Vanity Episode 26

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In the homemade shrine of Eddysongs, his holy eminence had paid him a visit so Eddysongs would go and persuade or warn his friend that he introduced to the fraternity;

Holy Eminence: Eddy my visit here is very brief, its about time you talk some sense into your friends head, he’s trying my patience and now I have had enough of his stubbornness and insubordination, the lady that he is going around with, who is she? She is the reason why Nana Yaw is behaving that way towards us, I sent some kobras to her house to scare her off but I don’t know how none of them couldn’t achieve the target I instructed them to do. I want you to eliminate her for me as soon as possible, is threat to our fraternity.

Eddysongs: With all due respect my holy eminence, this job you asking of me now is not possible, I don’t know how I will go about it and besides this battle has got nothing to do with me, I have my own problem to solve so please let me concentrate on my problem. I will try to persuade Nana Yaw but if fails to listen to me, it’s going to be his world against yours.

Holy Eminence: Don’t forget if he goes down you have yourself to blame because you introduced him to us, you will hear from me later. ( he disappears after his statement).

Esi Haizel made a follow up to see why Eddysongs had kept long upstairs, as she got to his bedroom, there was no trace of him there, she checked all the rooms but still no sign of Eddysongs and as she gave up and was going back downstairs she bumped into Eddysongs coming out from a small room which looked like a storeroom, before Eddysongs could close the door Esi saw some sort of idol in the room with insense burning around it, she scre-med and ask what that was;

Esi Haizel: My God what is that Eddy?

Eddysongs: What is what my dear.

Esi Haizel: The thing in there with smoke coming out of it.

Eddysongs: Oh you mean that dummy, it’s a new product my Dubai counterparts are bringing into the system, it will be used in places like the nightclubs, churches, hotels and large auditoriums for events, it’s an air condition which bumps smoke in the form of an air refreshener, as I called my partner he requested I put it on to see if its still working since it has been in the room without use for over 6months. I think I should get you one when we get to Dubai.

Esi Haizel: It looks scary to me and I don’t like but what’s that smell like insense I perceive on you?

Eddysongs: Insense? Oh okay that is the fragrance of the current air refreshener I have here, the cherry and other nice fragrances I have is at the storeroom outside the house. Anyway let’s go downstairs for more discussion.

They descended down and engaged themselves in a conversation. Back in Nana Yaw’s house, Adjoa had served him with Omo Tuo with Kontomire and groundnut soup plus bush meat and dry fish to match, Nana Yaw really enjoyed the meal and after eating he released a very loud belch in the form of appreciation for the good meal he enjoyed, I have only been eating junk foods in this house for a very long time, he made a funny comment on what his cook has been cooking for him. When they were done he took his medicine and left for his room to sleep, later Adjoa also left to the room that had been allocated to her, after taking her bath she decided to call Esi again, she tried her number over and over but she wasn’t still answering her call, to Adjoa that was very strange for her friend not to be answering her calls, she laid on her the bed wondering what the reason to that action could be and by so doing she was stolen by sleep, around 12midnight she started having series of nightmares with people chasing after her and trying to kill her, she woke up from her sleep and then tried to go back to sleep and again the nightmare came back to her as to where the previous one ended, in one of the nightmares she saw clearly Eddysongs and some other strange looking faces she has seen somewhere but couldn’t recall giving her a hot chase, on the way she stumbled and fell down and the people surrounded her, most of them were scre-ming “kill her! kill her!! kill her!!!”, Eddysongs moved forward holding in his hand a baseball stick, we have been warning you to stay away from Nana Yaw but you have decided not to hid to our warnings so this is your end, as he got a bit closer he raised the stick to hit Adjoa but from no where Nana Yaw showed up and held the stick, he struggled with his friend and took the stick away from him but he fell and all the people standing there turned into kobra snakes like the same colour and size she saw the previous day, she started scre-ming the name of Jesus Christ and the next thing she felt was someone’s hands wrapped around her, the person switched the bed side lamp and as she opened her eyes it was Nana Yaw who was sitted next to her on the bed.

Nana Yaw: I have got you protected, keep calm and stop scre-ming, do you want to talk about what might be scaring you in your sleep?

Adjoa Wusua: Nana I don’t know but it looks like my life is in danger, I need to see a real man of God for serious prayer over my life.

Nana Yaw: How do you mean my dear, what is putting your life in danger? Can’t you give me a clearer explanation because am lost with what you just said.

Adjoa Wusua: I dreamt and saw your friend and some other guys whose faces I have seen somewhere but can’t remember where exactly I know them chasing me, I fell and Eddysongs tried hitting me with a baseball stick but from nowhere you moved into the scene and fought him, you took the stick but fell down and all the people there turned into kobra snakes, I started scre-ming and that was when I felt your arms around me.

