My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 3

My life in Royal Hill High School
Written by Humble Smith
Episode 3
Jeremy’s POV
My hand couldn’t just leave my cheek as I find my way to the principal’s office,
Till now I can’t just believe that cow dung layed his his filthy hands on my cheek,
I mean..what gave him the audacity
oh yuck!!!
The slap was really painful that I thought my cheek had gone ablaze, it really came unexpectedly,
After a long walk I finally reached the principal’s office,
without knocking, I pushed the door open and dashed in,
“who the hell…” he stopped abruptly as he found out I was the one..
“Jeremy what is the problem?” the principal asked immediately
“I want him arrested this moment!” I yelled loudly with anger written all over me
“Who?” he asked with a grimace
“I want that bastardized fool arrested this moment!!” I yelled again fuming in anger,
I was really close to tears, the slap was still hot and was burning by cheek that I couldn’t help but wondered if that was just a slap,
“Please Jeremy, tell me who you’re talking about okay?”
“Omg” I breathed and rubbed my cheek softly to ease the pain,
“Can you believe that psychotic fool slapped me” I said
“What!!!!!… wait, I don’t get you, you mean someone slapped you?” he questioned with a w¡dened eyes
“Who did it?” He inquired inquisitively
“That d*ck head with a stupid tattoo around his neck” I blurted with anger but just then the principal sighed and shook his head,
“What’s it?” I asked confusedly
“Did you say he has a tattoo around his neck?” he asked with a drawn face,
I nodded like a baby
“So what do you wanna do now?” he asked
“I want him arrested and punished” I replied
“ sorry but I can’t do him anything” the principal said out and I felt my head ache,
“What do you mean?.. you can’t?? I don’t understand”
“Uhm, his father is one of the founding fathers of this school, his son has the right to do anything of his choice without anyone shunning him, I’m sorry but I can’t do your request”
I felt like rushing at him that moment and strangle him to death,
“You mean you aren’t gonna punish that chump for slapping me?” I asked glaring at him with detest,
“I’m sorry.. if it had been any other person, I wouldn’t hesitate to expel him”
“You know what you’re?.. a bald headed fool, I hate you and every single soul in this stupid country, you all are mad!!!!” I yelled loudly and dashed out of the office in exasperation, I felt insulted to the core, I couldn’t just help but saw myself as a loser,
I can’t just believe that guy would slap me and go scot-free,
I think I’ve to call my father…

Lisa’s POV

The school bell rang for break over and
i walked into the class feeling dejected, I was really angry I couldn’t find my crush,
where could he had went to,
not long after, Fred walked up to my seat where i sat,
“Hello beauty what’s up?” he greeted with a wide smile,
I just rolled my eyes and turned to the other side,
I dint know why, but I think I’m really hating this guy gradually,
“Oh gosh, Lisa what is my crime? why that act?” he asked with a soft tone,
I just hissed and bend my head in the desk,
“Lisa what….”
“Leave me alone at this very time…i don’t need anyone around me, let me be!!” I interjected and brought out a novel from my desk
Just as I made to flip the first page, he walked in..
Omg he looks so so handsome and hot that I couldn’t stop looking at him, his hair was curly with a pointed nose and a deep blue s€×y eyes which really fitted his skin,
I could notice every other girls in the class looking at him dreamily and that made me some how angry, some were primping, arranging their hairs, redressing their clothes, winking at him but he didn’t even glanced at anyone including me,
He walked to his seat and sat down gently then brought out a novel from his bag, as he was reading, I noticed something, his cheek were a little bit reddish, but it still fitted him well,
I kept staring at him that i couldn’t knew when the teacher walked into the class,
“Lisaaaa!!!!” Mara called out my name making me come back to reality as I was already lost in my world of being with that guy,
I turned my front and found the teacher which was a woman staring at me,
“what is it?” I asked her angrily
“what were you staring at that made you lost?” she asked and I just rolled my eyes,
“if you came here to teach just go on and stop asking me annoying question” I said and bend my head to the desk,
Not long after, the teacher left, I raised my head up and faced Mara
“what do you think I can do to get that guy, I really want him” I asked her in a low tone,
“uhm” she smiled and glanced around,
“you’ve to kill those stupid feelings you’re having for that rude brat, he doesn’t suit you” Kira ch¡pped in immediately making be glare at her,
“I didn’t ask you anything so shut your mouth!” I seethed and faced Mara
“so tell me what you know.. how can I make him mine?” I asked her
“uhmm.. well I think you’ve to start getting nearer to him, show him you’re interested in him, stand by him… sit beside him” she listed
“okay I’m gonna try that out” I muttered with a smile

