Vanity Episode 31

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© Akoto Alexander 

I went for the paper attached to the money and my eyes opened widek because the content on it read “THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH IN THIS WORLD NOT EVEN FROM GOD”, the words were written with blood and it got me scared, I rushed to a nearby communication centre to call Eddysongs for explanations on the note attached to the money he gave me. When he answered the phone and I asked questions on the note in,side the envelope gave me, he told me to count my teeth with my tongue and stopped behaving like woman, he dropped the phone on me saying he was busy with a client before him so we should meet later in his house and talk about the matter, 3days later which was a friday, my wife and I went to the hospital to check up on our son and we told upon arrival that my beloved son was dead.

 This news was very devastating that we both couldn’t take the news but I had to be a man and console my wife because I was the only person she had now on earth, we deposited his body at the morgue so we bury him later.

In the evening Eddysongs came over to our house dressed in that same attire he wore the day he took me to the occultic place, he looked cheerful when he got the news of my son’s demise and the only thing he said was “Its God that gives and he’s the only person who takes at the time he wants” he quoted a biblical verse from Ecclesiastes 3 verse 1-8; There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven; a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to harvest, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain, a time to search and time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace”, Nana Yaw Adane Dankyi I say there is time to be poor and time to be rich, this is your time so don’t loss guard. After making this utterances he brought out a white envelope from his jacket and handed it over to me, I didn’t want to accept it but my wife who was seated closer to him stretched her hand and took the envelope, I didn’t like that idea but what would be my excuse to her for not accepting the envelope because Eddysongs said we should use the content in the envelope for preparations of our son’s burial, he stood up and left the room without any further words. I followed him to his car to see him off outside and when I got there I was shocked with the thing I saw outside my house, there were about 40cars parked outside the house with their car headlights on even though it wasn’t dark yet, he did a sign in the air and everyone turned his headlight off, he sat in his and drove off on top speed, I went back to my house to meet my wife counting the money in the envelope with a little smile on her face, I believe she was happy we were going to give our son a befitting burial and use the rest to start a little business, she realised I wasn’t so interested in the money she held in her hands and she came close to me with the money in her hands. Sweetheart this your friend is a God sent ooo, he always comes to our rescue when all seems lost and hope has eluded us, see he gave us fiften thousand pounds steerling (£15000), I believe you know the amount when we convert it into our local currency, for me I want him to be the God father of our child when he or she comes to the world, at least with that he will assist our child all his or her life and placed the money on her stomach whiles smiling at me.

I watched her face in with pity in,side my head because if she knew the harm Eddysongs had done to us, she will never smile at the mention of his name not to talk about making him a God father to our unborn child. The day we chose to bury our son came and sympathisers from far and near came to mourn with us, my mum joined us to bury her grandson and as time came for us to put his coffin in his grave there was this strong thunderstorm that strike a tree close to grave of our late son, we were surprise how all of sudden the sky turned dark as if there was an ecl¡pse, most of the people who came to the cemetary had to run away for shelter and as the sky became bright again, we saw Eddysongs standing behind the tree that got stroke by the thunder strike, he was dress all red from head to toe and seeing him made me very angry but I had to keep my cool not to raise any suspicions with the 2 of us because to my wife he remained our guardian angel and had to be treated as such, we buried our boy peaceful and left to the house, I kept my distance from my wife because I felt I had betrayed her love, trust and also taken her joy away from her, we home and went to bed late in the night but shortly after midnight something strange happened


Shortly after midnight something strange happened, the air started blowing seriously and all lights went off in the house, my sweetheart Stella scre-med loudly which got me jumping out of the bed, I went close to her to find out what was the problem but my hand touched something w-t on the bedsheet so I reached for my torchlight and when I switched it on, I saw blood, Stella was bleeding seriously, I called my mum from the hall to come and assist me so we take my love to the hospital, by that time it had started raining seriously but I didn’t bother. I rushed outside the house to get a taxi through the rain and managed to get a taxi shortly and I came back to the house to convey my mum and Stella to the hospital, as I helped put her in the car, I remembered to get some money for her bills, so I went back to the room to get money but I couldn’t see where I kept the money Eddysongs gave to me earlier on so I went in for the pounds steerling he brought later, as I was about to exit the room her wedding picture she took on our wedding day which was in a frame hanging on the wall fell down and got broken, my heart started beating faster as I rushed to join them in the car, we left to the hospital and when we got there, she was rushed to the theatre immediately, the lights in the hospital went off after a thunder stroke again and after some hours of waiting, the news I never wanted to hear was broken to me.

