My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 5

My life in Royal Hill High School
Written by Humble Smith
Episode 5
(You can seat with me)
Anne’s POV
I have to rush to the principal’s office, I’ve to tell him this or else this school would be a history,
yeah, no one is aware, no one saw it, it was done neatly that it can never be detected,
An explosive bomb had been planted in this building right in,side the proprietor’s car,
I don’t just know why that guy dressed in black did that,
I can’t tell why that guy secretly implanted that bomb in,side the proprietor’s car..
I was hawking some fruit as usual when I noticed a guy creeped to the car which was parked beside the road, he took out the device and fixed it on the car tyre then scurried off, I wouldn’t had knew what he did if not for the call he made saying that he had successfully planted the bomb,
I had stood at the road side waiting for the occup-nt of the car to come out so I would tell him or her what just happened but it went sour, at the same moment when I was selling my fruit to someone that was when the car owner rushed out and drove off, I was really troubled as I thought on our the man was gonna die like that, I inquired the people around there who the man was and I got the information that he was the proprietor of the popular school Royal Hill,
on hearing that, I was forced to find a way to save him and the life of others,
after much thought, i had decided to sneak into the school and tell the proprietor what was about to befall him but on getting to the school, the security was tight and I couldn’t get in,
all I did for the security men to allow me in proof abortive,
I was disturbed and was close to tears, I was just feeling as if someone that meant so much to me would die if this school blasts,
After some time, I sighted a cleaner coming to the school,
she was a young beautiful girl of my age, I explained everything to her and she decided to help me by giving me her uniform to wear and her batch for easy passage,
I did it and it worked out well, I succeeded in entering the building, some student around showed me the way to the principal’s office which was where the proprietor was that moment,
I had just climbed up the stairs when shrugged someone, I couldn’t wait to say sorry as I feared that the bomb nay blast at any time later,
i was just about going further when the guy rushed at me,
He drew my wrist and I fell on his body , I looked up to the guy and found it to be that same cute guy,
i really felt some kind of happiness in me because I was gonna save his life although I still dislike him for being rude,
He was staring at my face with an expression i couldn’t ascertain and even swaddled me to his body,
I had to wave my hand to his face so he would regain himself,
immediately he released his grip on me, I ran off, I can’t wait although I really want to, but I can’t, wasting time would lead to the death of him and I..
I reached the office and knocked vigorously, it was opened immediately by that same man,
“Hey are you lost?”he asked me with a frown,
“ermm sir, can you just follow me downstairs to the car park, there is something you would need to see” I said breathing hærd
“are you okay? what do you…” he couldn’t finish his statement because I took hold of his wrist immediately and dragged him to the car park with me,
He kept yelling for me to leave him but I turned deaf ear, I wouldn’t allow him to worsen the situation, he tried struggling off his hand but I held him much tighter,
Finally we got to his car and I released my grip,
“You stupid cleaner, how dare you…”
“Shhh, call on the electricians or else we all will die here” I said sternly pointing at the time bomb around the tyre, he traced my hand and on seeing the bomb he scre-med in horror,
“Omg!!!!! that’s a bomb!!!” he shouted with fear written all over his face,
“yeah quickly call on the electricians before it explodes” i said staring at him as he hastily brought out his phone, he called the electricians and in just a few minutes they arrived and disconnected the bomb,
with glee, the proprietor took me to his house immediately,
“How did all that happened.. I mean how did you discovered the bomb?” he asked with his wife who sat beside staring at me with a wide smile,
I explained everything to him and he couldn’t help but gasped loudly as he found out something disastrous could have happened to him,
“I can’t thank you enough dear, I’m gonna give you a scholarsh¡p to Royal Hill High School, I’m giving you the sum of 500 000, please manage that as a little token, come tomorrow with your guardian let me know what i can do for her” he said and I leaped in joy,
“you’re starting tomorrow, all you would need would be given to you by the principal” he said handing a cheque to me,
“ohh God thanks you so much, God bless you” I gasped, my joy was really boundless, I felt like I was going to go mad, I couldn’t just believe this was happening, after many years of not going to school, I would finally be schooling in the best school in this country, tears of joy kept rolling down my cheeks as I thanked the man and his wife,
“you’ve to go home and prepare, always be a good girl, I love your courage, I want my daughter to be like you” his wife said happily
“thanks” i muttered and stood up,
they both hugged me before I ran out holding the cheque tightly,
Halfway along the road, I discovered that I’m no longer with my tray, I just shrugged with a smile,
five hundred thousand can buy more than enough,
I reached home and ran into my stepmother sitting in the frontage,
“Good morning” I greeted but she didn’t replied, she just kept searching my wh0le body with her eyes,
“explain” she said with a scowl while I just smiled making her frown deepen
“firstly I want to tell you that today is just the best day ever, uhmm, take” I said and stretched out by hand handing the cheque to her, she took it and gaze into it, I could vividly notice her eyes brightened,
“How did you got this?” she asked still smiling
I explained everything to her..
“so you would eventually start school, who would then sell those fruit for me!” she said and I felt my heart flinched as I feared she may stop me from going to school
“ermm ma please….”
“shhh, don’t beg me, you’re free to go to school but I’m gonna hold this money” she said and I jumped in happiness
“thank you” I thanked her before dashing into the house,
I knew right from time that my stepmother would take that money, she really loves money so much,
Ohh I would begin school!! I can’t stop feeling happy, this is really a dream come true,
I walked into the bathroom and took my bath then ate my breakfast before walking to the backyard to wash clothes already packed for me by my stepmother..
After few hours, I was done, I took another bath then lay on my bed,
In no distant time I drifted into sleep with the thought of my first day in school filling up my mind,

