that’s what I call weird.. how can you love that rude and arrogant guy who sees himself as if he is the only cute guy on earth.. don’t you see how he just abused us like we’re a piece of trash!!” Mara blurted scowling at me
“uhm well, I still love him that way” I said with a little smile.
“okay then what about Fredrick?” she asked
“ugh?.. Fred what?..” I paused and burst into laughter making them stare at me confusedly,.
“like you all know, I never love that guy, I just wanna play with his emotion like I always did to other boys like him” I said with a smirk
“uhm, but that guy really loves you oo” Kira said pitifully
“that is his concern” I said with a shrug and stood up
“I’ve to go and search for my cutie” I announced smiling widely
“uhm okay good luck” they both chorused…
I walked out of the cafeteria down the school compound and halls, I need to meet this charming guy, even if he is rude I don’t care…
Jeremy’s POV
With the help of the school map installed in my phone, I was able to locate the school garden, I couldn’t go to the cafeteria to avoid those peering eyes of the girls there and apart from that, I’m not yet sure I would be able to taste the food or snacks from this country..
Oh gosh… I couldn’t help but gasped in amazement on how beautiful the school was, i never expected it to be this beautiful at all,
it has different charming flowers all around, then at every corners, there are two lovers seats, a seat which can accommodate only two people..
I walked into the garden and as usual every ladies averted their gaze to me ignoring who so ever they were sitting with..
I could hear different compliment from every corner and I’m well sure it’s about my handsomeness,
well it’s none of my business!
I searched through the wh0le place for some minute before I ciukd locate an empty seat,
I went and sat carefully on the seat then brought out my phone to put a music,
I also brought out a can milk which I brought from home,
I was still trying to put a music after connecting the earpiece when a lady walked to me.
“Hello, I’ve been watching you from a distance, it seem you’re aline, how do you mind if I seat with you” she said smiling sweetly
“I don’t need a company” I replied dryly without looking at her.
“okay how about just taking a pic with me”she said her word really made me pissed off and I’ve to look up at her,
“I’m sick and tired of the girls of this school.. can’t you all just let me be, ugh?” I huffed and turned back to my phone
“ermm, i…”
“leave my sight!!” I flared up
“you don’t have to…”
“get out before I throw up, don’t you have an idea of our disgusting your cologne are?” I scoffed
“are you this rude?.. cute guys like you don’t need to be rude okay?” she said and made to sit down with me,
I quickly jolted up from the seat grabbing my backpack and milk..
“I can’t sit with girls like you so I’ll mind if you would just excuse me” I seethed and scurried off,
I walked to another seat faraway from the recent one,
I exhaled heavily then sat down with a loud thud,
I brought out a body perfume and sprayed all over my body,
you don’t expect me to start emitting the scent of Nigerian…
I was enjoying both the cool breeze and the milk when suddenly three boys swaggered into the garden,
everyone started creeping out and I couldn’t help but wondered why,
The three boys walked to my direction and that was when I got their clear view,.they were dressed like gangster with tattoos on their neck
“Hey you little brat here you are” one of them said with a lopsided smile
“So this is the sissy who pulled that stunt?” the one in the middle said
“who are you boys if I may ask!” I said dryly
“We are people you would pray never to come across, in sure you’re a newbie so I want to make something clear to you… you can say any sort of word to any lady in this school but never, I say never should you open those filthy mouth of yours to ever embarrass Lisa… she is my girlfriend and I won’t take it easy on you if you dare says any hurtful words to her” the middle man warned and I stared at him with a gawp smile
“Who is Lisa?” I asked with grimace,
“she is that lady you insulted in the class not long ago.. I left you scot-free for today just because you’re a newbie, but next time you dare insult her.. uhm get ready to smell my wrath” he threatened
“uhm.. you said she is your gf right? okay please tell her to take a thorough bath anytime she wants to come nearer to be because her odour is really disgusting” I blurted making the boys grit their teeth in anger,
“are you trying to say my girlfriend is… oh gosh, I see you don’t have manners, I’m gonna teach you a little” he said and before I could notice, he slapped me..
“what did you just did??” I asked with my palm on my cheek,
“that is just a little bit of what I can do, you’ll see the dangerous part of me the very day you will abuse or insult my girlfriend.. this is Nigeria, and in this country, we don’t take shit” the guy seethed and walked out with his gang,
I was totally stunned
I can’t just think properly
He slapped me
wait, he slapped me,
I rubbed my cheek softly in anger then rushed off to the school principal’s office,
I’ve to report that son of a bitch, I would make sure he smells hell..


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