Jeremy’s POV

“Hello, can I’ve a word with you?” I heard a feminine voice says to me but I just kept quiet and kept my gaze straight, it was the girl at my other side
“please can I talk to you?” she said again and I glared at her before bending my head to the desk without saying any word to her,
I’m so very much exasperated, what has never happened to be before just occurred..
Someone slapped me and the most painful of it is that I couldn’t teach him a lesson,
After some hours, the school bell rang for closure,
I sighed in relieve and grabbed my bag, I rushed out of the class and head to the car park and not long after, my driver drove in, you
I hopped into the car and ride off..
today is just my first day in school and it was this sour, i wonder how I would cope with my years here,
We drove into my mansion and I alighted abd walked to by room…
I took my bath and changed into a casual wear which really fitted me,
I combed my hair and walked down to the dining table, I took my food and retired to my room,
I regret being in this place, this is the greatest punishment my parent gave me…
I’ve never called them because I promised them I’m not gonna do that, I’ve just disowned them as my parent…
I sat on the edge of my edge thinking about my past life in the state,
I couldn’t call anyone from the state, my father cut off every connection for a reason best known to him,
After some time, I stood up and walked out,
I just felt like strolling around the street,
I entered my car and drove off..

Anne’s POV
I walked through the street with a tray of orange on my head, it was evening and I was getting tired, the orange were remaining just five and I’ve to sell it all or there would be no food for me,
My name is Anne a 16years old girl,
I lives with my stepmother someone who could be termed as a sadist, I sells fruits for her and had to sell it all or I would sleep with hunger,
I felt my body shook in fright as I thought of the fact that I may not finish selling the fruits,
oh God please help me
I kept walking all along the road side in frustration,
Just then, I sighted a car parked at the roadside,
I walked to the car slowly,
I sighted a guy of my age sitting on the bonnet of the car with frustration written all over his face,
“Hello” I greeted with a smile and Hume turned his gaze to me,
Who is this guy?
So hot and charming,
“what is it girl?” he asked with a gawp stare
“ermm… I just wanna ask if you need an orange” I mumbled and he burst into a loud laughter making me confused
“Hey girl do I look like you dirty Nigerians, how do you expect me to taste those rotten orange of yours” he sneered
Okay I never knew he is this rude…
“Please why the insult, do you know how disgusting you yourself looks?” I asked with a frown
“yeah.. I’m selling a rotten orange but you yourself is as rotten as ever can’t you see the colour of your skin?” I said in a sarcastic tone
“Get out from my sight you smelly bitch!!” he yelled and I burst out into a hysterical laughter
“have you ever tried smelling your body? uhm if you try that you’ll find out you smells like cow dung, u advise you learn how to bath well before your stinking smell gets out of hand” I scoffed and walked out leaving the guy shocked.

Jeremy’s POV
I was totally astound at how that girl insulted me, she really got me with her insult,
I rushed down from the bonnet where I sat and chased her,
I grasped her hand from behind forcefully and tge tray she had on her head fell making the oranges sprawl all over the road,
“What have you just done?!!!” She scre-med with a teary eyes,
I stared at her without saying anything,
“why did you did that? why?” she asked with tears falling off her eyes,
I just can’t explain but I’m sure I felt hurt as tge girl shed tears,
I tried pushing off every feeling of pity growing in me but it just couldn’t, the more tears rolled down her eyes, the more I feels pity for her,
“I insulted you because you first started.. I was just angry because you insulted me and now you have just did the worst to me.. why? you should have slapped me instead of this, I’m dead!” the young girl sobbed,
Just that moment I felt pained,
I stared at the girl sobbing and noticed tears forming in my own eyes,
“I’m sorry” I mumbled
“you’re sorry but what would that change, would it stop my stepmother from beating me with a broom or would it make her not force me to bed with hunger?” she sulked and bent to pick the orange which had been smashed,
I held her up and cleaned her tears,
“I’ll pay for the loss” I said to her peering into her glistening eyes
“yeah” I said and brought out a bundle of money and put into her palm,
She smiled and drew out just a hundred naira from the bundle of money then gave me the rest,
“thanks” she muttered and ran off
I couldn’t help the smile which forced itself off my l-ips that moment..
Oh God!! what is wrong with me???


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