Forgive – episode 19


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“Forgive, why are you looking so disappointed? ” my brother in- law asked.

“Please don’t waste your money on that man. He is evil.” I said to him.

“Forgive what has come over you? Don’t forget it is your father you are talking about. Were you not the one eager to get your father treated? I can’t understand this, please tell me something. What is it? My brother in-law asked.

“My dear, it will be better you invest your money into a productive venture than to spend it on this psychopath I call my father.” I said very furiously.

My sister moved two steps faster towards me and was about to slap me, thanks to her husband who was faster than her and held her hand.

“Go ahead and slap me. Go into the room and ask your father the evil he committed. I now understand why people do say that the evil men do, live to follow them. He can’t eat his cake and have it back.” I said.

“But why don’t you tell us what the issue is rather than keeping us in suspense? Tell me, what has he done?” my brother in-law said.

“He killed his own wife; my mother. This man killed our mother in cold blood with his two hands.” I retorted.

“What! Forgive never repeat this anywhere. How dare you accuse father like that?” my sister cautioned.

“He is not dead yet, go into the room and ask him if am accusing him falsely.” I directed.

My sister walked with heart almost exploding into father’s room.

“Papa what is it that am hearing about the killer of mother?” my sister asked.

Daddy didn’t respond. He remained silent.

“You heard me loud and clear, who killed our only mother?” my sister, this time around, asked with an aggressive voice.

“Hmm my daughter, all I need from you is a space in your heart to forgive me.”

My sister cut in.

“What is it that we should forgive you about? I asked a question and I only expect a response. Who killed my mother?” she exclaimed bitterly.

This drew the attention of people living in our neighborhood to think that something was happening so they all came into the room. My father continued with a weak voice.

“My daughters, please find a place to forgive me. Am sorry for what happened. I did that because I felt my wife; your mother, was looking mean upon me. She was disrespecting me and moreover, I thought she was preventing me from taking another lady. She made me not to marry Afya’s mother. One night, we had some misunderstanding in the bedroom which lead to a fight between us. Unfortunately for me, my anger went too high and I went for a knife to stub her. I came into my senses only to know that I’ve killed my wife. I didn’t know how to handle it so I sneaked and carried her into the bathroom and left the house.” My father confessed.

Everyone around shouted aaahhhheeee!!!

My sister and I bust into tears.

“So why did you make them jail Mr. Luis for murdering her?” I asked in tears.

Still with a weak voice.

“Mr. Luis threatened your mother the previous day so I felt that was a good opportunity for me to use so that no one will point fingers at me for killing my own wife. Am very sorry.” My dad said

Hmm, ladies and gentlemen, One thing we need to know is that anger can make you do the unthinkable things and regret later. My daddy killed my mum because of anger and with same anger, I told everybody who cares to know about the atrocities of my dad without taking cognizant of the fact that the shame of the crocodile is also the shame of the alligator.

My sister was equally pissed off and left with her husband.

Soon, the case got to the kinsmen when they confronted my dad, he confirmed he did what he was accused of.

As tradition demands, the case got to the chief’s palace and as custom demands, my dad must be banished from the village.

I then came into my senses that I have a marriage ceremony ahead which I needed my father to be present. I wished no one knew about this because I could not just stand the torture that my father would go through before the banish. The worse of it is that he must never step foot in the village again.

I felt so much pain considering his health condition too. I had nothing to do because the law must take full course. Our hands were tied but all we could do was to cry for him.

Our next move was to get Mr. Luis freed from prison. Honestly, I felt guilty for all that was going on.

Already, Gilbert was not ready to make me his wife. All these marriage preparations were masterminded by his father. Anytime I call him to check up on him and tell him why I was keeping long in the village, he would just be giving me some attitudes which only makes me feel as if I was pushing myself on him.

The semester was almost over and I still didn’t return to school. My friends do call to tell me about quizzes I’ve missed. That didn’t disturb me too much because I knew how to get my grades. My only challenge was the pregnancy.

Afya knowing very well that I was at the village, took advantage of my absence and went to sed-ce my man or is it her man🤷🏾‍♀?

She went there to pollute Gilbert’s mind that I was rather flirting with my village folks rather than the excuses I was giving.

This rekindled their affair without me suspecting a thing. Nana  Akua, Gilbert’s sister, noticing what was going on, decided to tell me so that I come down to fight for what belonged to me.

To be continued

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