Terrors Of The Past – episode 11

The principal was really in an angry mood that morning.
“Good morning students.”.
“Goodmorning Sir.”The students chorused.
“I’m have made it a point of duty to say many times and on many occasions that truancy is not being permitted here in this school, but it seems some unruly students still decides to disobey the law.
Two students, were caught trying to jump over the fence by, the school protectors the “MUSKETEERS” we all should be proud that we have an org-n like that in this school, that help in curbing the stubbornness of students.
Samuel Ikewueto and Jerry Bello, were the two culprits, they were trying to scale the schools fence. The punishment im about to give to them should be a deterrent to other erring students or those who intend to join their ways, they are hereby expelled from the school  and they have less than six hours to vacate the school’s premises or the police will help them do that.”
The students were murmuring, some where saying.
” Wow!! The musketeers are back?”
” Who are the musketeers?”
” Wow!! I’m so happy this bullying would reduce.”
“Do you know that amongst us here their might be one of the four musketeers so be careful how you talk about them.” Some students whispered.
“Shit!! The musketeers again.” Alex yelled angrily.
“Now two of my boys are expelled. F-ck!! The worst is that I just don’t know them In person.” If I find out who they are, I’m gonna castrate them all. 10 of my guys have being expelled from this school all to the credit of that stupid squad. I’m gonna make sure I find you guys to the end.” Alex vowed.
After their adventure of getting hold of the truants. Smart had been quiet, as his heart and conscience pricked him to no end, he had to go talk to Sandra but his ego was high.
     He looked up at the darkened sky as the time was 10pm in the night. He located a corner and sat down as he reminisced through his past life and tears stricked down his eyes.
“I was deceived.” He muttered. “How can I correct my rotten past?” He bowed down as tears crowded his head and mind.
He was in tears when he felt a hand tapping on his shoulder.
He looked up and saw Sandra staring at him.
“It seems you are crying, what is wrong?” She asked.
“Ohhh!! Nothing, just not in a good mood that’s all.” Smart said.
“I can see, why don’t you share your problems with me? You seem like a person carrying a load too heavy for you.” Sandra said and Smart smiled through his tears filled eyes.
“My dear no need for that, just forget about it. So whottsup? Smart said drying his tears.

” Nothing, I just came to say sorry  and equally thank you for helping me with Alex.” She said.
” It’s nothing dear, thanks equally for helping me out with my notes.” Smart said.
“Ooops!! Who told you that? U thought I told Jeff not to tell you.” Sandra said.
“You are the one who really exposed yourself,Jeff never told me anything.”
“Seriously?” She said.
“But how come you knew.” Sandra asked.
“I have my ways Smart said smiling.
” I want to go to class and finish my assignment.” Sandra said and made to leave, while Smart stared at her, he immediately held her hand upon her turning and they stood staring at each other face to face, like the first day, they met in class, but this was a different one as emotions spoke volumes.
Sandra’s heartbeat rose in crescendo, while Smart’s eyes which were normally cold, were now an epitome of love and affection.
‘It has been long, i wanted to tell you this Sandra, but have been afraid to link you to my mistakes to avoid hurting you, but I must tell you this now or never. I love you Sandra. Even if you don’t feel so towards me, I still love you. Take me as anything, maybe a guy who proposed to you because you asked for his forgiveness. But just know that my only love, sprung from my only hate.” He said staring at her with eyes that could melt an ice.
Sandra melted Inwardly as she gasped in ecstasy in,side of her.
” I love you too and I love you more my hero.” She muttered as she leaned towards Smart.
” I love you Sandra, he said drawing closer, their l-ips rammed in a blissful matrimony as they explored the hidden world  in their l-ips .
Smart and Sandra held hands as they discussed, chattering, Sandra could be seen hitting Smart on the shoulder whenever he said something funny, as her melodious voice rang out in the solitude of the night.
         How easy worst enemies, become lovers, just because she lay down her pride to apologize rather than dying inwardly and in,side her. She thought..
They were on their way when about six figures appeared blocking their way.
Sandra was very afraid as her loquacious l-ips  paused like a flash.
“I said it.” A familiar voice, which was indisputably Alex voice.
“I knew that all this while that you were forming and acting the hero, you really had an ulterior motive and it seems you are succeeding.” He said, smiling bitterly as anger brewed in him. Truth be told Alex loves Sandra but his gangster and rough life, won’t let him accept that fact, until now that he saw her in another guy’s hands.
” Alex, what do you want?” Smart said gently.
” What I want?” you will get to know, what I want in the long run. ” He said glaring at Smart.
Meanwhile Smart had already pressed the alarm  button he was holding to ⚠ alert the three on the position of things he was.
“Alex, while are you doing all this?” Smart asked.
“You should have asked yourself that question, when you busted into a business that was never your concern.
” Boys, deal with him and as for that wh-re, we shall enjoy her to the fullest. ” He said as they made for Smart.
Smart would have picked a race but for the lady with him who was shivering in fear he had to do something.

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