Nana Yaw: You mean you saw Eddysongs holding a baseball stick trying to harm you? And later as I came to rescue you all the people there turned into kobra snakes? Was there any special thing you saw again in the dream?

Adjoa Wusua: Yes their dressing looked the same, yes their dresses looked like your friends who came to visit you the day that you came back from the hospital and I think I saw about 3 of their faces in my dream, yes it’s them, one fair guy with a tribal mark on his cheek and the other short one with a bald head and plenty beard, then the other one who has a potbelly even in his youthful age.

Nana Yaw: Really you saw all this people, wooow am shocked. You mean you saw all this people in your dream? This is weird though but also surprising

Adjoa Wusua: Yes and I saw one elderly man with maggots dropping down his head.

Nana Yaw: Maggots dropping from his head?This is serious my dear…….. Hmmmm I guess it is high time I open up to you, what you need to know about me. But I will need you to promise me you will stand by me and you won’t turn your back on me at the end of the day.

Adjoa Wusua: I promise to stand by you through thick and thin, but before you do or say anything I want to affirm my loyalty to you and register to you, how madly I have fallen in love with you. Whatever it is you have me behind you like a body lotion, please tell me everything about you, I mean everything.

Nana Yaw: Do you have the liver and heart for it because you can’t even stand the sight of a snake.

Adjoa Wusua: (punches Nana Yaw) Bring it on baby boy.

Nana Yaw: Well you see am not proud of myself and what am about to tell you but if at the end of the narration you choose to walk away from me or change your mind and the way you see me, I won’t hold anything against you or bear you any grudges.

Adjoa Wusua: Mr lover boy stop beating about the busy and hammer straight on the nail.

Nana Yaw: Okay madam where do I start from, erm okay will start from my childhood since that will make you understand me better.

My father divorced my mother because he claimed my mother gave birth to only female children and after that he travelled to Nigeria. It was during his absence that my mother realised she was pregnant and I was that baby in her womb, as my dad travelled no one heard of him again, my mum single handedly took care of us and along the line my sister’s dropped out of school to work so I could go to school because my mum told them a woman will away get a man to marry her and take care of her so going to school was not important and that the woman’s place in the world was the kitchen. They understood her and dropped out of school, the first born took to petty farming as she went about weeding people’s farm so she will be paid at the end of the day, the second one went about in people’s houses washing their dirty clothes and cleaning the homes, the third one sold toffees and chewing gum by the roadside. Along the line my third sister got knocked down by a trailer and it run over her body, hmmmm the police had to collect her body on the road with a shovel, this news nearly killed my mum because my runaway father named her after my mum because she really resembled my mother. As if that wasn’t enough the second born was raped by some hoodlums when she was returning from her customer she goes to wash for every Saturday, they broke her V-rginity and out of shame and pain she committed suicide by hanging herself that same night behind our house, 3weeks later after her burial, my remaining sister was bitten by a poisonous snake in the busy and by the time some people came to rescue her she was long dead. My mother felt staying in that same village and losing 3female children of hers was more than a curse and our elders say if there are plenty towns available you don’t sit at one place to welcome embarrassment, she moved to a faraway place from her village because even her family hated her for marrying my runaway father. Life in the new village wasn’t as difficult as our own village because my mum cured the only son of the chief there and that helped me gain scholarsh¡p to end of secondary school, unfortunately for me the chief died when I completed secondary school and was about to enter the university, I started construction work to save a little money to pay my school fees and I remember one day I got stung by a scorpion at the building site I was working, no one over there was willing to help me so I rushed home scre-ming on top of my voice like a madman who had ate raw pepper. My mother sensing danger and death hovering around me used her mouth to s-ck my hand that got stung to pull the poison out and after that she cut a fresh okro squeeze the water in it and poured it on my hand, that was what saved me that day. From that moment my mum decided not to make me go to that place again, she sold her gold ring, ear rings, chains and hand bangles and the money she raised she gave it to me to start my university education, I decided to read Logistics and Freight Forwarding Consolidation. I met Edward Ansong who you know as Eddysongs in my hostel and he later became my roommate, I helped him academically since he didn’t have time for his books, he loved chilling and doing business, a real Ashanti man for you, he took care of my feeding whiles I also took care of his academical projects, some where in our final year he got rusticated because he was caught in an examination malpractice and I never saw him again until 5years ago. I completely school with first class upper and became the overall best student of my batch, I did my national service at the harbour and that got me interested in that line of job, after my national service I went back to the village my mum was, she was really proud of me but for a wh0le year I stayed with her without doing any proper job, afterall what could a village offer a fresh graduate who owned a first class upper certif icate. My mum got so worried about my future that she did the unthinkable for me……………..

To be continued

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