What A Life

What A Life – episode 8

What A Life
Episode 8

Eno although frightened to death by the fire in Dozie’s eyes decided to say something in line to her mother’s advice irrespective of what it will cause her. She knew that Dozie will have to run pass her mother and his father to get at her and she was sure that they would not allow him use the cutlass on her.
Eno: “Dozie is responsible for my pregnancy”, she summoned courage and told Dozie’s father while she ran to stand behind her mother.
Baba Dozie: “Are you sure of what you are saying? Should I call him and ask him?”
Eno: “You may ask him if you don’t believe me. All I know is that I am saying the truth, it doesn’t matter what Dozie says, only a woman can tell the true paternity of a child”.
Dozie ran out of where he was standing brandishing the cutlass. he was aiming at bringing it down on Eno’s head when his father intercepted him and collected the weapon from his hand.
Baba Dozie: “What has come over you, my son? When did you become this violent?”
Dozie: “Daddy, I cannot stand here and watch this liar lie so terribly about me. How can she say I am responsible for her pregnancy?”
Baba Dozie: “So you want to commit murder because of that? Is that the solution to the problem at hand?”
Mama Eno: “Dozie or whatever it is that my daughter calls you, so you think you can scare us away with a cutlass? After sleeping with my daughter and getting her pregnant, you want to murder us. The police must hear this”.
Baba Dozie: “No. madam. You need to calm down, it hasn’t gotten to that yet. We can settle this amicably without involving a third party”.
Mama Eno: “Settle what amicably? When your son has clearly shown that he doesn’t want me and my daughter alive? In fact, his actions today has shown that my life and my daughters are not safe. I need to report to security agencies. If any harm befalls me and my daughter, your son will be held responsible”.
Dozie: “You are just bluffing, madam. You think you can arm twist me into marrying your daughter by saying this? Then you need to try h-rder”.
Mama Eno: “Did you hear him? Did you see how your son is adding petrol to this fire?”
Dozie: “Oh please, don’t even try to drag my father into this”.
Baba Dozie: “It is enough, son. Quarrelling won’t solve the problem”.
He was talking when a horn blared outside the gate and Jonny opened the door. Baba Dozie heaved a sigh of relief when he saw his wife drive in for he was already getting tired of the situation at hand.
Mama Dozie: “What is happening here? Why is everybody standing outside?”
Baba Dozie: “Welcome, honey. Its good you came back now”.
Mama Dozie: Sorry I stayed longer than usual. The Women Wing’s meeting of our party lasted longer than usual, as the party’s women leader, I couldn’t leave until we had finished trashing all issues”.
Mama Eno: “Madam, your son got my daughter pregnant and you are here talking about being the women leader of a political party. If you don’t talk your son into marrying my daughter, I will make sure I report you to your party so that appropriate sanctions can be carried out against you and trust me that will not be good for your political ambition”.
Mama Dozie: “What is she saying? Dozie is that true?”
Dozie: “Don’t listen to her mum, she is lying, I am not responsible for her daughter’s pregnancy”.
Mama Dozie: “Madam, you think you are the only one who has a sharp tongue? Can you please leave my house, carry your daughter and look for another family to give her pregnancy”
Mama Eno: “Are you listening to your son? Do young men agree when they get women pregnant?”
Mama Dozie: “Yes, I will listen to my son and I believe him. He is old enough to know when he gets a girl pregnant so please leave before we call the security man to throw you out”.
Eno dragged her mother aside and pleaded with her that they leave the compound.
Mama Eno: “Okay, we will leave but we shall return, you haven’t seen the last of us yet. The world will hear about this”. They walk out and come face to face with Samantha who was about driving into the compound.
Samantha: “Wow, I wasn’t expecting you here. Good afternoon, mum”.
Mama Eno: “Afternoon, my dear. How are you today?”
Samantha: “I am fine. What are you doing here, Eno”.
Eno: “Erm..I..we”.
Mama Eno: “Oh, we came to plead with Nonso to accept you back. My daughter told me how much you love Dozie and I decided to follow her here to talk to him so that you two can be back together. You looked so good together”.
Samantha: “Wow, thank you so much, ma. Thank you, I do appreciate this. I will just go in and see him now. That is actually what I came here for”.
Dozie: “What are you doing here, Samantha? I told you that it is over between us. There is nothing to talk about”.
Samantha: “Please, baby. I can’t live without you. Whatever threat it is that you have received, we can pull through it together. Also, about Eno, I have forgiven her, you should to”.
Dozie: “I should what? Do you know what you are saying?”
Samantha: “Yes, I met her and her mother on my way here and they told me why they came here. Please listen to them”.
Dozie: “I don’t get it. She told you why she was here and you want me to accept it?”
Samantha: “Yes, please”.
Dozie: “You know what? I don’t know what to say right now. You will have to excuse me, I need to clear my head”.
Samantha: “Are you asking me to leave your house?”
Dozie: “Not exactly, baby. I just need to be alone because I can’t understand why you want me to accept what Eno said when she and her mother came here. Just go home and relax, I will call you later in the evening for us to talk”.
Eno was worried when her mother drove past their junction and took another turn without stopping over.
Eno: “Where are we going to, mum?”
Mama Eno: “To the police station”.
Eno: “Police Station? What for?”
Mama Eno: “When we get there you shall know”.
Eno: “I don’t support this, mum. You know that this is not right”.
Mama Eno: “Just shut up there. All that I am doing is because you could not hook a man to marry. If you had been able to get your own man, we wouldn’t have been going through all these processes so just keep quiet and watch me”.
Dozie was in a heated argument with his parents who were on his neck that he should take Eno as a wife since she was already carrying his child. He tried to make them see reasons with him but his mother wouldn’t listen”.
Mama Dozie: “Tell me, did you sleep with her or not?”
Dozie: “I did only once and she sed-ced me, I didn’t want to”.
Mama Dozie: “It doesn’t matter how many times you slept with her. All that matters is that you did it. She is carrying your child and I don’t want any publicity because you cannot predict how far women like her mother can go. You just have to marry her”.
Dozie: “No, I won’t mum. I am sure that I am not responsible for that pregnancy. Lets have a test to…”
Mama Dozie: “Do you know what sort of negative publicity that will bring to the family? How our party and Church members will laugh at me for not bringing you up in the way of the Lord. Have you thought of what this will do to your parents’ political reputation?”.
Baba Dozie who was watching the heated argument between mother and son decided to wage in.
Baba Dozie: “I give you twenty four hours to make up your mind about marrying that girl, else you cease to be my son and you lose all privileges attached to that position”. He walked out of the sitting room followed by his wife.


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