Dangerous Liaison – Episode 4

Dangerous Liaison Episode 4

All of a sudden and out of nowhere, Franca popped a question.

Who is Ray?


His name keeps popping up in my mind but i dont seem to remember his face nor anything. Sis, did i know anyone by that name? She asked.

Yvonne whose mind had been occupied with thoughts of Desmond, looked momentarily confused but she was able to quickly come up with a lie.

Thats very impressive. If this continues, you will regain your memory in no time. You see, Ray was your boyfriend but you two broke up before he left for the United States. Yvonne responded.

Franca was, however, not satisfied. She was eager to know more about Ray.

Yvonne was able to take her attention off. She decided to show her around the city before they went home.

Meanwhile, Desmond was still thinking what to do with Yvonne after their unplanned s€× which was lustfully s-nsational and simply fantastic. He wondered how to avoid her.

He concluded that attack was the best form of attack. He decided to schedule a meeting with Yvonne so they could trash things out as matured adults.

He tried calling her line but no answer. Yvonne had left her phone at the office before she left to pick Franca from the hospital.

Yes, Desmond was in love with Franca but the feeling was apparently not mutual. She had never returned the sentiment, before her attempted suicide.

Desmond believed the saying: Love goes where love is.

He believed that fate would one day bring them together but for now, his lust had driven him into a deep pit.

He purely loved Franca but with Yvonne, it was lust. He needed to resolve the issue before it got out of hand. After calling several times, he decided to go back to Yvonnes office before it got too late.

He also wanted to find out the whereabouts of Franca and know how she was faring.

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He arrived her office and noticed that Yvonnes car was not parked there, indicating that she was not at the office.

Just as he was about to leave, he saw her drive towards the car park of the office.

Yvonne had noticed that she had left her phone at the office so she came back with Franca to pick it up and continue with their city tour.

Yvonne did not immediately see Desmond. She parked and got out of the car with Franca.

Desmond saw them both and started yelling Francas name.

Franca, Franca!

He called out.

Yvonne and Franca turned round to see Desmond.

Franca kept staring at Desmond as he rushed towards them.

Yvonne looked miserable as she noticed the look on Francas face when she saw Desmond. It was as if she remembered something.

Desmond couldnt control himself. He gave Franca a hug.

He didnt feel like letting go. He held onto her until she gently withdrew from his embrace.

Franca, I miss you so much, how are you? I have been. Desmond was talking too much, Yvonne had to interrupt.

Franca dear, this is Desmond. He is just a fellow student in your school. Dont worry, he is on our side, he knows everything. Yvonne said with a wild look on her face. That look was to draw Desmonds attention to the deal they had yesterday.

Oh ok, nice meeting you. Sorry i cant make you out, you know my condition. Franca said.

Desmond was very hurt that aside Francas condition, it appeared that there was no form of attraction on her part. He never got the love that he wanted from her and now, their friendsh¡p was even at stake.

Desmond, what brings you here? Yvonne asked.

Desmond was so hurt that he changed his mind and and decided to leave.

I was just passing by. Was coming from a friends place, Im heading home now. Desmond answered her.

Ok. Just to let you know, Franca will be coming to campus, kindly watch her back for me. Yvonne said. She was actually trying to subtly remind Desmond of their agreement.

Desmond couldnt stand there anymore. He went away looking upset and depressed.

Erm sis, whats wrong with that guy? He looks depressed Franca asked.

Dont bother yourself with that dear. Its one of those things. Lemme quickly get my cell Yvonne answered as she rushed in,side to get her cell phone.

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Franca was not quite convinced. She decided to look around for Desmond before Yvonne returned.

It was too late. By the time she s₱0tted him, he had already boarded a car and sat in.

Nevermind, I will meet him tomorrow. She told herself and returned to the car park to wait for Yvonne.

On her way back outside, Yvonne made a strange call to an unknown person to update him of the current situation.

She then joined Franca and they continued their city expedition. They had a lot of fun. One could see that Franca was beginning to come around.

That sister love-bond was fast being rejuvenated.

Soon they got home, took supper and went to bed for the next day.

Desmond on the other hand was still feeling down, but he wouldnt give up. He decided to be in school very early the following morning.

The night was too long for him but soon it was morning. He dressed up nicely, looking very smart in his outfit with a lovely scented perfume. He did all this to meet Franca and impress her if possible.

He set off and by the time he got to campus, there were few students around as it was still very early.

One lecturer noticed him and called him to his office to help sort out some exam scripts.

Desmond thought he could quickly finish before Franca arrived. Unfortunately, as soon as he entered the lecturers office, Yvonne and Franca also arrived on campus.

That strange call Yvonne had made was to Ray. She had asked him to meet them up.

Ray showed up as planned. He met Yvonne and Franca at the entrance of the school.

Franca and Rays eyes met.

He walked towards them, said hello and took Franca by the hand.

As soon as he held her hand, Franca felt some chemistry between them, like they had known each other for long. She liked the feeling and her face broke into a smile.

. To be continued

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