 I lost both my wife and set of unborn twins, the doctor said my wife had lost so much blood before we got to the hospital which was the cause of her death and that of the babies. I felt like dying myself when I heard this news, losing your son, wife and unborn twins in a space of 14days was a matter worth dying for or at least going mad and running along the streets of the capital city unclad, my mum did me a lot of good by consoling and counselling me all throughout the period of mourning. I never anticiapated the departure of my wife so early like that and some few days for to bury my wife and twins, a Whiteman came looking for me, he said he had heard alot about me and how good I was with logistics, freight forwarding and consolidation. The long and short was that he wanted to partner with me so we do business together, he will finance the the wh0le thing whiles I use my knowledge and strengthen to manage the company and he was willing to do a 50/50 business partnersh¡p with me, before leaving my house he signed a cheque of three million dollars($3000000) for me to start putting things in place for the business to commence, the car he came to my house with, he left it behind for me to use and added a wh0le duplex to it for me, after he left my house, I went straight to the bank to withdraw the money and opened a new dollar account right there in the bank, I tried calling the Whiteman with the number her left behind but I kept hearing you have dialed the wrong number feedback, I went back to my house only to meet Eddysongs and some other guys with my mum back in my house, I kept calm and listened to their purpose of coming to my house, my mum excused us to go and prepare something for me in the kitchen.

The only thing Eddysongs could say was “to every sacrifice you do, there is a reward; without an action there is no reaction”, after that they all congratulated me and left my house smiling. I didn’t understand but who was I going to share my problems with, I decided to take a nap and I met another note on my pillow with the inscriptions “welcome to the table of men where we order and command money around”, days after that I kept getting endorsement and contract deals that I was even surprise how things just turned around for me in just a twinkle of an eye, I gave my wife a resounding burial that I know she was happy anywhere her soul was, before my mum left to the village I had a dream and saw Stella, she pleaded with me not to give my mother a penny the day she will leave to the village because if I do she will die instantly, she stressed that the only time I can give my mum money was through someone who I wasn’t related to but I have helped the person before that can only give money to my mum on my behalf and that she has sacrificed her life for my happiness.

 I adhered to that dream and ever since that day my mum has not received a dime from me because she knows am still broke in life and am also scared she will die if I give her money. I got to know later when I decided to join the fraternity so I don’t loss the money I have gotten again in life that, the money my wife accepted and placed on her stomach was in exchange of her life and for my boy it was also for the money I took from my friend. I then understood the note that was in the envelope that day that “THERE WAS NO FREE LUNCH ON THIS EARTH NO EVEN FROM GOD”, when I was officially outdoored as a bonafided member, most of them told me what they sacrificed before joining the fraternity and I was amazed, aside that I was given rules and regulations to follow but now i feel I don’t need all this things again my dear because what shall it profit a man to gain the wh0le world and not be happy with life and himself, the only family I have now on earth which is my mum can’t even enjoy my wealth because she will die shortly after receiving anything from me.

My dear that is my story

Adjoa Wusua: Wow this is serious Nana Yaw, we really need to see a powerful man of God to break the chains around you, so all this money and wealth you guys have been blowing around isn’t ordinary. I know understand why my mother use to say “there is no shortcut to heaven and it’s not all that glitters is gold”. If someone envies you that envy is needless.

Nana Yaw: I told you this because I have seen in you what I saw in Stella that made me fall in love with her, the moment I started this confession to you, she walked in here and she has been smiling at us, I believe she is happy am turning a new chapter in life.

Adjoa Wusua: My God please stop scaring me, where is she standing because am afraid.

Nana Yaw: She is………..



To be continued

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