Jeremy’s POV
Now I got it clearly, I’m getting crazy, the clumsiness of this country is now getting into me,
What else can I say?
A lady, a hawker, a common hawker of the stupid country is making me act stupidly,
I still can’t believe she makes my heart beat faster when I comes across her,
I can’t believe I felt comfortable cuddling her in my arm,
Oh gosh!!!
I can’t love any body in this freaking country because I hates them, I’m sure what I’m feeling for that girl isn’t love, maybe lust or whatever…
It is morning and I’m sitting on my bed wearing my shoe, the time could be around 7:53am, after some time, I was done preparing,
I got downstairs and hopped into my car..
I alighted after we reached the school, I walked slowly and carefully to my class feeling some kind of happiness I couldn’t figure out the source,
After taking some pace, I found myself in the classroom, walking in brought out different kinds of crazy sounds from the girls, all the girls had their gaze on me,
I could hear different compliment about my cuteness from them, as usual, I walked to my seat and sat down without glancing at anyone,
“Jeremy good morning” that annoying girl beside me greeted,
I just nodded and brought out my book to read,
“You know today is Friday so next we are coming to school is on Monday, are you gonna join the acting group newly started?” the girl inquired,
I took a deep breath trying to calm my nerves, I’m just happy today, I’m just feeling as if something nice would happen today,
“I don’t know yet, I may or may not” I answered dryly
“Okay, me myself I’m not yet sure, ermm…”
“It’s okay, don’t say anything again to me, I don’t feel like talking” I said and bend my head on the desk,
“Jeremy I love you” the girl said softly and I scoffed without even looking at her,
“Do you hear me?” She asked
“Yeah, I have heard you” I replied and raised my head,
“Do you like me? She asked and I turned to her,
“What is your name?” I asked
“Lisa” she answered peering into my eyes,
“Okay Lisa, if you had came to sit with me so as to find a way to make me like or love you, i advise you walk back to your former position because I can never love you or anyone in this country” I said in a calm voice,
“But you sound so calm today, what…”
“Yeah I’m calm because I’m happy, I don’t know the reason really” I said and faced the board
“Is there anything I can do to make you fall in love with me?” She asked
“Nothing, I’m already in love with another lady in America named Sophia” I replied
“Uhm, okay can we be friends?” She breathed
“I can’t befriend a Nigerian because I detest them so badly” I said with a frown,
“It’s okay, you’ve asked enough!! no more question” I retorted getting pissed off,
“Okay fine” she said and exhaled heavily,
Just then, the door of the classroom opened,
Someone walked in with the form teacher,
I couldn’t notice the girl well because she was partially covered by the teacher,
Just when the teacher adjust, I found the girl to be that hawker,
Ohh gawd!!!! What’s she doing here?
“Hello pupils. we’ve a new student in our midst, her name is Anne, she would be schooling with us, please do well to make the class accommodating for her” the form teacher announced,
“So choose any seat of your choice” the teacher said to her,
This made her raise her head and just then our eyes met,
I felt some tingling s-nsation rush through my spine, I felt my heart hitch, I felt my wh0le body shiver, my palm became sweaty…
I looked deep into her eyes and got myself drown in her beauty,
She smiled at me and my l-ips curved into a smile also,
she walked to an empty seat at the front but the guy she was to seat with glared at her and she walked to another, but still received the glare, I could sense that everyone hates her, she walked to almost every empty seat but none of them accepted her seating with them, It was remaining mine,
she glanced at me and walked beside me,
“Can I seat with you?” she asked and without hesitation, I nodded
“you can seat with me”


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